SOFC Week 4: 5 Ways To Sport Turquoise- Friday

Hello again!  So I have just one more post to put of for this week’s SOFC theme, and this is it!  As I mentioned in my last post, I have an exciting theme coming up next week, so stay tuned!  OK, but for right now, I have some turquoise clothes to show you!


I have another post coming up right now, so I will talk to you guys then!  I will probably be posting ANOTHER post later today too, but for now, I am sure you will enjoy the DIY coming up!  Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed!  Bye guys.

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SOFC Week 4: 5 Ways To Sport Turquoise- Thursday

Hey guys!  Sorry this is up late!  I have an exciting theme for next week!  YAY!  But first we have to finish up this week!  Haha.  So today I have some turquoise accessories to show you guys.  You can always easily dress up any outfit with a neon belt, or scarf.  Here’s some examples.


I have another post to put up, and another SOFC, so I have to go, but I hope you enjoyed, and stay tuned!  Thanks for reading!  Bye!


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SOFC Week 4: 5 Ways To Sport Turquoise- Wednesday

Hey guys!  So I have yet another way to sport some turquoise!  Of course, nail polish!  I recently bought a Essie Luxeffects polish in “Set In Stones” and paired it with another Essie shade in “Turquoise and Caicos”.  Sorry this is up so late, I have been sort of busy having a life!! (YAY! Finally!), and haven’t been able to get these posts up until close to midnight.  I hope that’s alright with you guys!  Tomorrow I will have a OOTD with turquoise in it.  But for now, enjoy my NOTD!!



Ta da!  A little crazy, but nice for once and a while! (:


It’s currently dark out right now, so here’s some pictures that other people have taken of the two polishes:


Pictures from here and here.

Turquoise and Caicos is one of my all time favourite polishes.  It is a two (or three) coater, that has some type of a jelly formula to it.  Click the second link above if you’d like to hear Temptalia’s review on it!  I would say it isn’t as neon as in the picture above, but it definitely isn’t a dull shade.  If you are looking for a staple turquoise shade, try this one!  It’s permanent!

As for the Set In Stones (from the luxeffects collection), it is an awesome polish too.  Of course it may not be for some people, but I think it is a nice thing to have because it is a great basic silver glitter.  There is tons of glitter in it, leaving quite a bit on your nail.  You would probably only need two coats to get an entire glitter nail.  It is so crazy it almost covers up the turquoise I paired it with.  I think it would look stunning with a silver polish like Revlon Silver Dollar under it.  I believe it is a permanent collection, and I bought mine at Wal Mart.  You can read my review on another polish from the Essie Luxeffects Collection here- Essie Shine Of Times.

I hope you enjoyed!  Thanks for reading!  I will talk to you guys soon!  Have a great night/morning!  Bye!

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SOFC Week 4: 5 Ways To Sport Turquoise- Monday

Hey guys!  So I said in a couple posts back that I am a little confused with SOFC…I have two weeks planned, but I didn’t really know what to do with this week, so I just decided to make a theme ‘how to sport turquoise’.  I am not too sure wether all five days are going to be fashion related, I might do a DIY and a makeup look or something too.  Today I am going to be showing you with shoes!  I have a very plain, basic outfit on, but my shoes added a bit of a pop!  So here’s my outfit today!

My shirt is a navy and white striped tee from Ralph Lauren

I tucked it into a piar of Garage jeggings because the shirt is a little loose and oversized.

My ring is from Michael Kors

And lastly, the shoes! These are a pair of neon turquoise flip flops from Sanuk. Oh, and the polish is China Glaze For Audrey.

So that’s it for my first day of SOFC!  I will have a makeup look tomorrow, and a NOTD the next day!  And stay tuned because I have some SBL and StumbleUpon posts to show you!  Bye!

SOFC Week 3: Favourite Apps & Websites #3, 4, & 5!

Hey guys!  Happy friday!  Sorry I missed the last two days of SOFC, I had a massive headache last night, and was busy on Wednesday.  Because I missed so many, I am just going to join the rest of the things I wanted to do into one post!  I am going to be covering lots and lots of websites and apps, so be prepared!  I will be covering: StumbleUpon, CraftGawker & FoodGawker, Tutus and Stilettos, Instagram, PicCal, PicFrame, Bump, PhotoStudio, Lumie, and Picfx.  LOL.  Lots and lots!  I’m just going to get started into it!

StumbleUpon:  I have talked about this so many times on here, I have a full review on it here, I have a whole series on it here…haha I don’t really want to spend to much time on this one because if you’ve been following me, you already know what it is!

CraftGawker: I have another review on it here!  It’s basically a site similar to Pinterest, except it’s all photos of crafts people have made.  I have found countless crafts on there that I’ve posted about!

FoodGawker: Basically the same thing as CraftGawker, but it’s pictures of DIY food.  I have a review on it here if you’d like to hear a bit more in detail.

Tutus & Stilettos: A new favourite!  It’s where a ballet dancer named Kristen shares here favourites and diaries of her life.  I love her style, and the way that she writes.  There’s always tons of pictures and not a ton of writing, which I wish I could do!!  Haha!  Check her out!

Instagram:  Ok, now onto apps.  I have been using instagram for about six months now, and it is amazing!  I love it because I can search for pictures, sort of like Pinterest for inspiration, and I can see what my favourite youtubers are doing!

Bump:  Transfer your pictures on your phone to your computer wirelessly.  Amazing free app!

PicCal:  Take a picture everyday and make it into a calendar of your pics.  I have a full review & demo of it here!

Picture Editing Apps:

PicFrame: Collage your pictures!

PhotoStudio: Add tons and tons and tons of effects onto your pictures!

Lumie: Add light textures onto your pics.

Picfx: I mainly use this one for light textures too.

OK, I think that’t it!  Sorry if they were sort of brief, but most of them I have mentioned before in other posts.  As I said at the beginning, these are not all of my favourites because some of them I have already covered!  I want to get up one or two more posts today so stay tuned!

Here’s the rest of my SOFC posts!

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SOFC Week 3- Favourite Apps & Websites #2-Polyvore, Beautylish, &

Hello hello!  Happy PLL day!!  I have another three of my favourite websites to show you!  All three are beauty & fashion related, and I have been following for a long time.– Put together outfits online.  Here you can choose from a gazillion different clothing pieces and beauty products, and put them all together and save the finished set.  I have featured some of my polyvore sets in some of my posts, like this one: &– both beauty and fashion blogs with amazing tips and tricks.  There, you can find lots of product reviews, trend reports, and DIYs. was created by two of my favourite youtubers, Elle and Blair Fowler.  They are who got me into the whole beauty and fashion world online over two years ago.  Totally check out their channels!  (:  Elle- allthatglitters21 Blair- juicystar07


Talk to you guys tomorrow for SOFC!  PLL tonight!!

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