A review of basically the best book ever.

Hello, hello!  I hope you all are having a wonderful beginning to fall/school year/not summer!  I have been a little MIA lately, as school began and we all know that can be a handful sometimes, but I’m sure you will be seeing more of me soon.

So, back in March I began writing, writing, writing, writing, which began fuelling an interest for reading for me.  I wouldn’t necessarily call myself and avid reader, but I do enjoy some books here and there.  Over the summer I read about four books and like them all thoroughly, but two stood out to me specifically.  I originally found the series off of a tumblr blog (surprise, surprise), and ended up getting my friend hooked on them to the point that we drove about a half hour away to go to the next town’s Chapters.  Yeah.  Let’s just say it was worth it.

Beautiful Disaster is about a nineteen year old good girl with a troubled past who ends up crossing paths with a tattooed bad boy who sees quite highly of her.  The two end up undergoing a bet that twists end turns their relationship, and basically makes the whole story.  To sound the least cheesy as possible, I have to say that this story sort of changed my whole perception of ‘love’.  I think it’s pretty awesome when a book alters you.

I would highly recommend reading it; it’s by far my favourite.  The sequel–Walking Disaster– is the exact same story (with a more into the future epilogue) but features Travis’s point of view, who is the male love interest.  If you like romance novels, this one is really amazing!  And, to put the candles on the cake, it seems to be coming out as a movie….


For more information and a much better synopsis, you can click here!


Thanks for reading!  Have a good weekend!




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DIY Chalkboard Quote Door

So, a while ago I saw two pictures…

Screen shot 2013-05-05 at 4.45.18 PM


and this sort of happened…

Screen shot 2013-05-05 at 4.44.12 PM

To give you a low-down of what I did, basically it was really simple and easy to do.  I transformed my closet door to an inspiration chalkboard for about $15.  I went to Michael’s, and purchased plain black chalkboard paint, which you can find here.  And then, I got paintbrushes and chalk!  You can probably guess what happened next.  I painted it and then wrote on it!  (Well, this is after you know, paying, and then driving home, and then walking in the door, and then getting to my room, and then yeah..).  So, I painted three coats on the originally white door, and it’s perfectly opaque.  When I started writing on it with the chalk, I did come across an issue, which is a bit of a downfall to this project.  The chalk is so hard on the board that it occasionally scratches the paint off, and reveals the white beneath the black.  That kind of sucks, but I guess it’s a pretty easy fix.  Aside from that, it is great!  I am hoping to change out some of the quotes sometime soon, and I’ve even seen this picture that I might try out…


…which is the lyrics to one of my favourite songs, Drops of Jupiter by Train.  There really are so many options that you could do with this, so it’s a great summer project!  Here are a couple more pictures of my own door.



You may be able to see that the purple Y from ‘you’ is slightly smudged, which I guess is another downfall, but, it happens!

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed seeing this little project I did a while ago, and PLEASE let me know if you try anything else like it!  Talk soon!

Pink Chalkboard Door via Happy Interior Blog//Quote Board via HelloKatyXo from YouTube//Lyrics Quote Door via the mysterious depths of tumblr

My Favourite Tumblr Blogs

I made a tumblr a few months back, and since then, I’ve been slightly addicted.  I like to reblog lots of pictures…like cats, sparkly things, quotes, T. Swift, vintage-y things, interior design stuff, fashion, parisian goodness, things I’m drooling over, you know.

theglitterguide:ParisPhoto by Gypsy Fables Travel Photography

Although I love posting pictures and pictures of things I love, you can see them all on my tumblr, linked here!

But, the point of this post is not to just share my tumblr, it’s to share some of my favourite tumblrs!  I have so, so many, but I have managed to narrow it down.  I’m also constantly finding more and more I like, but these are just the ones that I mainly think of.  Click the URLs to see their blogs!

1. Meghanrosette.tumblr.com.  She has been one of my favourite youtubers for a REALLY long time now, and ever since I fell in love with tumblr, I’ve been loving her pictures.  And, I just recently discovered that she has another tumblr, for her poetry, and she’s an amazing writer!  I used to be really into poetry myself, but then I sort of fell out of it, I guess.  She has inspired me into getting back into it!  She has the exact same style as me, so click here to read a few of her poems/descriptive stories!

2. Arose186.tumblr.com.  Arden has also been one of my favourites for a REALLY long time, and we have very similar taste.  I am getting more into art, and her tumblr is very arty because she is an AMAZING artist.  I will be doing a post on that coming up soon.  Another very fashion-y, girly blog.

3. classy-lovely.tumblr.com.  The URL says it, a super classy blog.  This person has amazing taste, and she blogs beautiful classy fashion & beauty.

4. daisy-y.tumblr.com.  This blog is a little different from the others.  All of her reblogs are very fresh, colourful, and summery.  It’s really fun to just browse through her pictures in the winter time especially because it reminds you of how much you miss summer…oopsie.

5. cafe-a-la-enchantment.tumblr.com.  Another very fresh, girly blog, but this one isn’t all fashion, it’s lots of decor and colour.

6. allthingsgirlyandbeautiful.tumblr.com.  Very similar to #5.  A bit of a different style, but lots of colour and pretty things.

7. girlinawhimsicalland.tumblr.com.  I believe I did a post on Elle’s tumblr a while ago.  I love her tumblr mainly because of her beautiful pictures and her writing.  She is so inspiring.

8. zoella.tumblr.com.  Gotta add her in!  I’ve been literally addicted to british youtubers, and her tumblr is awesome too!  She posts a lot of her own pictures, and it’s like a little behind the scenes peek into her life outside YouTube.  She is (dare I say it!!) my all time favourite YouTuber…or at least top two…and her tumblr as I said is one of my favourites (obviously).  ;)

9. finnharries.tumblr.com & jacksgap.tumblr.com.  Along with the british youtuber theme, I’ve gotta add them in here.  Have you guys seen their newest video!?  Finn is FAKE!?  Haha, I don’t think it’s real at all.  I’m curious to see what they have to say when they are going to tell the truth.  Anyways, I just put them both into one because they are twins, and do a lot of the same things together.  They have an amazing life, taking trips everywhere, and they are friends with my other favourite YouTubers.  They also post a lot of their own photos, and they are great photographers, so it’s interesting to see what they are posting next!

10. southern-charmer.tumblr.com.  And lastly, another girly, pretty tumblr.

So, that’s about it for today.  I really tried at getting screenshots of everyone’s blogs in here, but it keeps saying error…I’ll have to see what I can do about that this weekend…this is not the first time it happened.  Technical difficulties here!

Pictures from by tumblr, but originally from here, here, here, and here.

Gossip Girl Love!

Hello there!  So I’ve got a bit of a new issue.  Gossip Girl has taken over my life just the slightest bit.  Haha, well let’s just say that I’ve finished the whole series in a month.  That must mean that I’ve watched an average of like four episodes a day.  Yep.

But, the main reason for this post, to talk about how much I love it, and not how little of a life I’ve got here.  

So as I said, I started watching GG at the very end of December, and as of today, I’ve finished all six seasons!  I am so deprived right now.  If you cannot already tell, I adore this show.  I knew I was going to like this show from the very first episode that I watched.

The show is basically about ‘Manhattan’s elite’.  The show starts off with a bunch of billionaire teenagers that are all trying to live their lives avoiding the blog ‘Gossip Girl’.  Nobody knows who Gossip Girl is, but they know who they are.  Gossip Girl posts about their daily lives and forbidden secrets.  Think A from PLL, but not so gory and death threatening.  Gossip Girl doesn’t want these people dead, she just wants to be in control and powerful.  I can’t say too much without spoiling everything, but the show is just about these teens’ (and into their twenties) lives.  Dating, parents, school, shopping, trips, stuff like that.

I think one of the reasons why I like the show so much is because I really love the characters.  I think they did a great job with making the characters generally good people.  Blair and Serena were the two main characters in my mind, and I loved both of them.  I’m not usually like that.  For example, with Pretty Little Liars, I only really like Spencer and sometimes Hanna, and the other girls I’m not really a huge fan of.  I guess what I’m trying to say is they did a good job with explaining the characters’ lives, and making them somewhat relatable.  Even the characters I really didn’t like, I was still interested in their stories.


So my thoughts on Dan being Gossip Girl….I don’t think it was really that special to be honest.  I came across a YT video with the title: Dan is Gossip Girl!!  a while back, so I was really mad that I knew who it was.  But for me, I think they slowly revealed he was GG.  They didn’t just come out and say it randomly and we were all shocked.  Within the last ten or so episodes when everyone started freaking out and backstabbing each other was when I really started to dislike Dan and realized with all of his writing about other people he was doing, it could make him a good GG.  I only really liked Dan when he was with Serena in the first season, and then he really started to be an ‘outsider’, and he became a little boring.  I hated Dair so much!  SO MUCH.  The episode when Chuck was going to propose to Blair, but then Dan punched him, I am not kidding, I had to google it and spoil it for myself to make sure that in the very end Blair and Chuck would be together.  NOT KIDDING.

Chair sort of made the whole show for me when I they sort of started focusing more on them.  The whole series I was just waiting for them to get married.  It’s funny because it wasn’t one of those things like Dan & Serena where they started dating and then you just longed for them to be together, for Chair it was more of a ‘silly’ reason why they got the idea of them being together, and then it just sprouted from there.  The episode of them in the back of the limo together didn’t really make me like them together, but later in the series it did. I would of changed a lot of things in the series, especially the last 15 episodes or so.  The characters just completely had a major freak out and hated each other.  With Dan writing all of these things, and Bart & Lily, and Rufus with a freaking 1/2 his age Ivy, and William VDW, it was just all sort of heart wrenching when they all just completely hated each other.  I wish they would have done that earlier in season five and then gotten all back together earlier so that it wasn’t so sudden at the end.

I really do hope there’s a movie!  It’s probably unlikely, but I am so bummed that the show’s over!  It was my all time favourite show, and I just felt so ‘connected’ into everything.  The writers did a great job.  I also loved the whole fashion and New York spectrum of the show.  The girls (& guys!) were always wearing amazing outfits to match all four seasons, and I really enjoyed seeing awesome backgrounds including Cali and Paris.

So that’s all I’m going to get into for today!  If there ever is a movie on this show in the future, I will absolutely do a post on it, haha.  And, expect maybe some Celeb Styles on the characters in this show because I got so much inspo off of them.  If you haven’t watched Gossip Girl, PLEASE watch it.  You have NO idea how much I loved it, and I’m sure you will too!  Talk to you soon!  Thanks for reading!

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LivLoves: December 2012 / January 2013

Hello!  So I have not done a favourites post in quite a while, so I thought I shall catch you up with some of the things that I have been liking this month.  This includes, things to do, music, videos, beauty products, fashion items, and other random things.  All of the links to things I talk about (or pictures) will be included, so if you’d like to check something out, either click it, or I’ll have a picture included!

Let’s start with music!  The past little while I have of course bought tons of…Taylor Swift!  But, to be a little more exciting, I do have some other bands that I will share.  Oh wow.  I just looked, and it seems I haven’t done a favourites post since September…wow!   Well, I guess I’ll just mention like EVERYTHING then.

  So of course I bought T. Swift’s Red Album in October, so I’ll start with them! One of my all time favourite songs ever is All Too Well.  I seriously LOVE that song.  I also really love I Knew You Were Trouble (it grew on me) and The Moment I Knew.  Another song that I have found and ADORE (number one next to Drops of Jupiter!!) is Dear John.  Her voice in it is amazing.  I wish I could sing like her in this.  So good!  Onto more exciting songs…that aren’t the same person, haha.  A song that you will not believe I found from Jersey Shore….LOL….is Where We Started by Dinner And A Suit.  It is a slow song, not crazy song like you would expect from Jersey Shore.  Seriously, go listen to this song!    A song I just purchased a few days ago is a cover song, and it is fifty billion times BETTER than the original.  It’s Next To You by Chris Brown, but it is covered by Luke Conard, Alex Goot, and Tiffany Alvord.   And the last song, The Only Exception by Paramore!  It’s one of those songs that you always hear, but never think of actually buying it and playing it over and over.

OK, that’s enough for music.  Now, onto my new favourite TV show!  I hate to say this, but I like it so much more that PLL.  Yes.  Drum roll please.

Gossip Girl-American TV series 02

GOSSIP GIRL!  I have been watching it online, and it is my favourite show I’ve ever watched, and I am dying at the fact that it stopped.  I have gotten to season 4 in about two weeks (AKA I have no life), and it is so much more real than PLL!  I don’t know…I still watch Pretty Little Liars, but it hurts my head thinking about that show, man.  It is so unrealistic, and I feel like the writers are trying to make you think one thing, but everyone is too smart, and then they put another crazy twist that nobody was expecting…Gossip Girl is just so much more real, and more me.  I like the whole ‘rich kids in New York’ thing.  I just like the characters way more and it is more relatable I guess.  I am going to be so sad when I finish watching it!  But maybe onto 90210 next?  I haven’t watched TV for such a long time!  I was in to Once Upon A Time and Grimm, but it was too hard for me to stay interested.

Next up on the list….Youtubers!  So the past couple months I have started watching British YouTubers, and I love them!  Is is weird how you sort of ‘bond’ with certain people?  Haha, well I was like that (and still am) with Ingrid & Luke, but since they don’t do daily vlogs too much anymore,  I have found some new people that I really enjoy watching!  There’s a few that sort of all hang out together, and they are….Jack & Finn, Zoella (FAV!), Alfie, Marcus, Caspar..all of them!

Another recent random favourite of mine is decorating my room!  You may know that I completely re-did my room in August, and now I have decided to change it up just a little.  I am keeping all of the furniture in the same spots, and the walls the same colour, but just decorating things a little differently.  I am working on my bookshelf currently, and it is (cross your fingers) going to be completely different from what it looked like here.  I will do a post on it when I have it all done.  I also have a DIY going with it, so stay tuned for that.


Of course I’ve been loving all of my presents from Christmas, including my UGGs, Burberry Scarf, and purses.  I have gotten a ton of use out of absolutely everything, and so glad I got them.  My boots are so comfy, and so light.  My scarf is of course a staple, and I wish I could wear it everyday.  My Rebecca Minkoff bag is so convenient and pretty!

Photo 5

I have gotten quite a few nail polishes this month, and I have been loving them on my nails so much!  But, my favourite out of everything I’ve been wearing is gradient nails.  I have done it twice in January, and it is so different from the regular mani.  You can read my post on how to do it here.

So, those are my few stand-out favourites of the month!  Thank you for reading, I can’t wait to get exam weeks over so that I can start posting more!  Talk soon.

Pictures from here, here, here.  Thank you!

Blog Love: pshiiit.com– Awesome Nail Combos

Hey guys!  So about a week ago I found a really good nail blog, and wanted to share!  It is all in french, but I personally just like getting inspiration from their pictures!  My google chrome automatically translates everything for me, but of course it’s not all in proper order and stuff because french is a lot different than english.  I personally like just plain, classy nails, and they have lots of pictures of ways to kind of spice up your regular solid colour without making it totally overboard.  She has the same taste in nails as I do, and I just really enjoy looking at tons of pictures!

Beware…you will immediately want to paint your nails after you go see her blog!!

Click here to be taken to her AMAZING blog!


So, I’ll talk to you guys soon!  Thanks for reading!


*Picture from pshiiit.com