My “Little Things” Jar

Hello to all, and happy Saturday!  So about a month and a half ago I made a ‘little things 2013’ jar.  I saw a picture of the idea ages ago, and I love little things like this.  Writing in a journal, blogging, quote jars, memory jars, memory boxes, stuff like that.  I just adore the feeling you get when you look at something from years ago that you completely forgot about.  The idea of this is to write little things that happen throughout your day onto a slip of paper (with the date), and put them into this jar.  Once the year is over, you’re aloud to look at them again.  ‘Little things’ don’t include the big events in your life, like getting a new car, or prom, they are just the little things that made your day.  If nothing really special happened that day or that week, you don’t have to write anything.  A couple examples of mine are ‘movie marathon weekend; watched LOL, The Last Song, Friends With Benefits, Monte Carlo’, or ‘exploring the library with my english class, joking & telling stories about the books’, or ‘making it through every light without stopping on way home from school’ (yes that was a big deal because you have no idea how long it takes me to get home.  I’m so cool.).  I love the idea of this because chances are, you will forget all of the small positive things by the end of the year, so they sort of just make you smile while thinking back to your memories.

Photo 1 (2)


I hope you all have an amazing weekend!  Leave a comment below telling me if you have one of these, or if you’re going to try it!  I’d love to hear some of your thoughts!

Talk soon.



My Room (& Festive Things Around My House)

Twas the night before Christmas….and I’ve got a room tour!  Tomorrow is the big day, and I wanted to share I guess a little room tour!  I know that on YouTube people always go crazy for room tours, so I thought as a little present, it might be kind of special to show you around mine!  I’m not going to go too into detail, but I still think that it would be cool to show you!  I have been holding off on this post for a long time because my room still isn’t 100% how I want it to be.  There are a few things like a nail polish rack, a proper chair, and some things on the walls that I still want to do, so keep in mind it’s not perfect yet!  But I have no idea when I am going to get all of that stuff done, so I thought as a little ‘treat’ I’d give you guys a tour!  I also wanted to show you a few things around my house because they are festive, and I promised I’d show you.  Here we go!

So, I’m going to start out with my house…


All of my necklaces.  In the bowls are bracelets and rings.

All of my necklaces. In the bowls are bracelets and rings.

Look at my clay cat!  Haha I made him recently, and that's his new home.

Look at my clay cat! Haha I made him recently, and that’s his new home.



Photo 7

So in love with the clothesline and then that specific picture! I took it in Europe!

Photo 4 Photo 5 Photo 6

The first thing you see in my room.  The bedding is from Home Sense, by Cynthia Rowley

The first thing you see in my room. The bedding is from Home Sense, by Cynthia Rowley

My mini makeup collection....the rest is in my desk drawer.  This is one of the things that I really need to get an organizer for.

My mini makeup collection….the rest is in my desk drawer. This is one of the things that I really need to get an organizer for.

Our pretty tree in our living room upstairs

Our pretty tree in our living room upstairs

Photo 11

Kinda dark...but here's my closet!  Nothing special anyways!

Kinda dark…but here’s my closet! Nothing special anyways!

A little collection of a bunch of packaging haha

A little collection of a bunch of packaging haha

Photo 14

My little Christmas tree in my room (:

My little Christmas tree in my room (:

Here's my collage I made about a year ago...I love it so much!  I think I'm going to do a DIY post on it...are you interested?

Here’s my collage I made about a year ago…I love it so much! I think I’m going to do a DIY post on it…are you interested?


Sorry the order is kind of crazy, I hope that’s all right!  I had some difficulties….

haha, well Merry Christmas to all who celebrate, and Happy Holidays if not!  Thank you so much for reading!  Talk to you soon!


Have an awesome Christmas!

Motivational Monday: The Little Things


Motivational Monday is BACK!

Yay!  It’s back!  It’s back!  It’s BACK!

You guys know that I stopped for the summer time because of SOFC and my SBL, but hey, fall’s here and Motivational Monday is back!  I am going to start out this next ‘chapter’ of Motivational Monday with a great idea I found!  I found it actually in two spots, here and here.

The idea is to take note of the little things.  Keep a jar and fill it up with little notes of all of the positive smaller things that happened.  If someone gives you a compliment, note it.  If you laugh really hard one day, note it.  If you just had an amazing day, note it.  Those things you can easily forget, because they just are the little things.  In a few months (or a year) down the road, look back into the jar and see all of the amazing things that happened to you.  It seems like none of them happened until you remember.  I love doing things like this.  That’s why I have a blog!  I love things like PicCal, keeping a diary, and keeping a blog because you can look back on everything that happened to you in the past.

Just by thinking about the positive side of things, you really do realize that you are very fortunate.  Instead of thinking, “oh I have to go to school tomorrow”, and hating it, you can say, “oh I get to see my friends, and learn stuff, and be productive!”!  Haha there really are more positive things than negative things in life and it is very easy to take them for granted.

Thank you for reading!  Have a great week!

(BTW, I might will have Motivational Mondays up either Sundays or Mondays!)

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Pre-Season 8 Most Worn Things TAG (Fall Edition)

Hey guys!  So I have another fall related post for you…The 8 Most Worn Things Fall Edition!  I am thinking about doing one of these for every season, maybe even for special events and stuff.  But, today I am just doing a fall edition.  This is my first year of actually being ‘fashion forward’ for fall, so most of these things to be honest actually aren’t most worn (they’re mostly new!), but I’m pretty positive they will be!  That’s why this is called pre-season, because it’s not actually fall, and I might end up getting new most worn items…I did change the questions a little bit because they don’t apply to me …whatever!  If you’d like to do this tag, leave your answers in a comment!  I’d love to see what your most worn things are!  The reason why I’m not sure if these are going to be my most worn things is because I got most of these things this year, and haven’t got to wear them last year.  They no matter what will be staples though!


1. Most worn fall lipstick?  My Revlon Lip Butters in Berry Smoothie and Red Velvet.


2. Most worn scarf?  Although it is new, my black and green scarf.  It’s really thick and soft, and perfect for this time of the year.


3. Nail polish?  OPI OPI Ink.  Yes, it’s by OPI, and the shade is called OPI Ink.  I think it is my favourite nail polish all time, although I only wear it in the fall and winter.  It’s a gorgeous dark purple very dimensional shade.  It doesn’t look that great with one coat, but with two, it’s gorgeous!

4. Sweater or Shirt?  This is my first year of actually being ‘fashion forward’ for fall, so most of these things to be honest actually aren’t most worn (they’re mostly new!), but I’m positive they will be!  I just got this sweater at H&M, and it’s just an ivory thick knit sweater.


5. Shoes? I don’t have them yet (they’re a Birthday present).  I really, really want riding boots, but I tried a bunch on to day and they just don’t fit me right.  So, I’m gonna go with combat boots!  I found this pair online today, just to give you a little looksy of what I am thinking:


6. Earrings?  You guys know, I just got my ears pierced about 5 weeks ago, so I haven’t been wearing any other earrings than just regular diamond studs, but I am POSITIVE that these will be my go-to everyday earrings!  I just got them in the mail today, but I can’t open them until the fifteenth!  They are Tiffany & Co. Bow Earrings.


7. Bag?  I think I am going to be using a large Longchamp tote (that of course I don’t have yet) for school, but this is mine (I have it in brown too):


8. Blush?  MAC Plum Foolery!  I actually did wear this last fall, and it’s a gorgeous shade!


*All links are attached to pictures, except for the scarf which is my own picture*


OK, That’s it!  Thank you guys for reading!  If you have any suggestions for upcoming posts, let me know!  Bye!

StumbleUpon: 9 Disgusting Facts (+Upcoming Posts)

Hello, hello!  I was stumbling like a month ago and saved a bunch of stuff that I wanted to show to you guys, so here you go!  This one really stuck out in my mind because it is disgusting, and I’m assuming it’s all true, unfortunately.  This is a little ‘folger’ and is absolutely not lady like at ALL…I’m sorry.  Just a little warning.  It’s funny but absolutely disgusting so if you are disturbed by things easily, don’t read this…it’s not that special, just sort of strange…Anyways, here it is:


I am working on a nail polish post that is taking me FOREVER to do…but I might have it up tomorrow (well actually today now, I just haven’t gone to bed).  I am painting my room tomorrow so I am going to be a little busy, but I will try to get it up for you guys.  I also want to start taking pictures of fall nail polish and stuff like that.  I am still doing my back to school series too so make sure to stay tuned on that!  Thanks for reading!  Talk to you soon.

SOFC Week 5: Travelling & Packing-Tuesday: Things To Do In The Car

Hey guys!  So for day two of packing and travelling, I am going to talk about some things to do in the car.  These also apply to a plane or bus!  Anyways, the cottage I’m going to in a week is three and a half hours away, and I am just going to be sharing some tips of stuff that I like to do in long car rides!  I have been on a bus for ten hours, and I’ve been on a plane for ten hours, so I consider myself to be a pro-traveller, but really I have been nowhere compared to some people haha.

So the first thing I like to do in the car is take pictures!  I think it’s fun taking pictures with your friends or family, and even stuff outside the window.  Chances are you’ll see something interesting on a long car trip.  Another thing that is always fun to do make lists!  LOL you guys know I love to make lists, and I think they are really fun to pass the time.  You can make a list of stuff you want to do or see or buy when you are gone, or you could make a bucket list for your next year, or a wishlist, or something like that.  I love to write stuff, so it’s really fun for me to make lists.  I also can see that most of you that follow me make posts on your blog, so you can always blog too!  Another thing that I enjoy doing that I did for my Quebec trip I did a while ago, is make a list of stuff to find on the road.  It’s called travel bingo, but really I just make mine a list of stuff that I want to find to pass the time.  If you google it you can find things, but I personally think they are sort of dumb, like a tree was on one that I saw, and a stop sign on another…I am just saying you should have better stuff on your list…not like what a three year old enjoys haha.  OK, and another thing is like word games or conversation games…on the bus ride to QC my friend and I would do this game where you each said one word and made really stupid sentences.  Haha all of ours were like the same and all really strange.  To be honest, when you are this bored, you are desperate for any game in the car!!!  LOL.  Of course you can bring cards or board games.  A while back I saw this DIY travel board games, where somebody got a cookie sheet that was magnetic, and then stuck magnets to all of the pieces so that it all stuck to the cookie sheet and it would fall everywhere.  If you are going on a really long car trip, this would be a great idea to bring a Monopoly board or something and play a game.  Yet another idea is play “guess that song” on the radio, or even just play the “don’t forget the lyrics” game haha.  I’m sure you can look up “things to do in the car” on google and find tons of suggestions, but these are just mine!  I know that I will be looking at my SBL and seeing if there are any things I can cross off on the way there.  It’s also great having and iPad or Kindle, so you can play games and read or whatever.  It’s my favourite thing about my iPad, the portability.  Anyways, that’s it for my ideas!

Talk to you guys really soon!  I will have a PLL post up tomorrow or the next day, along with my regular posts!  Thanks for reading!  Goodnight!  (Depending on where you live haha)  Good morning or good afternoon to those whole live far away!  Bye!