I’m on a collage rampage

Hello, all!

With the new season approaching, I’ve been inspired to change up a few things in my room.  First: wall decor.  On tumblr, I’m constantly seeing various types of collages, wether it be in a frame, on a desktop background, or on a wall.  I’ve always been a little unsure of using tonnes of masking tape to tack up pictures on my poor painted walls, however, I recently found Removable Mounting Squares by Scotch Tape, and they are my new heaven sent.  I will be embarking on a new project of my own; here’s my inspiration…


And, here’s the beginning to my very own.


I will update you when it starts coming along, which I’m sure won’t be too long!  I will also take this time to apologize for my absence, which has become a pretty regular thing–I’m well aware.  I am hoping to get a new video up soon (any ideas?).  Happy almost-spring!


Pic 1, 2, 3, 4



Hey guys!  So I have yet another new series that I am going to be doing!  I know I have been sort of neglecting some other series, but I really like to have a variety of things to write for my readers, and for me.  Basically, this series is just going to be pictures of topics that I like!  They are going to be pictures off the interent, so not mine, so I will have all of the links at the bottom of each post I decide to do, in order.  Btw, I will be getting my videos from forever ago put up soon!  I haven’t forgot!

So my first picture post is going to be on mint.  Mint is my favourite colour, so I am going to show some things with mint!  (btw, all of these posts won’t have intros as long as this!!)


Typing in "mint" on Pinterest is dangerous.

Pictures from here, here, here, here, here and here!

So that’s it!  I will probably have like fifty million more posts on mint, but this is just my first one!  Talk to you guys soon!