Fall Fashion 2012 #2- Polyvore + The Pinterest Obsession

Hey guys!  How are you!?  I really excited because I have lots and lots and lots of upcoming posts for you!  I am currently re-doing my room, so I will be showing you bits and pieces including my tips and tricks.  Also, back to school and fall are coming up, and fall is my favourite time for fashion and beauty, so you will see lots of posts for that too!  I also have to get around to finishing off my SBL posts too…I basically FAILED hard on my SBL.  Also, I just wanted to say that I’m really happy with all of my categories now!  They are all cleared out, and they’re a little more organized and less confusing.  Anyways, that’s not the point of this post!  I have another Polyvore set for you!  I am going to be just doing these fall and winter fashion posts very quickly, just showing you either sets I make on polyvore, pictures I see, or things I see on Pinterest.  By the way, if you don’t know what Polyvore is, I have a mini review on it here!  I love to make sets on there, especially for fall and winter, along with tons of other people on Pinterest!  Here’s the picture and then I will get into Pinterest.


For some reason, I get so, so OCD on Polyvore, and always end up making like half of my posts with items that I own or will own.  For example, I own that Longchamp bag, I am saving for that exact Wildfox Baggy Beach Jumper, I’m getting those exact ALDO riding boots for my birthday, I’m getting those Tiffany studs for my birthday, and OPI Ink. is my favourite nail polish for fall…haha I am so strange.  Anyways, I can guarantee you that the pic above will be what I am wearing 90% of the time in the fall and winter.  Like I said in my last fall fashion post, I will show you guys a pic of this actually on me when I get all of the things!  A link to my Polyvore will be at the bottom if you’re interested!


OK, now I just wanted to talk about my Pinterest obsession right now…ohmygoodness.  I am seriously dangerously addicted to Pinterest.  I just love looking at pictures.  Right now everyone is repinning lots of pictures of fall fashion, which if you didn’t read the above, I love fall fashion!  I am in heaven.  I’m not too sure if any of you follow me on there, but holy smokes I must be driving all of my followers CRAZY with all of my pictures.  I can’t stop!  And now there’s a Pinterest app for iPad, and I’ve been on it even more because of that.  My obsession never really stopped with Pinterest, it has just highly increased the past couple of days.  Guys, if you don’t have a Pinterest, please make one!  If you tell me your username, I’ll check out your pins and boards!  My link will be in the bottom as always!

I hope you guys enjoyed!  Thanks for reading!  I just might have another post up today…I’m kind of in the blogging mood right now…but I’m sorry if I don’t!  I am going to Rib Fest tomorrow at a local park with a bunch of friends, but hopefully I’ll have a post up tomorrow too!  Talk to you soon!

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SOFC Week 3: Favourite Apps & Websites Day 1- Lockerz, Pinterest, & weheartit

Hey guys!  So this week I got one vote for the theme to be favourite apps and websites, so that’s what I’m doing!  Thank you for voting! (:  I am planning on grouping all of my accounts together, and in this post I am going to be showing you the three accounts I have that are most similar.  We have Lockerz, Pinterest, and weheartit.  I am just going to be giving mini reviews I guess!  Let me know if you have any requests for this week!

I spend so much time on these sites because they are so easy to use, just click and you can go back to it whenever, and they are amazing for inspiration.

So as I said, all three sites are pretty similar, in the fact where you look at pictures, and save your favourites.  Why do I have all three, you may ask!?  Well, to be honest I just really like looking at pictures…haha…I get a lot of inspiration on there, especially for blog posts.

Lockerz is probably the one that I like the least out of the three.  I am pretty new to the website still, I think I just started like two weeks ago.  All of the pictures on there are great, but you usually can’t look at new ones for a while…For the other two sites you just refresh the page to see new ones, and on Lockerz, it’s not like that, at least not for me.  Also, all of the pictures that you see are all grouped by who pins them.  So, if people are searching say ‘dogs’, then in the misc. section, all you see is pictures of the same dogs because it is one person on the feed…does that make sense!?  If you have one of the three accounts I’m talking about, you will probably understand me a bit more.  Anyways, the pictures are excellent, I just wish it was a bit of a different setup.  Here’s a screen shot to show you guys.

OK, onto weheartit.  It’s a very cool site!  Very similar to Pinterest, except this one is honestly just for girly things.  Fashion, Paris, clothes, cute animals, shoes, stuff like that.  You ‘heart’ the pictures you like, and they get added into a category of your choice, for you to see whenever you please.  Once again, great pictures.  Here are a couple screen shots so you can sort of get the gist.

OK, and the last one, Pinterest!  I love Pinterest because it so, so easy to use, and it seems ‘friendly-er’ than the other two for some reason.  Anyways, you’ve heard me talk about the way these sites work, so I’m not going to explain it again!  Pinterest has tons of pictures of just about everything.  Lots of DIYs too.  Here are a couple of pictures (:

Here’s my page! It is like heaven for me…

I hope you enjoyed!  Talk to you guys tomorrow for SOFC!  Goodnight!

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Liv Loves: June 2012- PicCal & Island In The Sun

Hey guys!  So this month I have some amazing favourites!  I have lots of things to go through, so lets get started!!

I have so many favourite songs this month!  My first favourite song is Forever And Always (Piano Version) by Taylor Swift.  AMAZING!  I love this song so much!  Another favourite song by Taylor Swift is Speak Now.  I have always hesitated buying Taylor Swift’s songs, but when I actually buy them, I never regret it.  And my last favourite song is Island In The Sun by Weezer.  I remember watching Aquamarine and Holiday in the Sun years and years ago, and both movies have this song in it, and it always made me smile.  Well last summer watching thesummerhood on YouTube (love them!), I rediscovered Island In The Sun from their intro.  And now I love it so much!  It is definitely in my top 5 favourites!

OK, so onto some favourite apps of the month!  My first favourite is Instagram, of course!  I post on Instagram a ton, with lots of OOTDs, and stuff like that!  My username is livlaughsmile!  Another app fav is PicCal!  I’m not too sure if I’ve talked about it yet in one of my posts, but is basically a calendar, but instead of blank spots for every day, you take a picture and a picture appears!  June was my first month doing one 100%, and I totally love it.  I know I say I ‘love’ a lot of things, haha, but I really think this app is a great thing to get!  It’s free for the regular version and I think a dollar for the pro version.  Making my Summer Bucket List I went through a lot of other peoples’, and I kept noticing that they had “take a picture every day” on them, and this is perfect for it!  Here’s what mine looks like!

OK, onto my random other favourites!  Pinterest, of course…Uhmm…fashion!  Haha, I’ve been loving putting outfits together!  And same with jewelry!  I have been wearing so much jewelry lately!  Like I said, if you’d like to see what I’m wearing, check my instagram!  Also, I’ve been trying out Lockerz, weheart it, and Viddy, so check them out too!  I am still trying out Lockerz, and seeing how I like it, but if all goes well I will update you guys with a link to my favourites on there!

Talk to you guys soon!  Let me know your favourites of the month in a comment!!  Bye!

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Pinterest Wednesday #2

Hey guys!  So, I’ve been pinning on my Pinterest quite a bit this week, so I am going to share my favourite pins!

   Aww <3 


Those are my four favourite pins of the week!  I LOVE the trench coat, and the cat so much!  Show me your favourite pins!  Talk to you soon!

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Pinterest Wednesday! #1

Hey guys!  Again!

Everyone knows how obsessed I am with Pinterest, so lets not even get to that.  I thought that I would do a quick post every week showing you guys what my five favourite pins are from the previous week.  I will do these every Wednesday!  Lets get in to this week’s!

MK buckle ring OMG.   . A cool twist- mint walls.

So here are my fav pins of the week!

I love the two dresses, I’m getting both of the jewelry pieces, and I LOVE mint!  My room is going to be mint themed this summer!

I will talk to you guys for one more post soon!  Bye!

TGIF: DIY Crazy Lady!!

Happy Friday!

OK.  I’m obsessed with DIYs.  Anything that you can do yourself.  It’s crazy!  I have three boards on my Pinterest that just make me happy looking at because they have lots of gorgeous DIYs.  Here’s Decor Inspiration & DIY & Organization. I really love when I find a DIY that actually looks good and I can use.  I’m sure you guys will see lots of posts coming up of DIYs especially with summer coming up.

Anyways, I just wanted to talk about some favourites too!  I’m not going to mention anything that I got while I was away because I will be posting about that tonight!  So, favourite song is “Where we used to run” by Landon Austin.  Once again, I really enjoy this guy and his bands’ music!  I also really like the song “Drive by” by Train.  Another favourite is the Monopoly app for the iPad.  I think it’s like 2 dollars or something, and it’s great!  I played it quite frequently while I was away, and it’s just a great game to easily have the time go by.  And I think I like the app version better then the real version!!  Gosh!  This is so difficult because all I can think about is the stuff I got in Europe!!  LOL I’m just going to end it right here so I can get on with the day, and start writing for my haul post!  Gotta get lots of pictures while it’s still daylight!  I’m not positive if I’ll have it up today, but I do know I will have at least one more post up today!  Yay!  I’m excited to show you guys what I got!  In the meantime…do you want to know what I’ve been doing for a laugh?!  Watching these.  LOL, watch em!  I’m sure I will finish them all in a week.  They do have pretty bad language, but they are hilarious!


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