Liv’s Life: 6AM and Cookies

Today I woke up at 6:12 AM.  On a Sunday.  I know.  I was pretty mad.  You know what I woke up to?  Our truck alarm.  My Dad wakes up every morning super early, and goes and gets the paper and coffees.  This morning, everything went normal, except as soon as he opened the car door, the alarm started to go off.  How fun.  So basically, we made the whole neighbourhood mad, and woke them all up.  Now, our truck doesn’t start, and the alarm goes off in three minute intervals.  GRRRRRRRRRRR.  *listens to Mom on the phone upstairs trying to figure stuff out*  *facepalm*

On a happier note, today I made coooookiiiiesssss.  YUM.  They are just the ones that you make from the mix, and they are soooooo good.  I have really been taking an intrest in baking lately, and I know this isn’t exactly baking because there is only like three ingredients, but they still taste great, and I enjoy making them!  If you were wondering, the mix that we usually get is the new President’s Choice Decadent Chocolate Chip Cookie mix in the bag.

(I actually wrote this about an hour ago, and we got our truck fixed!)

Talk to you guys soon!


HAPPY 50th POST!!!  I just wanted to say stay tuned for lots of craft videos, and some more “day in the life of Liv”.  On my previous post, I mentioned a few posts that I will be doing, so if you are interested, go check that one out (it’s the Pintrest one)! Let’s hope for many more!  Once I reach 100, I’ll do something really cool! (I don’t know yet ;) )

Have a lazy Sunday!

I made a Pinterest!

So, I’ve been hearing a lot about the website ‘Pinterest’, and I heard that it is good for inspiration, which I love looking at inspiring things, so I thought I’d make one!  I’m hoping to get lots of ideas off of for posts, and for just personal use.  I’m still figuring out how to work it this moment, but I know that you can follow people, so I thought I would tell you what my username was.  My username is livlovescats just like my blog name ;)

I have three boards right now, with nothing in them, LOL.  Perfect time to create an account- a lazy Sunday!

Also, I thought I would mention some upcoming posts: DIY Geometric Cards, DIY Bracelet Made Out of….., DIY Recycled Organizing, DIY ________ (it’s a secret!), Review of Mockingjay (when I finish), more Spring into Summer, and just more personal ones through there.

Talk to you guys soon!

Liv’s Life- Jan. 28 ’12

So for today’s post, I thought I would make it a personal post because I haven’t posted one for a while. Currently, I am sitting in bed, half asleep and it’s only 11. Yes, that’s how tired I am. This post will probably go up tomorrow, because I doubt that I will be awake enough to finish it tonight.

Lately, I have been kind of going through a rough patch. Ever since the beginning of December, I’ve been getting super overwhelmed with all of the new school work that has been happening, and some other things that I think would be mean to say…LOL. My biggest problem is that I feel like I have a bit of a lack of friends due to popularity right now. I haven’t been enjoying school anymore (who does), and I really haven’t been having any fun. I think that getting away from it all in the summer, and just making some good friends next year will help me a lot. I can deal with the school work, it’s just having no one there is the difficulty. Anyways, I just thought I would let you know (if anyone is reading this).

Now, I am going to share some favourites. As I said above, I have been having a lonely time currently, so I have been extremely independent, playing games and being on my computer quite a bit. So I have been loving Tiny Tower on my iPad, and I have 31 floors! Definitely get it if you haven’t yet, it’s free! Another app that I have been loving is Plants Vs. Zombies (again!). I don’t think that I will ever get tired of that one. Siri on my new phone I’ve grown obsessed with. I’ve been listening to lots of music to help me get through this ‘blues’. Some songs are ‘with you’ by colorfire, ‘I like it like that’ by hot chelle rae, and ‘two is better than one’ cover by Luke Conard. I think the first one I mentioned, ‘with you’ is my all time favourite song. I makes me happy (how cheesy), and it just reminds me of summer, which I really, desperately need right now. Totally check those out when you get a chance, they may become your favourite song too!

Out with the favourites, I am having a bit of health things going on right now. If you know me personally, then you know that I have arthritis, and it’s been getting worse. I went to the doctor last week, and I am going to be getting about 5 quarterzone (I think that’s how you spell it!) injections in a few joints. If you don’t know what that is, it’s just basically something that will help eat away my disease. I have had tons of these injections before, and it turns out I need to do them again. Wohhooooo.

Alrighty, what else?…..well, I’ve been making a massive wish list of everything that I want. There’s sooooo much! Lol, I’ve been trying to save up my money for Paris, but there is too much I wantttttt. ;).

I’m thinking about redoing my room, and making our spare bedroom downstairs a craft room! Wohooooo! Just a few minor changes, but I am very excited! I have always wanted a craft room, and my room is in need of changing. I will post pictures of the process I’m sure, but that won’t be until around the summer time.

I’m thinking of putting a little section at the bottom of my posts that says what my next post will be. I just want to do it to stay more organized. I follow a few blogs myself, and I always admire when they do that. Soooooo- expect another girly craft post coming within the next week or two, but also expect more posts other then just craft ones, because I need to chill! I have so much going on, and I need to quit it with the crafts. I feel like I need to make so many more, but I have a few in mind, so I am just going to stick with them for now.

Sorry to bore you, but I just felt that I had to share what was going on, and it explains my posts lately. I’m still trying to look for fun posts to do, and I really want to start filming some things, but the last time I tried that, it made my computer freeze and I had to go a week without it. I may actually try uploading it on my parent’s computer, because it may work better, but I am scared to do it!! I have so many video ideas, but I don’t know how to put them on here. I have thought about a YouTube account, but I’m not quite too sure. Anyways, it turns out I did get this post done tonight! I’m wide awake now, uh oh. Talk to you guys soon. Bye.

25 Questions: Answered!

1.  Do you have any pets?  Yes, I have two cats, and a beast-dog.

2. Name three things that are physically close to you right now.  Sugar, my iPad, and MockingJay.

3. What’s the weather like right now?  Well, it’s kind of cloudy and icky.  LOL.  It’s night time.

4. Do you drive?  If so, have you crashed?  Nope.

5. What time did you wake up this morning?  7:00 :(

6. When was the last time you showered?  Like 30 minutes ago!

7. What was the last movie that you saw?  Ummmm… Probably Bad Santa :P

8. What does your last text message say?  Well, go read my last post ;)

9. What is your ringtone?  Drops of Jupiter by Train.

10. Have you ever been to a different country?  I’ve been to the US three times, and I will be going to Europe very soon!

11. Do you like sushi?  I’ve never tried it.  Never will.

12. Where do you buy your groceries?  Zehrs

13. Have you ever taken any medication to help you fall asleep faster?  No.  But I should.

14. How many siblings do you have?  None.  Although my dog is quite the handfull.

15. Do you have a desktop computer or a laptop?  Laptop.

16. How old will you be turning on your next birthday?  14.

17. Do you wear contacts or glasses?  Glasses

18. Do you colour your hair? NEVER.

19. Tell me something you are going to do today.  Sleep.  Tomorrow go to school.  Eat.  Repeat.

20. When was the last time you cried? I’m a cryer.  I cry a lot…LOL, probably on Sunday.  I had a migrane.  AGAIN.

21. What is your perfect pizza topping?  Pineapple and Ham.

22. Which do you prefer, hamburger or cheeseburger?  Cheeseburger.

23. Have you ever had an all nighter?  I’ve been close to it when I was in Florida, but nope.

24. What is your eye colour? Blue

25. Can you taste the difference between pepsi and coke?  I’ve never had either, and I don’t think I will like them.

The Hardest I’ve Ever Laughed

So for today’s post, I thought I would share a little story about the hardest I’ve ever laughed.  I love listening to people’s stories on this, and I thought you might too!  This story is sort of a “have to be there” one, but I still think it is funny to tell people.  This totally may not be funny to some people, but with my sense of humour, I love this story.

Once upon a time about a year ago, Karl, Andy, Charitha and I were in class in the computer lab.  Karl had a pen that she had ripped open, so there was only the ‘shell’ leftover.  She had a habit of putting the pen in her mouth, and blowing into the air.  Who knows why…..

Anyways, I’m kind of fuzzy on this part, but I know that for some reason, all four of us were together, discussing the french page that we were working on.  I notice a drip on my page.  Of course, we all comment on it, and we look at Karl.  She still has the pen in her mouth.  So I said “Oh my gosh, eeeeeewwwww is that from your pen”.  We all kind of shook our heads, like “No that could never happen”.  Karly turns the pen over my page.  A huge glob of spit comes out.




Ya that truly is the hardest I’ve ever laughed.  Pretty disgusting, but I will remember it forever.