Merry Christmas!

So Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you all have a great day! So I probably will be doing a bit of a haul later today or tomorrow, but I thought I would just tell you some of the main things that I got.

Currently, I am typing this on my brand new iPad 2! How exciting! lol I love it! I have the wordpress app on it, so I will be able to post tons more! Karl also got a iPad, so we will be face timing and stuff on it.

This morning we opened about half of our presents, and in about an hour, we will be going to my aunt’s house to open the rest of our presents. I also got my beloved coach purse, which I will take a picture of when I do my official Christmas loot post.

So anyways, enough about me, how was your Christmas morning? Did you get everything you wanted? I hope so. Anyways, have a great day! Talk to you guys later!


Countdown to Christmas: 4 Days! Some favourites

Aren’t you excitttedddddddddd?!


Well as you can tell, I’m extremely excited!  I’m done present shopping, and I just need to make a few things.  Tomorrow my class is having a mini Christmas party.  I’m bringing in some peppermint bark (of course)!  So, I thought I would share some things I’m loving right now.  The first thing is pajamas.  I recently went to Zellers and picked up a pajama set, a housecoat, a fuzzy pants!  I love the pants especially!  They are really warm, and I think I am going to get a good use out of them.  The pajama set contains two pieces, and both contain snowflakes!  They will be great for Christmas morning especially!  My Grandma likes to take tons of pictures, so I will have to still look fashionable at 8 AM of course.

The next things are just little things.  The first one is Plants Vs. Zombies.  I loveeeeee this game!  I bought it on my computer in the app store a week ago, and I have played it every day since!  It was 9.99$ for my Macbook, and I believe it’s 6.99$ on my iPad, which I’m sure I will be purchasing on Christmas morning!  It’s also on the iPhone/ iPod Touch for about 2.99$.  I highly recommend buying it if you have one of those items!  I’m eager to see how it is on my iPad.  It’ll be cool having it touch screen.  The next thing is an app called “tiny tower”.  It is free on both iPad (I will be getting it!), and iPhone.  I have it on my iPhone right now, and I must say that I love it!  The whole concept is that you have to make floors on your tower, and make sure that there is stock, and workers for each floor.  Once you earn enough money from your stock, you can build another tower.  It’s a cool concept, and I think there’s nothing to loose to try it!  The last things are just a couple of songs that I’ve been listening to a lot.  The first one is “Back to December” by Taylor Swift.  I’ve noticed that I really love slow songs.  If you like songs that have actual singing, then I would say listen to this one!  The last one is Lighters by Bad Meets Evil, featuring Bruno Mars.  To be completely honest, I only like Bruno Mars in it!  I’m not into the rapping!  I personally think that it is nails on a chalkboard…..Oooopsieeee  LOL  If you are like me, then I’d recommend the cover of it by Alex Goot, Luke Conard, and Chad Sugg.  I’ve been following them for a while now, and they have great music.  They seem like great people too.


So that’s it for today!  I just wanted to tell you guys that I hope you are getting something from my posts!  I hope that they help in the slightest bit, wether it’s just to kill some time, or to actually help with gift giving.  Thanks for reading!  I’ll have a new post up tomorrow if nothing goes wrong again.


Countdown to Christmas: 8 Days!

One week from now will be Christmas eve!  Love it!  Today we went crazy shopping, and I thought I would share what I got everyone for Christmas.  I am not going to tell you Karl’s present, because she might read this, and I don’t have my Dad’s present yet.  I am also not going to include little things that aren’t very versatile, but other then that, let’s begin!


Mom: Crabtree and Evelyn La Source “A gift from the sea” gift set- she loves La Source (from Duncan McPhee), and I think she will love it!  This set cost around 40$, and I would recommend it to any older woman.


Aunt: Two of her favourite soaps from the body shop.  This is another great “spa” gift.  The soaps were only 4$ each!  I am also making her peppermint bark, and some of my beaded earrings.


Aunt: I’m currently knitting her a scarf.  This is an amazing gift, and I highly reccomend it if you enjoy knitting or crochet.  You can also buy them a scarf, which is a great gift as well.  I’m also making her earrings, and I got her a little lotion for her purse, also by Crabtree and Evelyn.  This is for our trip to Europe in May!  It’s great giving something to someone that connects with your relationship.  She’s actually getting me a leather coat (which I will show in my Christmas haul!), which is for Europe too!


Uncle: I got my Aunt (above) and Uncle a pair of mugs from Bowring, with a cute shop of Paris on them.  I think this is a great gift for any man, because I think that they all love coffee!  I also got him an organic balm (kind of like vaseline), and some organic chocolate.  They are organic farmers, so it’s always good to get people something that they will actually use.


Aunt: I made her soap (see my next post!), I’m making her earrings, and Peppermint Bark.  I think it’s always great to make them something they will actually use.  I love gifts like that!



So that’s about it!  Read my next DIY post!  It’s a really good one!



2011 Holiday Gift Guide Part 5: Gift Set Ideas!

Here’s  some ideas for gift baskets/sets!  Hope this helps!  Next up: Over 50$-75$

-Bath and Body Works has some great ones:


-Any food gifts are always great (and devoured in my family!) nomnomnomnommmmmm




Beauty sets for every girl on your list:  (this one is on my list!) (this one too!)


That’s about it.  Remember you can always make your own gift set or basket customized.  You can make it the price you want, and make it look however you wish.  Just make sure it’s in cute packaging!  Talk to you guys later.

Countdown to Christmas: 9 Days!

Hey guys, sorry I have done one of these posts.. it’s been a hectic week…I’m not going to get into it.


Right now, to make up for it, I’m going to be posting two posts!!  Yay!  This post is going to be a personal.


So like I said, it’s been hectic lately.  I’ve been crazy busy!  So much school work…personal issues.. anyways…

It’s such a bummer that it’s not snowing!  Do you guys want it to be a white Christmas?  I sure do!  So an hour ago I watch Grimm.  I am obsessed with that show!  I have never loved a TV show so much!  I’ve found it on the internet before, so check it out!  It’s a new series basically about creatures…LOL- it’s extremely hard to explain, but I think anyone would love it if they watched a couple episodes, and gave it a chance.  This weekend is going to be crazy as well.  I have a lot of stuff to do-put at least I will have more time for posts!  I will at least have three up this weekend I’m sure.  I have to knit, make more earrings, 3 batches of peppermint bark, and shop with Karl!  This Sunday, we are planning on having a mini Christmas party together.  We are going to listen to Christmas music, crazy shop, and bake together.  A very Christmas themed day!  So I’m going to go, but I am doing another post right now, so stay tuned.  Tomorrow I will have a DIY post up, another Countdown to Christmas, and hopefully another gift guide/DIY.  Talk to you guys tomorrow (and right now!), have a great weekend.

It’s Offically Here!

It’s here!  It’s here!

What am I talking about??  Two more weeks until the big day!  AHHHHHH

Starting tomorrow I am going to be doing a “countdown to Christmas” series.  I will be posting at least one post everyday, up until the 25th.  These posts will all be Christmas or winter related.  I already have tomorrow’s in mind.  It’s another DIY tutorial, but this one I am actually making.  I just experimented them earlier today, and they turned out great!  I will also be posting another ‘picture of the day’ post in the next few days, featuring my broken Christmas tree!  It’s not actually broken, but it looks strange because the middle part of the lights aren’t working, and we apparently are not going to fix it! :/

Anyways, like I said in my favourites post (I think), I will be doing tons of more posts, and hopefully some videos if my computer doesn’t break and have to get sent away for 5 days AGAIN….GRRR

Another post will include what I am going to be giving to people for Christmas, for some more ideas.  Lots and lots and lots of posts, basically.  I’d really like to get a video up, but I really don’t wanna risk having my computer freeze again.  WORST.  WEEK.  EVER.

Stay tuned for more posts!