A Christmas Manicure


The other day I completed my Christmas nails for the year, and thought I’d share them.  I adore this new trend–half moon–and figured it’d be fun to try the style with Christmas colours and glitter.



Essie Forever Yummy//OPI Rainbow Connection

Thanks for reading!  I plan to have a new video up tomorrow, as my friends are going to *hopefully* make a guest appearance for a Christmas tag!  I’ll have a link up soon.  Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to all!


DIY Spa Pedicure

Hey guys!  So currently I have plastic all over my feet.  Keep reading to figure out why!

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A Bit Of Glitter: Ombre Mani


For a while now, the ombre nail trend has been really in, but I’ve never able to do it, because whenever I attempt, it always turns out blotchy.  So, I found this new way to try it!  It’s on one of my favourite websites, that I talked about here.  The site is called The Beauty Department.  It basically tells you a super easy way to create this mani, without having to go through all of the trouble of the blotchiness!  So here is the tutorial.  It basically tells you to take a damp (with water) makeup sponge, apply the different colours to the sponge the way you want it on your nail, and then press onto your fingernail.  I will have to try this sometime!  Haha, I’m going to be away for a while, but once I get back, it’s on my things to do list!  

Here’s some pictures of examples of what you can do with the ombre trend.

*Picture links are attached to photos*

If it’s still a little difficult to do the whole nail art, you can try the same thing as the first picture.  There’s two different types of ombre nails.  You can either pick a colour that you have five different shades of, and paint each nail one from lightest to darkest (or vice versa), or you can get like three shades of one colour, and paint each part of your nail.  It’s also always cool to add some glitter into it!  Wether it’s a neutral coloured top coat of glitter, or an actual glitter for each shade, it’s something different to try out.  

So, ombre mani, yay or nay?  I personally like it!  But, I think it’s a quite a bit of work  compared to a regular coat.  It’s something I’ve never seen before (keep in mind I’m thirteen, and live in a pretty small town!!), and it’s something to try!  

Talk to you soon!  I should have another post up tonight!  My first ‘Glam Up’!!  Bye!

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