After 3.5 years…

…I made a YouTube video!

Yes, I actually did it.  *music starts playing* *triumphant fist pump* *single tear rolls down cheek*


Thank you so much for your understanding, but I now, from this day, promise to keep (at least) my channel updated frequently.  I will be making a Twitter account, as well as talking on here occasionally.  I also apologize it was a day later than I said it would be, but there were many technical difficulties endured last night that I will not even begin to speak about.

Talk to you soon!



Liv’s Life: My Very First Impressions On High School

Hey guys!  So guess what!?  Today was my first day of HIGH SCHOOL!  Yes, I am a FRESHMAN, woohoo.  I wanted to do this post because I wanted to share my opinion of going into high school, because (because because because) I don’t necessarily agree with what everyone says.  These are just my personal experiences, and my opinions!

I feel like what people say to get you prepared for high school isn’t always true!

So I was pretty darn nervous, I must admit.  I was mainly nervous because of my arthritis, especially with it being SUPER bad lately.  Of course the day before yesterday, my neck had to pull this big episode with being stressed, so I pretty much couldn’t turn my neck either.  I was pretty concerned about that because I know my high school has three floors and it’s pretty huge compared to my last school.

I got into school late because the cab was late.  I wasn’t actually late, but I was late enough to be the last one into my first class and had to sit beside some kid.  Oh yeah, there’s a bunch of kids from my old school in the corner, I just have to be the last one to get a seat.  I kept it cool, just open minded, and was totally fine.  Most of the day was just listening to the teachers talk about the upcoming semester, and talking about things they tolerate, etc.

Going into high school, I thought there were going to be like NO friends or anyone I knew in my class, and three out of my four classes, I had my two best friends in them, with another good friend and class friend in the other one.  Along with that, I thought that I was like never going to see anybody in the hallway, it was just going to be hectic seniors pushing into you.  The harsh (but good) truth is, nobody cares about you, so they don’t notice you!  Haha, that sounds a little funny, but I think it’s good how you aren’t being constantly stared at by 1000 seniors!  People are too busy to rudely comment to you.  Something that made me feel really comfortable is that I would constantly see people I knew in the hallway.  You just felt like ‘not alone’ when you would wave to someone in the hallway, and you don’t feel worried about not knowing where you are, because you know a lot of people that are there in the same boat as you.

OK, the thing that was kind of annoying that screwed me up the most was that everybody says you will get lost!  I didn’t get lost!  Depending on what school you go to (obviously), you may or may not get lost.  The thing that helped me most was the floors.  Like I said, my school has three floors.  The second floor is twisty and crazy busy, but the other two are just straight and more organized.  Three out of my four classes are on the first or third floors, so I don’t have to worry about getting lost at all.  As long as I found a staircase, I was totally fine!

I’ve already explained basically my whole day to both of my parents separately, so I’m sorry if I’m a little…I don’t know, scattered!

When it comes down to it, it’s school.  You know, there’s learning.  It’s not exactly fun!

This isn’t really an advice post or anything because this was my very first day, but I just wanted to have this mainly for myself to look back on!

I am planning on changing my blog address very soon, but I need to kind of research it more.  Of couse I will let you guys know in advance though!  Like will my followers get redirected!?  Please let me know in a comment!  

Anyways, thanks for reading!  Talk to you soon!

PLL: First Post & My Thoughts

Hey guys! Yes, it is what you think. I am making a whole series on Pretty Little Liars. I was going to make a PLL tag, and then as I started writing, I felt like I needed to pour out everything I know about PLL! I am probably just going to post like once every two weeks or so, just talking about things that have happened in the latest episodes, and stuff like that. The ‘parent’ category to this is going to be a new category as well, called ‘TV’. Very original. I must say, I don’t watch much TV, but I love Pretty Little Liars and Big Brother. So, to kick off the first post, I am going to talk about my background on PLL, and just about my current thoughts on season three.

If you don’t know what Pretty Little Liars is, IT’S THE BEST SHOW EVER!! (I have read about half of the books, and just started watching the show) Here’s a basic little description if you missed it! It is basically about five girls being best friends. One night, one of them, a girl named Alison, goes missing during a sleepover, and nobody knows where she went. Years go by, and still, nobody knows. The girls kind of split apart after their friend goes missing, until they start receiving threatening texts signed ‘A’. Later, they find Ali’s body, but are receiving these texts. The texts mention things that only Ali knew about the girls, but her body is found! *SPOILER* In the second season finale, A is revealed! It’s Mona, Hanna’s best friend!? Mona is put in the ‘nut house’, but hey, guess what!? They are still getting texts from ‘the A team’. During the shows, they are forced to do things and some of their secrets are told. In the first show of the third season, Ali’s body is gone! Later, Emily gets a necklace with real human teeth? Ali’s? There’s it in a nut shell! You can obviously google descriptions too!

OK, so onto my thoughts! For the A team, I’m thinking Wren, Jenna (why can she see!?), Melissa, and I think that’s it….? And what’s with the whole Vivian Darkbloom thing!? I just started watching the end of season two (and read some of the books before), and Vivian wasn’t in the books up until the point that I stopped…And OK, is Jenna the one that kidnapped Emily in Season 3 Ep. 1? It looks like her, but lighter hair?! LOL, I’m sorry if I’m confusing you!

Let me know your thoughts below!! I’d love to hear someone else’s opinion!

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