Liv’s Life: Current Favourites, What I’m Up To, And My Thoughts

I am so, so, so, so, sorry it’s been this long!  So ridiculous!  But, I’ve started a new semester, and it’s been so full force all February.  In all of my classes I’ve had multiple tests/quizes/assignments, and I have been reading To Kill A Mockingbird for class, which I have just finally finished.  I know, I know, no excuses….but sometimes school life just tends to take over!  On top of all of this I have headaches a few times a week, so that kills everything, and I have other things I have to do as a part of a daily routine.

Another thing to apologize for…a lack of ‘me’ posts.  I’m not sure how much you guys like my update posts (just about me), but I think it’s important to do them once in a while, and it is where my blog started.  I have been writing in a journal almost everyday since October, and I have just been expressing lots of deeper thoughts into it, and then posting more DIY & Fashion posts on here.  I don’t always feel like writing about me on my blog and then repeating everything but in a more personal manner in my ‘diary’.  But that’s not the point of this post….

I just wanted to share some things that I’ve been doing, and some favourites!

So I have probably mentioned a few times in my posts that I have not been very good emotionally & mentally the past few months.  High school has hit me hard.  It’s not just the school work, (I can deal with that), it’s the people.  Going into high school, I lost the majority of my friends purely because we didn’t have any classes together.  We drifted.  And since just recently I always was waiting for people to talk to me.  Well, apparently that’s not how life works, and if you want something you have to get it.  At least for fourteen year olds.  So, I’ve branched out.  Olivia’s OUTGOING!?  What!?  Not exactly ‘outgoing’, but not so quiet.  I have never been outgoing because I never want to disrupt the teacher during class, but it’s just the little things….partaking into a conversation with people you don’t know can really pay off.  YOU broke the ice, and they will remember YOU for it.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a very awkward person, and I’m trying to deal with that.  It’s just now that I’ve really realized that I have to change myself a little (in a good way) to get some people to like me (the real me).  So, yeah, that’s what I’ve been dealing with daily.

Apart from ‘the deep end’, I’ve been still watching lots of british youtubers and stuff like that. They are hilarious, and I, admittingly, am a ‘Zalfie’ lover.  Zoe and Alfie are my favourites, and I feel like they are in the early stages of when I watched Luke & Ingrid’s daily vlogs.  Hehe.  I also have been tumbling a bit, which you can see here!  I love tumblr!  It’s really inspirational and I have gotten many ideas from there.  I also just love to go an look on my page sometimes and see what I’ve reblogged.  It’s sort of like my life in pictures, but not my pictures….if that makes sense…

Another thing that has been taking up a bit of my life is my room!  I changed my room up a month ago, and since then have not stopped doing things to it and searching for future projects to do.  I am going to do my macaron painting, which I have already started drawing, get a bulletin board, move some things around, get two new pieces of furniture, and a quote board!  I will absolutely be doing an updated room tour because A LOT has changed surprisingly for only about two months since my last one.

I have been listening to soooooo much music lately, you would not believe it!  I guess I just haven’t updated you with my favourite songs for a while now, so I am going to start with my music favourites of the moment.  Long Live by Taylor Swift has definitely made it’s way on the list.   It makes me a little more positive about going to high school everyday.  I read that it is a song about her band full of average people becoming ‘the populars’ once they’re on stage, but I think it’s more of a graduation song to be honest!  I hope I still like it 3.5 years from now in my senior year!  Haha, I didn’t buy it for like a week because I was convincing myself that I had to wait until I was graduating, but that is just ridiculous.  Yep.

I’ve started reading “The Perks of Being a Wallflower”, and was searching up advertisements for the movie, and noticed there was a song I really liked, so I bought it.  Haha, not really how to explain how I purchase my music sounding exciting.  I went to iTunes, searched the title, and bought it.  So exciting!  It’s “It’s Time” by Imagine Dragons.  It’s just one of those songs that you’ve probably heard before, just never thought twice about it.

The last song I have to talk about it ‘Sympathy’ by The Goo Goo Dolls.  When I was little, I was a MASSIVE Hilary Duff fan, and of course I have watched A Cinderella Story probably thirty times in my lifetime, and I always thought the soundtrack was AMAZING!  Good job, song-pickers!  This song is one I have always admired in the movie, never forgot about it, just never thought to buy it.  But I did and I like it!  I also have been thinking about getting “I’ll Be” and “Hear You Me” both from that movie, but I’m not too sure.

So, I just wanted to say thank you for reading and sticking with me…with March Break (and summer!) on it’s way, I will be posting more frequently I’m sure.  Plus, with the spring & summer weather comes spring & summer themed posts!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Talk soon!

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Liv’s Life: My Very First Impressions On High School

Hey guys!  So guess what!?  Today was my first day of HIGH SCHOOL!  Yes, I am a FRESHMAN, woohoo.  I wanted to do this post because I wanted to share my opinion of going into high school, because (because because because) I don’t necessarily agree with what everyone says.  These are just my personal experiences, and my opinions!

I feel like what people say to get you prepared for high school isn’t always true!

So I was pretty darn nervous, I must admit.  I was mainly nervous because of my arthritis, especially with it being SUPER bad lately.  Of course the day before yesterday, my neck had to pull this big episode with being stressed, so I pretty much couldn’t turn my neck either.  I was pretty concerned about that because I know my high school has three floors and it’s pretty huge compared to my last school.

I got into school late because the cab was late.  I wasn’t actually late, but I was late enough to be the last one into my first class and had to sit beside some kid.  Oh yeah, there’s a bunch of kids from my old school in the corner, I just have to be the last one to get a seat.  I kept it cool, just open minded, and was totally fine.  Most of the day was just listening to the teachers talk about the upcoming semester, and talking about things they tolerate, etc.

Going into high school, I thought there were going to be like NO friends or anyone I knew in my class, and three out of my four classes, I had my two best friends in them, with another good friend and class friend in the other one.  Along with that, I thought that I was like never going to see anybody in the hallway, it was just going to be hectic seniors pushing into you.  The harsh (but good) truth is, nobody cares about you, so they don’t notice you!  Haha, that sounds a little funny, but I think it’s good how you aren’t being constantly stared at by 1000 seniors!  People are too busy to rudely comment to you.  Something that made me feel really comfortable is that I would constantly see people I knew in the hallway.  You just felt like ‘not alone’ when you would wave to someone in the hallway, and you don’t feel worried about not knowing where you are, because you know a lot of people that are there in the same boat as you.

OK, the thing that was kind of annoying that screwed me up the most was that everybody says you will get lost!  I didn’t get lost!  Depending on what school you go to (obviously), you may or may not get lost.  The thing that helped me most was the floors.  Like I said, my school has three floors.  The second floor is twisty and crazy busy, but the other two are just straight and more organized.  Three out of my four classes are on the first or third floors, so I don’t have to worry about getting lost at all.  As long as I found a staircase, I was totally fine!

I’ve already explained basically my whole day to both of my parents separately, so I’m sorry if I’m a little…I don’t know, scattered!

When it comes down to it, it’s school.  You know, there’s learning.  It’s not exactly fun!

This isn’t really an advice post or anything because this was my very first day, but I just wanted to have this mainly for myself to look back on!

I am planning on changing my blog address very soon, but I need to kind of research it more.  Of couse I will let you guys know in advance though!  Like will my followers get redirected!?  Please let me know in a comment!  

Anyways, thanks for reading!  Talk to you soon!

Must Haves For Your Back To School Purse (& Tips)

Hey guys!  So school is here for most of us, and I’m still continuing with this series, so I wanted to do this post!  My school starts on September 4th, so I still have quite a bit of time to do things like get school supplies and stuff, so when I get my school supplies I will do a post on them too!  Anyways, for any of you that are in high school might like this!  It’s just essentials for your purse that you carry around class to class.  I didn’t really want to call it a purse, but I didn’t want to call it a bag or backpack because I wouldn’t really carry books in this…haha let’s get into it!

So my first essentials are headphones and your phone!  I personally always get so jealous of other people when they get to listen to music and I didn’t pack my headphones that day, so I am going to try to keep them in my tote!  Of course you want to bring your phone, pretty obvious.

My next essential is gum.  We all know that you will run out of gum so, so, so fast, so bring lots!  Maybe bring one pack that you aren’t a huge fan of, and then bring a pack just for yourself.  I always feel so bad saying no, so I am just going to have to bring a lot!

My next essentials are just a small mirror and a hair brush.  I personally don’t like bringing makeup to touch up, but if you don’t mind then totally pack that!

What I am going to be doing this year is setting up a small bin in my locker for things like my calculator, and ruler, and protractor kit, and pencil crayons…whatever tools you need for specific classes.  I have four classes a day and two breaks so I will be going and grabbing the things I need out of the bins at my two breaks.  This does not include things like pencils or highlighters or pens, because I use them for every class so I’d like to have them in my purse with me.  As I said, I still haven’t gone supply shopping, but I am planning on getting a small pencil box that I will put everything I need in there.  I’m not too sure if I am going to be putting a pencil sharpener or eraser in there, because it kind of gets everything messy and I typically use pens…maybe I’ll get another small pouch or box for those two things.

I am going to be keeping my phone and a bit of cash in a little wristlet I got from Coach because it will be easy to take to the cafeteria with me, and I just like having that kind of thing separated.

I will also be keeping little stickey notes in my bag too, for class, and just for regular life.

Of course you will need your agenda or planner with you because you will want to write down all of your homework and things to do and everything.


That’s it for my essentials!  If you were wondering, I am just going to be carrying a large longchamp tote with me because it is huge and easy to pack all of my books up in, and everything else I need.  Thanks for reading!  Talk to you soon!  Bye!

Liv’s Life: Back To School 2012 TAG!

Hello, hello everyone!  It’s that time of the year again…back to school!  I thought I would do the back to school tag because I love tags and somehow haven’t managed to do this one yet, so here we go!  If you would like to do this, leave it in a comment below or do it on your blog and link it to me!  I’d love to check it out!

1. What grade are you going into?  Nine!  Yes, I am going to be a freshman in high school…yahoo!  Haha it’ll be interesting.

2. What are you excited and nervous for this year?  Everything!  I’m a little nervous because I had some issues with friends (not fighting, just kind of drifting apart) last year and I feel very alone currently, but I am also excited to enter big girl town and actually be taken seriously in the world.  Probably my number one most exciting thing is fall fashion and nail polish which is ridiculous.  I ADORE fall, so I’m really exciteddddd!

3. What’s your favourite part of getting ready for going back to school?  School supplies shopping probably!  Everyone loves school shopping…haha

4. What grade were you in when you first started wearing makeup to school?  Seven.

5. Where or from whom do you like getting inspiration for back to school trends & styles? YouTube!  I have been watching lots of macbarbie07 and beautybaby44 recently.

6. What are your favourite trends for back to school/ fall this year?  I really like just the classic fall trends like wearing a think sweater with a scarf, skinny jeans, and riding boots (ahhh it makes me so happy thinking about it…I’m such a nerd haha).  Yeah I really like scarves if you guys can’t tell.  I also really like the polka dot trend for fall right now, and I also love wearing plaid shirts.

7. Where do you like to go shopping for your school supplies?  Staples usually.  Sometimes if I’m at Zellers or Walmart I will pick something up if I forgot, but it’s usually Staples.

8. What are your favourite stores to back to school shopping?  I’m assuming this means clothes…Well I don’t really have a ton of money to be buying clothes, but I really like my typical favourite stores like Garage and H&M and stuff.

9. Will you be carrying a purse or backpack to school this year?  And which do you prefer?  Well this is my first year of being able to carry a bag from class to class if you were wondering…I will be carrying a Longchamp tote I think.  I prefer totes.

10. What are three non beauty essentials that you have to carry in your back to school purse?  Well like I said, this is my first year of being able to carry around a bag class to class, so I have never had a back to school purse…but I am just going to throw three things out there!  Probably my phone, headphones, and gum?

11. What are three beauty essentials that you have to carry in your back to school purse?  I am not the type of person to bring makeup with me places after I already put it on in the morning, unless it is a special event I am going to.  So I don’t really know…I know like a hair brush and hair tie!

12. What are your go to hair products this year and what is your favourite hair style for back to school?  For fall I really like straight, sleek hair, and sometimes in a high pony.  I always like curled hair too, but for some reason I think that straight hair looks really good!

13. What are your go to makeup products this year and what is your favourite makeup look for back to school?  I really like darker eye makeup, lots of matte shadows, stuff like that.  I really like cooler toned shadows too.  A couple favourites are MAC’s Satin Taupe and NARS Mekong shadow.  And I also love dark lips so much!  My favourites are the Revlon Lip Butters in Red Velvet and Sugar Plum.  Here’s a picture of me wearing Red Velvet, and just wearing my favourite fall and winter clothes:


14. What are your favourite clothes and accessories for back to school?  Scarves!  Big sweaters, riding boots, skinnies, plaid shirts, stuff like that.  I will be doing lots of OOTDs once I start actually wearing nicer clothes haha.


That’s it!  I tag all of you!  Talk to you soon!  Thanks for reading!

Back To School: Must Have Fashion Pieces + SOFC Announcement

Hey guys!  I’m HOOOMMEEE!  I have of course accumulated a cold since I’ve been back so I couldn’t post yesterday, but I’m here today!  I have some ‘I don’t know how you are going to take this’ news…SOFC is gone…SORRY!  It honestly hasn’t been as good as I thought it was going to be…and it has ended up being a chore for me to do everyday instead of something fun.  I am still going to be posting all of the posts that were planned for the future, but they just all won’t be in the same setup as SOFC.  I think it is going to work out so much better!  Anyways, I am going to be starting a new mini series for back to school!  I am going to be showing you guys some must have fashion pieces for the first instalment!

I didn’t want to put up tons of things because I will be doing a fall fashion Polyvore set once fall comes closer!  Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed!  I should have a post up tomorrow!  Thanks for reading!  Bye!

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StumbleUpon: 10 Old School Tricks For Summer

Hi!  I am stumbling right now, so I am going to share with you guys a few things I have seen that are interesting, so stay tuned because I’m having a little ‘marathon’!

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So the first one I want to show you is just what the title says.  I wish I could of had this for last week’s SOFC posts, because this would of been perfect to feature!  Anyways, you can find it here!


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Stay tuned for more!

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