SOFC W1: My Summer Favourites #5- Accessories & Jewelry

Hey guys!  Happy Friday!  So today I have some summer favourite jewelry and accessories for you!  I think this might be my last day of My Summer Favourites, but I’m not totally sure yet…The reason why I am thinking of cutting it here is because then I can get other posts up that aren’t all the same theme.  I am also still not sure about next week’s theme…I will not be able to do DIYs next week because I don’t have anything prepared for them because this was my first week of summer.  I might end up doing DIYs every once and a while so that it isn’t so stressful doing a whole week straight.  Or I might post them in one week but just have them all pre-wrote… guys let me know!

So basically lots of statement necklaces, scarves, and stacking bracelets!

Let me know what your favourite summer accessories and jewelry are, and also let me know what you think next week’s theme should be!  Thanks!  Talk to you guys soon!

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SOFC W1: My Summer Favourites #4- Bright Clothes & Current Wishlist

Hey guys! So I’ve been out alllllll day…so I don’t have too much of an exciting post for you guys, but I am going to show you a little bonus of my current wishlist!  I have already showed you the Bright Clothing collage that I made in this post, but the favourites is new!

Here’s the bright clothing collage!  Bright colours are one of my favourite things for summer!  Hence why they are in this post…

Loving mint…as always.

So from left to right, we have a Return to Tiffany necklace, double sided…hello birthday!  And then beside it there’s a return to Tiffany bracelet, and then there’s my MK buckle ring (just bought today online!!!!!), and the matching bracelet.  Then we have Maybelline Green With Envy (thanks to CarlyCristman) and Pop Magic Mint (thanks to missglamorazzi).  Then there’s a Vera Bradley backpack (it’s the fourth day of summer break and I’m thinking about what backpack I’m wearing to school in September).  And then there’s a House of Harlow necklace, and last, TOMS.

So those are my favourite bright summer clothes, and my current wishlist!  I have another post coming up right after this one, so stay tuned!  Talk to you guys soon!

What is your current wishlist?  Let me know in a comment!

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SOFC W1: Summer Favourites #3-Nail Polish!

Hey guys!  Happy Wednesday!  So today I have my summer nail polish favourites for you!  I have quite a few favourites, and as I was picking them, I realized that there are really only three colours in the mix.  Blue, turquoise, and coral.  I have a lot of summer polishes, but these were just my stand out shades that I had to mention, and that I have been wearing a lot.  Anyways, lets get into it!

This is what I ended up with!

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SOFC W1: My Summer Favourites #2- Makeup

Hello!  So for SOFC day two, I am going to be sharing my favourite makeup products for summer!  Here they are!

So the first one is the Urban Decay Naked Palette.  I love this thing especially in the summer because I usually just want plain makeup and don’t have a lot of time to do it, so it’s perfect!  The next two things are by NARS and they are their eyeshadow duos.  I love NARS eyeshadow, but have never gotten a chance to try these out, so I thought I would just throw them in this because I’ve heard great things about them, and they look like they would be pretty easy to work with.  I included Kalahari, which I think I am going to get when I go to a doctor’s appointment on Thursday, and I also included a purple duo which would be great for summer too.  The next two products are both by Stila, and I own them both and they are my two favourite makeup products ever!  The first is Stila Kitten Eyeshadow, which is a beautiful champagne colour, and then the other one is a eyeliner in Stingray, which is waterproof and smudge proof.  They are both extremely pigmented and stay that way!  On the bottom, we have NARS Orgasm/Laguna duo.  This is a blush and brozer duo that is so hyped about everywhere!  I only own the blush out of the two, but I love it, it’s my favourite blush, and the bronzer is known to be the best bronzer ever.  It is sort of expensive, but it is totally worth it.  The next two products are both cream blushes.  One is by Stila, and it is a bright orange colour, and the other is by NARS, which I actually own, and it is a bright red shade, in Cactus Flower.  Cream blushes are great for summer because they are a lot more natural, and they sort of act as a stain, so they have great lasting power.  Another product is the Covergirl LashBlast 24 hour mascara.  I love this stuff!  It really does stay on all day, and it looks very natural for summer.  The second last product is a lip gloss by Revlon in Coral Reef.  For lip gloss, this is pretty great stuff!  You can buy it at the drugstore, and it is extremely pigmented for a gloss.  I know a lot of people like lip products for the summer, but I honestly don’t really like them because they are pretty sticky, and annoying for a season where you don’t want to be worrying about makeup.  OK, and finally, the last thing is a baked eyeshadow trio from Stila.  I don’t own this myself, but want to so bad!  I haven’t heard much about this stuff, but every time I’m in Shoppers, I swatch this and it’s so pretty!  I think it would be great for summer because it has a ton of product, and it is good for everyday neutrals!  Oh, and I forgot to include one thing on my set!  It’s a Urban Decay eyeliner in Electric.  It’s a bright teal colour that stays on for the day.  I love to put this on my lower lashline!  It’s great!

OK, finally, that’s it!  Haha, talk to you guys tomorrow!  I am hoping to get my Quebec Haul up!  Oh, and I’ve been editing videos (: !!

Let me know your top makeup products for summer, and leave a comment letting me know what next week’s theme for SOFC should be!  Bye!

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SOFC W1: My Summer Favourites #1-Music!

Hey guys!  So for my very first SOFC post I will be talking about my favourite summer music!  Yay!  So, let’s just get right into it!!  I’m just going to list them all off with links to their youtube videos!

1.  Island In The Sun- Weezer (Summer’s theme song!  LOVE IT! This song makes me smile because it reminds me of summer so much!! Out of them all, this is my favourite!  You have to get it!!)

2. California Girls- Katy Perry

3. Hit The Lights- Selena Gomez

4. Love Story- Taylor Swift

5. Good Time- Owl City & Carly Rae Jepson

6. Hey Soul Sister- Train

7. Outside The Seasons- Colorfire

8. Where We Used To Run- Landon Austin

9. Speak Now- Taylor Swift

10. California- Mindy Gledhill

11. Call Me Maybe- Carly Rae Jepson

12. Your Man- Down With Webster

13. Old School- Hedley

14. Last Friday Night- Katy Perry

15. Payphone- Maroon 5

16. With You- Colorfire

OK, so that’s about it for my favourite music!  This is my current Summer Playlist, and I am sure that I will do another one in late July just to show you guys my Summer Playlist once summer actually kicks in for me!  Haha, bye guys!

What’s on your Summer Playlist?  Let me know in the comments!

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SOFC 2012 Week #1!!!

Hey guys!  So I have another really exciting series for you!  I have a lot of posts and videos that I have to do for you guys, but this challenge has been on my list to do forever, so I hope you don’t mind if a couple things get delayed a couple of days!  This series is called The Summer Of Fun Challenge 2012.  Basically, each week is going to have a theme, and I have to do something within that theme everyday!  At the beginning of the week I will post what the theme is, and at the end of the week I will post the results of the things I do!  For example, on a Monday I posted saying that the challenge of the week is DIYs, and that I would have to do at least one DIY each day of that week, and then I would either post everyday what I did as a DIY for that day, or at the end of the week I would do a recap of all seven DIYs.  You get it!?  I’m so excited!  I will be having a DIY theme for maybe next week, but this week is too crazy!  All of the themes will vary…there will be themes that are just posts, and there will be posts where I actually do things, and then post about them.

This week’s theme is: My Summer Favourites

Talk to you guys soon!  Have a great weekend!

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