TGIF: It’s Back & Has A Theme!

Yay!  TGIF is actually finally back!!  Yipee!  I finally figured out what to do with this series.  I ended TGIF I think right before last summer because I was in summer vacay, so didn’t really need to say ‘TGIF”, and I felt like there was no theme to the series.  I would just write whatever I wanted.  With my little bit of OCD, I didn’t like how Friday’s special posts I could do any day because they weren’t themed.  But now, they are!

I feel like I have sort of been lacking the whole ‘my life’ part of my blog lately, so I am going to have TGIF be pictures from my week!  It’ll be sort of like a Liv’s Life, but just mainly pictures, and not all of this writing that tends to bore people!  Every week I will be taking pictures, and then on Friday, I will upload them in a post!  The pictures will all be from my phone, so the quality won’t be great, but since my phone is the easiest and most convenient way to take pictures for me, the pictures will be more ‘in the moment’!  Yepppp…

Oh, and I feel like having Mondays be Motivational Monday, and Friday be TGIF, it will kind of put me back on the schedule of posting!  Since I am in high school, I do have lots of homework to do, so I am not guaranteeing that these two posts will be up on their day, every week, but they should be for the most part!  And then of course I’ll have my DIYs, fashion, and beauty posts all other days whenever I get a chance to post!  Anyways, here’s this week’s pictures!

My current phone background!


My art project! I’m so proud! Haha, this is like the most artistic thing I’ve ever accomplished!


Yes, I bought Christmas lights for my room! Haha


OMG….review coming soon!


Sneak peek to my DIY post coming up!


And lastly, a cute little kitty to brighten your day!


I hope you enjoyed seeing a little peek into my week!  Let me know if you like this TGIF series!  Thanks for reading!  Talk to you guys soon.  Have a good one!


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SOFC Week 4: 5 Ways To Sport Turquoise- Friday

Hello again!  So I have just one more post to put of for this week’s SOFC theme, and this is it!  As I mentioned in my last post, I have an exciting theme coming up next week, so stay tuned!  OK, but for right now, I have some turquoise clothes to show you!


I have another post coming up right now, so I will talk to you guys then!  I will probably be posting ANOTHER post later today too, but for now, I am sure you will enjoy the DIY coming up!  Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed!  Bye guys.

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SOFC Week 2: Friday- Up-cycle Your Beach Bag & Accessories! + Juicy Couture Dupe!

Hey guys!  Happy Friday!  So today I found a few new ways to make your beach things look great!  This includes your beach bag, sandals, and hat.  Click the links in teal writing for the tutorials/pictures!

The first way is to spray paint your things.  Click here!

Another thing you can try is hot glueing rhinestone or sequin strips onto your sandals.  Click here to check out a tutorial.

I’m pretty sure Juicy Couture came out with a beach hat with pom poms on it a few years ago…  Why not DIY one!?  You can put them on your beach bag too!

That’s it for today’s SOFC post, but I am working on another one now, so stay tuned!  Once again, please let me know about next week’s theme, and also let me know if you try this!  Talk to you very soon!

If you’d like to see more SOFC posts, click here!

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TGIF: What’s On My iPhone!?

Hey guys!  Happy Friday!  Sorry I’ve been a little MIA this week, it’s been crazy and I am going to Quebec next week, and my cat is at the vet currently with some issues with her stomach…anyways, she’s going to be OK, but that’s why I’ve been not posting that much!  I am hoping to pre-write a couple of posts before I leave so that I can easily publish them when I’m away!  Anyways, I just wanted to share What’s On My iPhone!  I will be doing a What’s On My iPad sometime soon (maybe as a post next week), but it would take up way too much time right now!

So, on my phone I have only two pages!  I know that may seem crazy, but because I have an iPad, I have an overload of apps on it, and then on my phone I just narrow it down completely!  I have two icons that have lots of apps in them, and they’re just the ones that I don’t use much, and then I have the page that comes with the phone, and another page that I fill with all of my favourite apps.

In the “randoms” categories:

Voice Memos
Find iPhone
Find Friends
TuneIn Radio
Game Center
Yellow Pages

And then my first page just has all the apps that come with the phone.  My bottom bar with the four apps has Phone, Instagram, PicCal, and Messages.

Then, for my favourite page:

WordPress (of course ;) )
Pinterest (another shocker)
craftgawker (another obsession)
The Weather Network
Camera (facebook) (haven’t tried this yet, how do you guys like it?)
PhotoStudio (new fav!)
Night Sky

So, that’s what’s on my iPhone!  Let me know your app suggestions in a comment!!  Have a great weekend!   

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TGIF: 2 Big Favourites & DIY J. Crew Necklaces!

Hey guys!  Happy Friday!

I’ve been a little obsessive with jewelry and accessories lately.  I have been searching all over looking for DIYs on things, and have came across lots of J. Crew jewelry…but it’s kind of pricey.  But, I found two DIYs on their necklaces, and wanted to share them!  $40 vs. $3

$150 vs. $20

*links for tutorials are in pictures*

So, now onto my favourites!

This week I have been loving two things a lot!  The first one is Taylor Swift, surprise, surprise.  I think my new all time favourite song is Forever and Always (Piano Version).  It is amazing!  My second big favourite is Pretty Little Liars.  OMG.  Season three premiered Tuesday, and it’s Friday and I haven’t stopped thinking about it.  I have read about half of the books, but I am not much of a reader, so I switched over to the show, and OMG SO GOOD.  I cannot wait until next Tuesday.  I don’t think I have ever liked a TV show so much.  Haha, you can watch it here if you missed it.  I am about to watch it for the third time right now.  I don’t really have any more favourites…I am also trying to save some for my monthly favourites…but I honestly couldn’t wait!  I love these two sooooo much!

Let me know if you like Pretty Little Liars in a comment!  Talk to you soon!

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TGIF: DIY Memory & Quote Jars

Hey everyone!  It’s June, and it’s the weekend!  YAY!

This week I have been working on my Summer Bucket List quite a bit, and I wanted to share an idea of something that is on my SBL.  Two of the things that are on my bucket list are “Make a memory jar” and “Make a quote jar”.  I came up with this idea a little while ago because I was thinking about my life board.  I knew I was going to be changing out things on my life board constantly, and wanted a place to save everything that was not being used on my board.  So, I came up with the idea of putting all of the quotes in a jar, and having it in my room.  Then, I came up with the idea of having a favourite memory jar, and just a plain old quote jar.

Basically, my idea is to take little slips of paper, and fill one jar with different quotes that I like, and another with amazing memories.  This way, whenever I am bored or in a non-happy mood, then I can read my favourite quotes and favourite memories to kind of cheer me up.

I am going to be making them hopefully soon (I know I had them on my SBL, but I just can’t wait!!), and I will post about them soon to show you more of what I am thinking of.  I think it’s a great project for the weekend, and they make cute decorations too!  If you get creative with them, you can end up making great little pieces!  They are also great as gifts, if you have a friend that you have a lot of memories with, or if you know that they would appreciate some quotes!  I’d totally recommend it!  You guys know I love little things like this!  Oh, and if you have any other suggestions of what else to put in jars that are similar to this, let me know!  I would LOVE to make more of these!

Talk to you in a few!  Bye guys.  Have a good one.