Tips & Tricks For Decorating A Small Room

Hey guys!  So most of you know, I’ve been re-doing my room the past week.  I have a very small room, and I just wanted to share some tips with you that helped me a lot for making my room appear larger than it actually is.

These are in no particular order, just tips that you may find helpful!

#1-The less you have, the more space.  The most obvious tip!  The less you have packed into your room, the more space you’ll have.  Try to keep just essentials.  I have a bookshelf, bed, desk, and dresser in my room.  That’s it.  If you really don’t need it, get rid of it!  I found lots of my problems were that I had too many storage things because I had so much unnecessary things to keep in them.  Start out with getting rid of the little things, and then the big things.  I used to have three bookshelves in my room, and now I only have one because I cut down on the things I needed in here.

#2- Lighting and colours matter!  The lighter the colour that you paint your room, the bigger it will look.  And, the brighter your room is, the bigger it will look because you can see every little space in there.  If you paint your room black and have awful lighting, it’s pretty obvious that your room will appear very small.  I have a big window, overhead light, side lamp, and then a bigger lamp that I keep on my desk that pretty much lights up my whole room.

#3- Keep things on your walls.  If you don’t have enough space for a storage cart on the ground, install shelves.  It will balance your room out too, having things on your walls and on the ground.  Going with tip one, be careful that you don’t overflow your room with things on your walls.  It’s nice to see some of your paint peeking through.

#4- Make everything functional.  You can buy underbed storage for unused space under your bed.  I actually bought one but it doesn’t fit under my bed!  I would put my opposite season clothes in there, because my closet isn’t big enough to carry all of that stuff.  You can also buy benches that you can keep at the foot of your bed that can open up and you can store stuff in there.  It would double as a couple of seats, and storage.  I got a side table that has little sections (shelves) in it that I could put things in, so it wouldn’t just be a one tier thing.  Yet another thing that makes things functional is buying a couple of hooks that fit onto your door.  I use these for my housecoats, coats, and purses, and they use up like no space!  And last thing for this tip, buying stickey hooks!  I got a whole bunch of these, and I am going to put them all over my bookshelf to hang necklaces, wristlets, anything like that.

#5-Use mirrors!  These of course reflect light and mimic the picture in front of it, making it look like the wall goes on and on.  I’d recommend getting bigger mirrors because you can obviously use them, but they copy a large part of the room, and make it appear a lot bigger.

#6-Make storage spaces look nice.  Since you will probably need lots of storage in a small room, make it double as decoration.  I’ve seen these really pretty boxes from Michael’s, which have lots of pretty colours and pictures of Paris and stuff on them, but they are still a box so you can still store things in them, without having to reck the space.  Instead of keeping all of your nail polish in bins, get a nail polish rack, instead of keeping your jewelry in a jewelry box, display it with some stickey hooks.

#7- Display your favourites, store the things that don’t matter.  This will make you love every part of your room, but still have the other important things stored away for use.

#8-Keep it simple!  Use simple, easy, useful furniture, but play up your bedding and pillows.  Play up the things on your walls.  This way your room isn’t boring, but it still has functional properties.

#9- Don’t worry about themes!  Have a few favourite things in mind, and that’s it.  My room is more ‘storage-y’ than it is ‘themed’.  Personally, I love the look of organized so much that I don’t even care!  I’m not saying my room is ugly…haha.  If you stick to a theme, you are going to have a very hard time trying to find useful things, storage wise.   I’d recommend getting all of your storage pieces first, and then going ahead and getting your decor pieces.  That way all of your priorities are straight, and maybe you’ll completely change your mind on your theme.  Who wants a room that’s not functional?  I wanted my theme to be all turquoise when I painted my room, and then once everything started to fall into place, my room has colourful bedding, and I have multiple colours that work, and I’m focusing more on storage than colour.


That’s it for my tips!  I hope you enjoyed and somewhat found this helpful!  I think I am going to do another one of these for on a budget decor, because my room is pretty small and I’m only thirteen so I don’t have an infinite budget.  I will be doing a room tour soon too!   It will probably be around mid-september at the rate that I’m going…I’m not too sure.  I think I have like three things that I have to get.  It’s a pretty rainy day where I am now, so I’ll probably have a couple more posts up today, we’ll see!  Thanks for reading!  Bye!

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