SOFC W1: My Summer Favourites #1-Music!

Hey guys!  So for my very first SOFC post I will be talking about my favourite summer music!  Yay!  So, let’s just get right into it!!  I’m just going to list them all off with links to their youtube videos!

1.  Island In The Sun- Weezer (Summer’s theme song!  LOVE IT! This song makes me smile because it reminds me of summer so much!! Out of them all, this is my favourite!  You have to get it!!)

2. California Girls- Katy Perry

3. Hit The Lights- Selena Gomez

4. Love Story- Taylor Swift

5. Good Time- Owl City & Carly Rae Jepson

6. Hey Soul Sister- Train

7. Outside The Seasons- Colorfire

8. Where We Used To Run- Landon Austin

9. Speak Now- Taylor Swift

10. California- Mindy Gledhill

11. Call Me Maybe- Carly Rae Jepson

12. Your Man- Down With Webster

13. Old School- Hedley

14. Last Friday Night- Katy Perry

15. Payphone- Maroon 5

16. With You- Colorfire

OK, so that’s about it for my favourite music!  This is my current Summer Playlist, and I am sure that I will do another one in late July just to show you guys my Summer Playlist once summer actually kicks in for me!  Haha, bye guys!

What’s on your Summer Playlist?  Let me know in the comments!

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