Daily DIYs #1

Hello there…fancy seeing you here.  Uhm, I haven’t blogged for two weeks.  I suck at this, huh?  To be honest with you, I have been writing a story of my own, just a personal one, so I’ve been neglecting you, and I’m sorry!  I am not stopping or anything like that!

So I really, really love crafts.  Obviously.  And I have always been very confused how to show you guys what crafts I find around the internet if I don’t actually do them myself.  I decided I am going to (at the approximate beginning of each week) have seven crafts I find that are worth taking a look at!  Because I can’t do them all, it’s a great way to showcase what amazing ideas I’ve found from various blogs, pictures, and websites.  Each week will probably have a general theme, but some weeks may just have no theme at all.  Sound good?

Roundup 1 pt1

Roundup 1 pt2

Spray Painted Vases via I Spy DIY//Butterfly Wreath via treasure in an earth envessel//Spray Painted Toys via Make Ezine//Painted LOVE Bookends via ???//Polka Dot Doormat via 52 Weeks Project//Chevron Printed Canvas via The Embellished Nest//Anthro Inspired Confetti Tumblers via Radical Possibility

I hope you guys enjoyed, and I really do apologize for the wait!  Talk to you soon!


PS, is this what I should call this new series?  Let me know what you think.


China Glaze Lemon Fizz


Everyone responded really well to my last NOTD, so I thought I would show you what’s on my nails today!  Another very spring-y shade by China Glaze!  This one is called Lemon Fizz, which is a beautiful, bright pastel yellow.  Spring chicks on your nails!!  This is pretty much the ultimate spring shade to have, and it’s a beautiful colour.  It doesn’t make my fingers look sickly or anything like that, just very cheerful!  I got this shade a while back from Sally Beauty Supply, and I used three coats without a topcoat.



Talk soon!


PLL 2013 Spring Finale- My Predictions

Hello everyone!  I am completely aware that I JUST did a PLL related post last week, but I wasn’t aware that this week was the spring finale, so I’m going to do another one!  This post will be different because I am just going to tell you my thoughts and predictions of what’s going to happen tonight, and what’s going to happen on future episodes.  If you are not caught up on PLL, don’t read this!  I will be saying every spoiler possible that has recently happened on the show, I’m sure.

  • Toby isn’t dead!?  No!  It has been super sketchy with him being A in the first place, never mind him now just being dead!  It’s moving way to fast with this, and he cannot be dead, for many reasons.  Something’s up!  I still think that he is double teaming, too.  At the end of last episode, the guy’s tattoo was rubbed off, so it was fake to make Spencer think it was real.  There is no way they would kick off one of the most suspicious people on the show, never mind one of the biggest couples on the show.
  • Spencer isn’t A.  Maybe she’s double teaming too?  If she is A, this leads to so many paths that hurt my mind to think about.  So, I’m not going to go into that.  I had a small theory that’s a little farfetched, but I was thinking that maybe she could of found that hoodie in Radley, and it was Mona’s…?  She was in her old room, after all.  Everyone is pretty dead set that it actually was hers though.  I’m hoping she’s double teaming to get some answers.  She is the brains of the group, and also the leader, so she has stepped forward.  Did she kidnap Malcolm?
  • Ezra & Aria….oh wait, who cares?  Literally, the most boring part of the show!  I haven’t even thought about those two.
  • Ali has a twin.  Now there are so many possibilites with this one too.  Did they swap identities and the Ali that the girls knew isn’t the same one in the red coat because the other one really is dead?  Did Ali’s twin die, and Ali just left, but now she’s in the red coat?  For all we know, they could both be alive.  Haha, watch it be triplets.
  • The red coat….who in the WORLD is it?  Cece?  Ali?  Ali’s twin?  I really have no idea.  I am thinking it could be someone in the Ali mask though because it has been leaked that’s it’s a blonde, but that doesn’t mean anything!  It could be Jenna in the mask with a blonde wig!!  Haha


So those are my predictions for the show.  If I left someone out *cough cough Ezria & Haleb cough cough* it’s quite frankly because I DO NOT CARE!  I am so caught up in the whole Alison side of the story that I have no time for the couples, except for Spencer & Toby because I always found them interesting.

That’s it for my little Pretty Little Liars predictions.  We’ll see what happens tonight!

I have been getting back into the swing of things and have been looking at some crafty posts again, so hopefully I will be inspired to do some posts of my own.  Since summer is coming up I will hopefully also have time to do all of these things, and I’m sure I will have a wider range of DIYs to do.  Although….it does look like this outside my window….




And why yes, it is March 19th.

Essie Absolutely Shore

Happy sunday!  It’s a beautiful march day today, and in spite of that, I’ve painted my nails a very spring-y colour.  It is very strange doing this because I’ve been so used to the dark colours for winter, but I’ve dusted off my spring/summer polishes, and they’re ready for the next few months!  Yipee!  I’m ready for a change.

Absolutely Shore was from one of Essie’s summer collections I believe in 2011, called “Brazilliant”.  I love mint in general, especially in nail polish form, so I picked it up and I love it!  I’m not sure if it’s still available, seeing it was from a couple years ago, but I thought I would snap a picture of it anyways, because it is a beautiful colour.  I’m thinking about starting up my OOTDs and NOTDs again since the new season is approaching, and I’ve been getting some of my older clothes out.

Butter LONDON’s ‘Bossy Boots’ seems similar to this colour, being a very bright, light green-based mint.  Absolutely Shore looks a white from a far, but up close it is a almost beige-y green.  I guess they’re calling it ‘pistachio’.

DSCN2651 DSCN2652



I used three coats without a top coat.


What’s your favourite colour to wear for spring?  Have a great week!



A Bit of Glitter: Trend to Try- Bold Lips


So this season there’s a lot of colour.  Not only with the outdoors, but with fashion.  Colour is everywhere!  A trend that has been really popular lately is bold lips.  Pink, coral, orange, red, raspberry, fuchsia, anything!  Personally, a lot of those colours don’t look good on me because I am a redhead :(.  I can always pull off coral and orange though!  The best thing to do with this trend is to wear very minimal eye and makeup, and then perfect the lips.  Here are a few examples of the bold lip trend.

how to get more volume in your hair   *All links are attached to images

Here are some great lipsticks and glosses to check out:

(I some of these, and they’re great!!)

Revlon Super Lustourus Lip Gloss in Coral Reef
Revlon Matte Lipstick in Smoked Peach
MAC Cremesheen Glass in Richer, Lusher
MAC Lipstick in Costa Chic
Maybelline Lipstick in Are you red-y?
MAC Girl About Town Lipstick

OK, talk to you tomorrow!  I hope you enjoyed! (: Goodnight.

Glam Up: Adding A Little Colour To Your Home By Getting Organized!

Hello! So today is a day for a new series! It’s going to be called ‘Some Sparkle’. It will be very similar to my ‘A Bit of Glitter’ series, but in this one I will be talking more about ways to amp up your style and things to try, whereas in my ‘A Bit of Glitter’, I talk about certain products and recommendations.

In my first instalment, I’ll be sharing a few ways to add a bit of colour to your home.  This will be kind of similar to some of the organizing posts I’ve done, so if you are interested, I’ll link them at the end!  As always, I’ll put some pictures in, and then link them and share my ideas!

*all links are attached to pictures*

1. Colour coding books!  If I had a ton of books, I would do this in a heartbeat!  It makes it easier to find, and it looks great!

2. If I had a better closet, this would be a great idea!  You can easily find what you are looking for, and deep down inside make your OCD satisfied!  Haha

3. A bit of colour to your plain bookshelf!  I don’t know about you, but I really love this idea of colour organizing!

4. Organizing odds and ends with colour!  You can buy little trays from pretty much anywhere, and have a little spot in your house where you have a colour for each tray, and just throw everything that matches that colour into it.

5. And lastly, files with colour.  I also tried to find a picture with school supplies and colour organizing with your desk, but had no luck.  It’s a great idea though.  I know when I get to high school (I’ll probably be doing a whole post on this when it comes closer) I will be doing certain notes in a colour, have my events in my planner in certain colours, and have stickey notes and agendas in one colour according to type.  If you’d like to hear more about it, check in in probably September!

OK, so that’s the end!  Hope you enjoyed, and try some of these out!  I’ll have a couple more posts up later today.  Btw, if you’d like to have a bit of a sneak peak on some of my posts, check out my Pinterest!  I post a lot of ideas that I have for my posts on there.  Talk to you soon!  Happy good friday!

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