I’m on a collage rampage

Hello, all!

With the new season approaching, I’ve been inspired to change up a few things in my room.  First: wall decor.  On tumblr, I’m constantly seeing various types of collages, wether it be in a frame, on a desktop background, or on a wall.  I’ve always been a little unsure of using tonnes of masking tape to tack up pictures on my poor painted walls, however, I recently found Removable Mounting Squares by Scotch Tape, and they are my new heaven sent.  I will be embarking on a new project of my own; here’s my inspiration…


And, here’s the beginning to my very own.


I will update you when it starts coming along, which I’m sure won’t be too long!  I will also take this time to apologize for my absence, which has become a pretty regular thing–I’m well aware.  I am hoping to get a new video up soon (any ideas?).  Happy almost-spring!


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Need Some Inspiration?

Hey guys!  It’s Liv here, coming to you from a cozy bed at 11:30 PM.  I just wanted to share something with you.  So you guys know about my addiction to YouTube, and how I love watching beauty videos, right?  Well I just wanted to share with you Elle Fowler’s tumblr.  I just cannot believe that girl.  She takes life so unexpectedly.  I adore it.  Look it’s making me write like her, haha!  She makes everything seem like life has no problems, and there is a wonderful place out there somewhere.  It’s so inspirational.  She wakes up in the morning thinking, oohh, today is going to be amazing.  I have ALWAYS loved her videos and everything, but woah, it really just hit me how amazing this girl thinks.  And I get it, you’re just reading words on a computer right now, but I really mean that.  I can’t really describe it…I’m not sure if it really is amazing, or because it’s 11:30 and I’m tired…LOL.  I am planning on doing a post or a few on inspiration and stuff…it may turn into my Motivational Monday…or not.

Here’s a link to the best little nook.   


TGIF: DIY Crazy Lady!!

Happy Friday!

OK.  I’m obsessed with DIYs.  Anything that you can do yourself.  It’s crazy!  I have three boards on my Pinterest that just make me happy looking at because they have lots of gorgeous DIYs.  Here’s Decor Inspiration & DIY & Organization. I really love when I find a DIY that actually looks good and I can use.  I’m sure you guys will see lots of posts coming up of DIYs especially with summer coming up.

Anyways, I just wanted to talk about some favourites too!  I’m not going to mention anything that I got while I was away because I will be posting about that tonight!  So, favourite song is “Where we used to run” by Landon Austin.  Once again, I really enjoy this guy and his bands’ music!  I also really like the song “Drive by” by Train.  Another favourite is the Monopoly app for the iPad.  I think it’s like 2 dollars or something, and it’s great!  I played it quite frequently while I was away, and it’s just a great game to easily have the time go by.  And I think I like the app version better then the real version!!  Gosh!  This is so difficult because all I can think about is the stuff I got in Europe!!  LOL I’m just going to end it right here so I can get on with the day, and start writing for my haul post!  Gotta get lots of pictures while it’s still daylight!  I’m not positive if I’ll have it up today, but I do know I will have at least one more post up today!  Yay!  I’m excited to show you guys what I got!  In the meantime…do you want to know what I’ve been doing for a laugh?!  Watching these.  LOL, watch em!  I’m sure I will finish them all in a week.  They do have pretty bad language, but they are hilarious!


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StumbleUpon: 365 Days of Tumblr

Hey!  So I promised I would do these stumbleupon posts, so here they are!  Every time I find something I enjoy on stumbleupon, I’ll make a quick post and link it.  If you don’t know what stumbleupon is, I have two whole posts dedicated to it here and here.

So after about two stumbles, I found this.  It’s basically just this person who made a tumblr for inspirational quotes that he posted everyday, and he called it “365 days of Tumblr”.  Some of the quotes are really great, and some are funny!  They are not cheesy quotes, they’re all true.  Most of them are just about life, and that you only live once.  It’s really fun and easy to read because they are all in picture form, and most of the quotes are pretty short.  I personally now enjoy just searching up quotes!  Ever since December, I’ve been keeping track of different quotes I like on my computer, and sometimes post about them on Motivational Monday.  I’m totally not one of those ‘fruity’ people that believes that you should always be productive, and try to be the best person ever, because that’s impossible.  I don’t think you should live your life off quotes, because it’s just not human like!  Everyone has flaws, but I think it is great to have one or two quotes that you really like, and try to stand by.  Anyways, check out this site!  Great idea!


I’ll keep stumbling and blogging for a little while.  Talk to you in a few!