RED Tour 2013: Toronto

Hey there!  Guess who’s (almost) officially on Summer break?!  This girl!  So, recently I went to see Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran, and as promised, I’d show you some pictures!  We sat quite far from the main stage, but the second stage where she played a few songs was pretty close to us, so we got some good pictures there.

IMG_2492 IMG_2496



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Liv’s Life: Hedley, Europe, and Grad!

Hey guys!  Basically I’m just gonna talk about whatever comes to mind in this post, because it’s getting late, and I feel the need to write!

Tomorrow I’m going to a Hedley concert!  I’m really excited because they are one of my favourite bands, and I saw them in 2010, and they sound great live!  I’m not actually really into their new album (I think they are starting to sort of become Simple Plan..), but I love their old music, and I do like a couple of their new songs.  I feel like I’ve been listening to music so much lately!  I don’t know why, because I have never really enjoyed music, but I have now!  Back to Hedley, my favourite songs are Heaven’s Gonna Wait, One Life, Perfect, For the Nights I Can’t Remember, and Old School.  On to the next topic, PARIS!  I am going to Paris, France, and Luneberg, Germany in April!  How fun!  Woohoo :) I’m so excited, and I’ve decided that I am going to be doing a couple of videos on it for my 100th special!  Yay!  I will probably do another Liv’s Life once I get some more information from my Aunt on it, but for now, that’s all I know.  I also am really excited for Grad and Quebec!  I already have pretty much my whole outfit picked out (which you can see on my Polyvore, which I will link down below), and I’m already making a ToBuy list for both Europe and Quebec!  Yay!

I’ll get back into some more posts tomorrow, but for now, I’ll talk to you guys soon!