Fall Fashion 2012 #3: Lace Dress & Blazer


Click here to see my favourite fall fashion video!  I love her take on the lace dress.  I’m on a hunt for one myself!


Fall Fashion 2012 #2- Polyvore + The Pinterest Obsession

Hey guys!  How are you!?  I really excited because I have lots and lots and lots of upcoming posts for you!  I am currently re-doing my room, so I will be showing you bits and pieces including my tips and tricks.  Also, back to school and fall are coming up, and fall is my favourite time for fashion and beauty, so you will see lots of posts for that too!  I also have to get around to finishing off my SBL posts too…I basically FAILED hard on my SBL.  Also, I just wanted to say that I’m really happy with all of my categories now!  They are all cleared out, and they’re a little more organized and less confusing.  Anyways, that’s not the point of this post!  I have another Polyvore set for you!  I am going to be just doing these fall and winter fashion posts very quickly, just showing you either sets I make on polyvore, pictures I see, or things I see on Pinterest.  By the way, if you don’t know what Polyvore is, I have a mini review on it here!  I love to make sets on there, especially for fall and winter, along with tons of other people on Pinterest!  Here’s the picture and then I will get into Pinterest.


For some reason, I get so, so OCD on Polyvore, and always end up making like half of my posts with items that I own or will own.  For example, I own that Longchamp bag, I am saving for that exact Wildfox Baggy Beach Jumper, I’m getting those exact ALDO riding boots for my birthday, I’m getting those Tiffany studs for my birthday, and OPI Ink. is my favourite nail polish for fall…haha I am so strange.  Anyways, I can guarantee you that the pic above will be what I am wearing 90% of the time in the fall and winter.  Like I said in my last fall fashion post, I will show you guys a pic of this actually on me when I get all of the things!  A link to my Polyvore will be at the bottom if you’re interested!


OK, now I just wanted to talk about my Pinterest obsession right now…ohmygoodness.  I am seriously dangerously addicted to Pinterest.  I just love looking at pictures.  Right now everyone is repinning lots of pictures of fall fashion, which if you didn’t read the above, I love fall fashion!  I am in heaven.  I’m not too sure if any of you follow me on there, but holy smokes I must be driving all of my followers CRAZY with all of my pictures.  I can’t stop!  And now there’s a Pinterest app for iPad, and I’ve been on it even more because of that.  My obsession never really stopped with Pinterest, it has just highly increased the past couple of days.  Guys, if you don’t have a Pinterest, please make one!  If you tell me your username, I’ll check out your pins and boards!  My link will be in the bottom as always!

I hope you guys enjoyed!  Thanks for reading!  I just might have another post up today…I’m kind of in the blogging mood right now…but I’m sorry if I don’t!  I am going to Rib Fest tomorrow at a local park with a bunch of friends, but hopefully I’ll have a post up tomorrow too!  Talk to you soon!

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Fall Fashion 2012 #1-Polyvore

Hey guys!  So I told you that I will be starting a fall mini series of fashion, and it will consist of pictures, polyvore sets, and pictures of my own clothes!  Here’s a set I made…you will be seeing all of these pieces on me soon because I actually own or almost all own these pieces!OBSESSED WITH FALL 2012
Talk to you guys very soon!  Still working on that nail polish post, I just haven’t gotten around to it yet!  It’ll be up tomorrow!  Bye!

Current Wishlist (August 14 2012)

Gigantic Birthday and Christmas and Current Wishlist haha
Yup.  This is my current wishlist!  My birthday is coming up on September 20th, Christmas I guess is sort of coming up, and fall is coming, and this is my wishlist!  I’m sure a lot of this will change, but this is just it for now!  Talk to you guys soon!  If you have any requests for future posts, leave them in a comment!  Bye!
PS, what do you guys think about Taylor Swift’s new song!?  I love it!

SOFC Week 4: 5 Ways To Sport Turquoise- Friday

Hello again!  So I have just one more post to put of for this week’s SOFC theme, and this is it!  As I mentioned in my last post, I have an exciting theme coming up next week, so stay tuned!  OK, but for right now, I have some turquoise clothes to show you!


I have another post coming up right now, so I will talk to you guys then!  I will probably be posting ANOTHER post later today too, but for now, I am sure you will enjoy the DIY coming up!  Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed!  Bye guys.

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SOFC Week 4: 5 Ways To Sport Turquoise- Thursday

Hey guys!  Sorry this is up late!  I have an exciting theme for next week!  YAY!  But first we have to finish up this week!  Haha.  So today I have some turquoise accessories to show you guys.  You can always easily dress up any outfit with a neon belt, or scarf.  Here’s some examples.


I have another post to put up, and another SOFC, so I have to go, but I hope you enjoyed, and stay tuned!  Thanks for reading!  Bye!


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