You Learn Something New Everyday!

Hello, hello!  So I have been on Tumblr a lot recently, and I found a blog to follow!  I have gone through 34 pages (7 facts per page), and I am surprised to say that I’m actually learning a lot!  Haha

So I thought I would share it with you guys, because you might actually learn a few things too!  They’re psychology facts, and some compiled random facts.

Click here to be taken to PSYCHOFACTZ.

Talk to you guys soon!  I’ve got a ton of posts in mind!  Goodnight and have a good last thirty minutes of November!



What’s Your Personality?

Hello, hello!  So yesterday I was watching one of catrific‘s videos, and she was with iJustine talking about their personalities.  I just thought it was kind of cool to share with you guys.  So basically these two girls took this online survey, and found out what their personality was.  It tells you if you are more of these four things:  extraversion or introversion, intuition or sensing, feeling over thinking, and judging or perceiving.  There’s about seventy yes or no questions that you go through, and it tells you what your personality is!  So I am a ENTJ, which means I am a extravert, intuition, thinking, and judging.


What are you?

StumbleUpon: 9 Disgusting Facts (+Upcoming Posts)

Hello, hello!  I was stumbling like a month ago and saved a bunch of stuff that I wanted to show to you guys, so here you go!  This one really stuck out in my mind because it is disgusting, and I’m assuming it’s all true, unfortunately.  This is a little ‘folger’ and is absolutely not lady like at ALL…I’m sorry.  Just a little warning.  It’s funny but absolutely disgusting so if you are disturbed by things easily, don’t read this…it’s not that special, just sort of strange…Anyways, here it is:


I am working on a nail polish post that is taking me FOREVER to do…but I might have it up tomorrow (well actually today now, I just haven’t gone to bed).  I am painting my room tomorrow so I am going to be a little busy, but I will try to get it up for you guys.  I also want to start taking pictures of fall nail polish and stuff like that.  I am still doing my back to school series too so make sure to stay tuned on that!  Thanks for reading!  Talk to you soon.

WebFind: TooManyTabs

Hey guys!  So it is past midnight but I was searching through the google chrome app store and thought I’d share a app I found with you!  Sorry this is going to be a super fast post, but I really wanted to share now!  Basically, I am a tab FREAK, and I will constantly hit the ‘open in new tab’ button because I think that I have to have everything nice and tidy…haha weird I know!  Anyways, I came across this app called TooManyTabs, and decided it looked awesome.  It’s basically just a app that puts a little button on the left side of your screen that you can click and it just shows all of your tabs, and sort of straightens you out.  I always have so many tabs on my screen, so this is perfect for me!  Anyways, here’s a link to it!  I am pretty sure it comes for firefox too…not positive though!  I’m kind of frazzled right now..whatever that means.  I got to go!  If anyone’s reading this at night, goodnight!  Haha, thanks for reading!  Bye!

WebFind: Classy Jewelry Storage

Hello again!  So as you guys know I am a little overly obsessed with YouTube, and have been for like 2 and a half years now, and I have been following this girl named MakeupbyTiffanyD.  Well today she posted her jewelry organization and I fell in love.  She stores it all in the perfect accessible way, and it looks absolutely amazing on her dresser!  All of the comments on that video say “you have great taste”, and I completely agree!  It looks so put together.  Anyways, here is the video, her blog post, and a few pictures of her collection.


Blog post here!

I have gotten a lot of inspiration from this video and whenever I get around to perfecting my room (it’ll probably be in the new year!! haha), I will show you guys how my interpretation of it is.

I hope you guys enjoyed!  Go subscribe to Tiffany!  She is one of my favourites!  She truly does have great taste.  Thanks for reading!  Bye!

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