Combat Boots

Hey guys!  Told you I wouldn’t be gone for long!!  So today I am going to be sharing my favourite combat boots!  I have done a few of these posts before (linked here), that just show my little ‘current obsession’ favourite pictures.  For fall I have been loving boots, like everyone else it seems.  Well turns out I’m so tiny that I can’t buy riding boots because my calves are too small.  Of courseee…But, I found these adorable pair of combat boots that I’m loving!  They will be my obsession up until next May.  Hello WINTER.

Here they are, along with a few other pictures of my favourites!










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Talk to you soon!  Thanks for reading!


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Back To School: Must Have Fashion Pieces + SOFC Announcement

Hey guys!  I’m HOOOMMEEE!  I have of course accumulated a cold since I’ve been back so I couldn’t post yesterday, but I’m here today!  I have some ‘I don’t know how you are going to take this’ news…SOFC is gone…SORRY!  It honestly hasn’t been as good as I thought it was going to be…and it has ended up being a chore for me to do everyday instead of something fun.  I am still going to be posting all of the posts that were planned for the future, but they just all won’t be in the same setup as SOFC.  I think it is going to work out so much better!  Anyways, I am going to be starting a new mini series for back to school!  I am going to be showing you guys some must have fashion pieces for the first instalment!

I didn’t want to put up tons of things because I will be doing a fall fashion Polyvore set once fall comes closer!  Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed!  I should have a post up tomorrow!  Thanks for reading!  Bye!

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SOFC Week 4: 5 Ways To Sport Turquoise- Monday

Hey guys!  So I said in a couple posts back that I am a little confused with SOFC…I have two weeks planned, but I didn’t really know what to do with this week, so I just decided to make a theme ‘how to sport turquoise’.  I am not too sure wether all five days are going to be fashion related, I might do a DIY and a makeup look or something too.  Today I am going to be showing you with shoes!  I have a very plain, basic outfit on, but my shoes added a bit of a pop!  So here’s my outfit today!

My shirt is a navy and white striped tee from Ralph Lauren

I tucked it into a piar of Garage jeggings because the shirt is a little loose and oversized.

My ring is from Michael Kors

And lastly, the shoes! These are a pair of neon turquoise flip flops from Sanuk. Oh, and the polish is China Glaze For Audrey.

So that’s it for my first day of SOFC!  I will have a makeup look tomorrow, and a NOTD the next day!  And stay tuned because I have some SBL and StumbleUpon posts to show you!  Bye!

Some Sparkle: My Current Wishlist- May 2012!

Hey guys!  Happy Tuesday!  I hope you all are having a great week.  I recently have been making a HUGE list of posts that I want to do, so if you have any requests, let me know!!  Here’s my May Wishlist!

1. Summer Dresses!  I have never been the one to wear dresses as an everyday thing, but I really like them for some reason this spring and summer!

2. Bright Clothing.  A must for the Summer!

3. Bauble Bar Rose Gold Bracelet.  I have been DROOLING over this (found here) ever since I found it a few days ago, and I am going to be getting it when it comes back in stock!  I hope it does come back!  I will be doing a whole review on Bauble Bar too, so be sure to stay tuned!

4. Michael Kors Buckle Ring in Silver.  I want this thing so bad!  I have been looking for an everyday ring for like 6 months now, and it’s time to invest in one that I like!  It is so my style!

5. Gladiator Sandals.  I LOVE gladiator sandals!  I have never owned a pair, and this summer I am going to get them!  This Summer I want something in between running shoes, flip flops, and flats, so I thought these are perfect!  I found this pair at Aldo, and I think I might get them soon!  They’re only 25 bucks on sale!

6. STACKABLE BRACELETS!!  A MUST FOR OLIVIA!!  You guys just know how obsessed with these things I am…anyways….moving on.

OK, that’s it for my wishlist!  I will show you guys the stuff I get from now on, and I’m sure you’ll see a review on Bauble Bar in the future!

If you have any recommendations to posts for me to do, let me know!  Also let me know if you have any recommendations for places to buy any of these things.  Tell me in the comments what your Summer Wishlist is!  

PS, I will have more videos coming up this week!

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Spring into Summer: The BEST Flip Flops Ever!

Happy Friday!

So, summer is coming, and I don’t know any girl that doesn’t wear flip flops.  Being in Florida for three years, I have discovered the most comfortable flip flops ever!  I’ve seen them where I live, which is pretty rare, so I’m sure you can find them where you live, but I am pretty sure that you can order them online as well.  They are by the brand Sanuk, and they are their yoga mat flip flops.  They don’t come in a huge range of colours, but they have all of the colours you need for basics.  I have a turquoise pair, blue pair, and white pair, and my Mom has a brown pair, a gold pair, black pair, and white pair!  We have so many combined, so obviously they are great!  The bottoms are actually made out of yoga mat, so they are incredibly comfy.  I think they are about $25.  I got my white pair like 2.5 years ago, and they are just starting to get chunks taken out of them, but are still wearable, so they will probably last this summer.  They are very plain and basic, but are nice for everyday.  Here’s a link to the ones I’m talking about.  They also have a ton more different styles that they’ve recently added!  Wow!  Yay!  I’ll be getting some more for the summer….(All of the ones titled Yoga ______ are the ones that have yoga mat bottoms).

Totally check them out!  They’re worth it!  Talk to you soon!  Bye!

Liv’s Life: I’m obsessing over Pinterest && I love these shoes!

Hey guys!  This is just going to be a quick little post addressing two things.  I’m obsessed with Pinterest right now!  If you don’t have an account, make one!  I’ve talked about it in numerous posts, and I’m going crazy over it!  Haha, I have quite a few boards now, and I’m getting so much inspiration!  GO MAKE ONE!  And expect lots of nail posts on my instagram because I’m getting lots of ideas from this site!

The next things is talking about these shoes.  What do you think of them?  They’re by Sam Edelman, and they are so my style!  My dress for grad is an ivory colour, and I think I’m going to get one of these pairs of shoes.  I can’t say the colours I’m going to be wearing with my dress, because it’s a surprise, but I think these shoes will match!  I might get the white and black ones!  I’ve seen his heel version of these, and I’ve always wanted to get them.  I’m sure when I’m a little older I will end up getting them, but for now, these are awesome!

Pic is from here.

So, yeah that’s about it!  I just wanted to say those two things because they are on my mind right now!  Lots and lots of posts tomorrow!  Goodnight!

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