Liv’s Life: Goodbye 2012 TAG!

Hello everyone!  So I just recently did a post on “what 2012 has taught me”, and I have decided to do a little Q&A session about the new year.  If you’ve read that post, you’d know that this year has been pretty hard for me, and I want to make 2013 much better.  I have chosen a series of random questions about 2012 to answer.  Here we go!

1. What did you do in 2012 that you’ve never done before?  Well, I went to Quebec for about five days away from my parents!  I have been away from my dad before, but never my mom.

2. What would you like to have in 2013 that you lacked in 2012?  A fearless and confident attitude.

3. Name some highlights of the past year.  Well, Paris, Germany, Quebec City, starting high school.

4. What are your goals of 2013?  I am going to do a whole bucket list/resolutions post coming up soon!

5. Favourite fashion item of 2012? Well, I guess I can’t count anything that I’ve gotten for Christmas (darn!), but I will have to say my feather scarf that I got in Germany.  I have worn that thing so, so much!

6. Favourite beauty item of 2012? Nail polish!  For spring & summer it is any mint/ tiffany blue colour, and for winter or fall it is any dark blue or purple.

7. Most loved songs of 2012? Of course my Taylor Swift….Begin Again, All Too Well, Dear John, Last Kiss, The Moment I Knew, and Drop of Jupiter by Train!  (:

8. What are two songs that will remind you of 2012 forever?  We Are Young and Call Me Maybe.

9. What would of made this year better?  If I had more opportunities to do things.

10. Favourite TV show of 2012?  Pretty Little Liars

11. What did you do (/are doing) that you are proud of?  Not letting anybody change my beliefs or how I am.  In high school everyone is the same and are trying to be like everyone else, and I’m not buying it.

12. What did you do on your birthday?  Well, I went to school.  And to a pep rally.  Yep.  Wasn’t a very happy time.

13.  What kept you sane? Youtube,  my blog, and QUOTES

14. Who was you biggest role model?  Missglamorazzi/thegridmonster on YT (and now Zoella too!)

15. What was one thing you were obsessed with this year?  Pinterest!  And now tumblr!

16. What is a life lesson you learned?  Things are going to go wrong, and people are stupid, but you can’t do anything about it and you just have to accept it.

17. Favourite moment?  Paris!

18. What is the most nostalgic song of 2012? Enchanted by Taylor Swift.

19. What medical things happened to you this year?  My spasm in my neck…arthritis & headache stuff.

20. Favourite month of the year?  December, June, April

21. Favourite movie you saw?  Uhhmmm….I really liked Friends With Benefits.  I love Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake!

22. Worst thing that happened to you?  Drifting apart from old friends & losing my best friend.

23. If you could go back and change anything, what would it be?  Well, I hard a hard time answering this..but I’d say maybe stop worrying in Paris…I’m not sure.  Maybe just like enjoy my trip more…I of course enjoyed it, but I wish I could stop being stressed.  I’m not too sure.

So, that’s it!  Thanks for reading.  If you’d like to answer these questions, leave them in a comment below!  I’ll have my resolutions up soon, along with a post about my collage in my room, and a “what I got for Christmas 2012” if you’re interested.  Talk to you soon.  Have a great night!


Liv’s Life: What 2012 Has Taught Me

2012 is almost over, and this has been the worst, most craziest year of my life, I’m so sad to say.  It has probably been the most eventful year of my life too.  I had ups, and many downs.  This year I went to Paris and Germany!  I went to Quebec, and I finished a big chapter of my life-graduating grade 8.  I had been at that school from K-8, and I started high school.  This year I have also found my love for quotes.  My love for beauty and fashion grew larger and I changed my room up.  I became more crafty and blog-savvy, and got tested in many ways.  I have many more sides of me now that I never knew existed.

During the process of starting high school, I lost a lot of friends.  And when I say a lot, I mean all but one.  And even that one isn’t stable.  Don’t get me started.  High school made us never see each other.  Instead of looking back on all of the amazing things I did in my life, I look back at them now, and I’m so upset because I miss them.  Looking at pictures of my trips makes me so sad.  I want to go back.

When I lost all of my friends and I started to feel this way, I came across “people change, memories don’t”.  Even though time and people change, nobody can take away how happy I was during those events and little moments.

I have found many positive quotes that have helped me get through everything.  Like “be the person you want to meet”, or “I like people who smile while it’s raining”, or “she leaves a little sparkle wherever she goes”.  “Be in love with you life.  Every detail of it.”

The one thing that has gotten me through the most this year has been a little lesson that my over thinking has brought to me.  “What can I possibly do about it?”.  When something bad happens to me, 99% of the time, it isn’t my fault.  What can I do about it?  NOTHING but recover.  “Life goes on”, “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”.

So that’s a little sum up of my life in 2012.  I am NOT depressed or suicidal, I’m just at a bit of a confused stage right now, and I’m trying to figure things out.  “The best is yet to come.”

My Room (& Festive Things Around My House)

Twas the night before Christmas….and I’ve got a room tour!  Tomorrow is the big day, and I wanted to share I guess a little room tour!  I know that on YouTube people always go crazy for room tours, so I thought as a little present, it might be kind of special to show you around mine!  I’m not going to go too into detail, but I still think that it would be cool to show you!  I have been holding off on this post for a long time because my room still isn’t 100% how I want it to be.  There are a few things like a nail polish rack, a proper chair, and some things on the walls that I still want to do, so keep in mind it’s not perfect yet!  But I have no idea when I am going to get all of that stuff done, so I thought as a little ‘treat’ I’d give you guys a tour!  I also wanted to show you a few things around my house because they are festive, and I promised I’d show you.  Here we go!

So, I’m going to start out with my house…


All of my necklaces.  In the bowls are bracelets and rings.

All of my necklaces. In the bowls are bracelets and rings.

Look at my clay cat!  Haha I made him recently, and that's his new home.

Look at my clay cat! Haha I made him recently, and that’s his new home.



Photo 7

So in love with the clothesline and then that specific picture! I took it in Europe!

Photo 4 Photo 5 Photo 6

The first thing you see in my room.  The bedding is from Home Sense, by Cynthia Rowley

The first thing you see in my room. The bedding is from Home Sense, by Cynthia Rowley

My mini makeup collection....the rest is in my desk drawer.  This is one of the things that I really need to get an organizer for.

My mini makeup collection….the rest is in my desk drawer. This is one of the things that I really need to get an organizer for.

Our pretty tree in our living room upstairs

Our pretty tree in our living room upstairs

Photo 11

Kinda dark...but here's my closet!  Nothing special anyways!

Kinda dark…but here’s my closet! Nothing special anyways!

A little collection of a bunch of packaging haha

A little collection of a bunch of packaging haha

Photo 14

My little Christmas tree in my room (:

My little Christmas tree in my room (:

Here's my collage I made about a year ago...I love it so much!  I think I'm going to do a DIY post on it...are you interested?

Here’s my collage I made about a year ago…I love it so much! I think I’m going to do a DIY post on it…are you interested?


Sorry the order is kind of crazy, I hope that’s all right!  I had some difficulties….

haha, well Merry Christmas to all who celebrate, and Happy Holidays if not!  Thank you so much for reading!  Talk to you soon!


Have an awesome Christmas!

Liv’s Life: Little Update

Hey guys!  Sorry I’ve been a little sparse posting lately…I’ve had some stuff going on.  Yesterday tumblr was down, so I couldn’t post my favourite quotes, and today I had a huge migrane, so was a little ill to be posting.  Sorry about that!  I will have of course my Christmas posts up soon.  I’ve also just been dealing with some personal stuff lately, so excuse the lack of posting!  I will try to do as many as I can.  I have been a little busy this week and I will be next week because my school is going crazy with break and everything, but, as I said, I will try to everything I can!  I’ve even had a bit of writer’s block!  But for now, please enjoy some of my favourite pictures on tumblr!

Tucked Away In A Whimsical World


Some posts to look forward to:

Christmas Decor Tour

Christmas gift guides (if I can upload pictures!  It’s saying there’s an error!!  Help!?)

Cookie Bars recipe


Favourite Quotes


Talk to you guys soon!  Thanks for understanding.

Countdown To Christmas: Winterlicious TAG!

Hello everyone!  I hope you’re having a great day!  Today I’m coming to you with a really exciting mini-series….a Christmas mini series!  If you can’t tell by the title, I am doing a mini series called “Countdown To Christmas”!  It is not going to be every single one of my posts for the next while, but the majority of them!  This is where I am going to post every single Christmas-related post for 2012.    Today I am going to be doing the winterlicious tag, and if you’d like to do this, I’d love to see your answers in a comment!

27 Days, 5 Hours, 20 Minutes until Christmas



1) Favorite Winter Nail Polish?   I have four!  Haha, I am planning on doing a whole winter nail polish favourites post, so I am just going to share one!  It is Essie’s Forever Yummy.  A perfect holiday/fall red!  
2) Favorite Winter lip product?  My favourite winter lip product is Revlon’s lip butter in Red Velvet.  I’m kind of in a red faze right now (I’m not sure if it’s Taylor Swift doing this to me or what…) but I love this colour!  I’ve been wearing it with a bit of mascara and it is so nice in the mornings!  I seriously save so much time because I am wearing such a bright colour.  I feel like this colour isn’t so dramatic, because it really mixes with my natural lip colour and makes it look very natural, and almost like a stain.  I think I might pick up a true, bright, T. Swift red for the holidays though, this one is nice, but I’d like to have two types of red!
3) Most worn Winter clothing piece?  Big, cozy knit sweaters!  I have been loving scarves so much lately, so I just like plain, big sweaters that keep me warm so that I can put a scarf over them.  My school hasn’t turned on the heat yet (as far as I know!) and I have only been able to wear a few things in my wardrobe because it is too cold to not wear a thick sweater!
4) Most worn Winter accessory?  SCARVES!  Haha, if you haven’t noticed, I love them!  I also really love the Peter Pan collar that I made!  You can see it here!
5) Favorite winter scent/candle?  Well, I’ve told you before that I really can’t wear scents, and I don’t really fancy candles, BUT, I do actually have a scent from B&BW that I love!  It’s from their holiday collection, and it’s called Twisted Peppermint.  My two favourite scents are peppermint, and cinnamon, so this is perfect!  I still can’t wear it everyday because of my sinus, but I still like it!
6) Favorite Winter beverage?  Hot chocolate!  It’s too bad though, because almost every time I drink it, it gives me a headache!  Haha, I really don’t know why…is it the heat from it!?  I like it the most with a bit of cinnamon in it!  I am going to get candy canes the next time we go grocery shopping because I want to see how they are crushed up in it!
7) All time favorite Christmas/Holiday movie?  Any of them!  But the ones that stick out the most are Fred Claus, and all three Santa Clauses.
8) Favorite Christmas/Holiday song?  I really like just the classic ones, but I love All I Want For Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey!…oh and my all time favourite is probably Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree.
9) Favorite Holiday food/treat?   Anything chocolate….as always.  I like the peppermint bark that I made last year!  I’ve made it three times in total, and actually did a post on it last year..haha!  It is a pretty bad post…maybe I’ll remake it this year…!  I actually have a batch of it going right now!  It tastes JUST like Aero Chocolate Peppermint chocolate bars!  Here’s the link to the OLD post.
10) What is your favorite Christmas Decoration this year?  I will show you guys all of the decor in my house as Christmas gets closer…so you’ll see it then!  But I really love this little section downstairs, and my little tree in my room!
11) What’s at the top of your Christmas list?  Well, unfortunately, I know what I’m getting…but I’ll do a whole post on that too!  Coming soon….
12) What are your plans for the holidays this year?  We are going to my Aunt’s!  There’s going to be about ten of us, and we just go in the afternoon on Christmas day.  It’ll be just the three of us for Christmas eve, and then Christmas morning we get to open all of the presents under the tree, and then we go to my Aunt’s and I get to open up even more presents!  Haha.

Thanks for reading!  If you have anything at all you’d like to ask me/say to me, leave it in a comment below!

Are you guys excited!!!?

TGIF: It’s Back & Has A Theme!

Yay!  TGIF is actually finally back!!  Yipee!  I finally figured out what to do with this series.  I ended TGIF I think right before last summer because I was in summer vacay, so didn’t really need to say ‘TGIF”, and I felt like there was no theme to the series.  I would just write whatever I wanted.  With my little bit of OCD, I didn’t like how Friday’s special posts I could do any day because they weren’t themed.  But now, they are!

I feel like I have sort of been lacking the whole ‘my life’ part of my blog lately, so I am going to have TGIF be pictures from my week!  It’ll be sort of like a Liv’s Life, but just mainly pictures, and not all of this writing that tends to bore people!  Every week I will be taking pictures, and then on Friday, I will upload them in a post!  The pictures will all be from my phone, so the quality won’t be great, but since my phone is the easiest and most convenient way to take pictures for me, the pictures will be more ‘in the moment’!  Yepppp…

Oh, and I feel like having Mondays be Motivational Monday, and Friday be TGIF, it will kind of put me back on the schedule of posting!  Since I am in high school, I do have lots of homework to do, so I am not guaranteeing that these two posts will be up on their day, every week, but they should be for the most part!  And then of course I’ll have my DIYs, fashion, and beauty posts all other days whenever I get a chance to post!  Anyways, here’s this week’s pictures!

My current phone background!


My art project! I’m so proud! Haha, this is like the most artistic thing I’ve ever accomplished!


Yes, I bought Christmas lights for my room! Haha


OMG….review coming soon!


Sneak peek to my DIY post coming up!


And lastly, a cute little kitty to brighten your day!


I hope you enjoyed seeing a little peek into my week!  Let me know if you like this TGIF series!  Thanks for reading!  Talk to you guys soon.  Have a good one!


The Whimsical World (my tumblr)