SOFC Week 5: Travelling & Packing-Tuesday: Things To Do In The Car

Hey guys!  So for day two of packing and travelling, I am going to talk about some things to do in the car.  These also apply to a plane or bus!  Anyways, the cottage I’m going to in a week is three and a half hours away, and I am just going to be sharing some tips of stuff that I like to do in long car rides!  I have been on a bus for ten hours, and I’ve been on a plane for ten hours, so I consider myself to be a pro-traveller, but really I have been nowhere compared to some people haha.

So the first thing I like to do in the car is take pictures!  I think it’s fun taking pictures with your friends or family, and even stuff outside the window.  Chances are you’ll see something interesting on a long car trip.  Another thing that is always fun to do make lists!  LOL you guys know I love to make lists, and I think they are really fun to pass the time.  You can make a list of stuff you want to do or see or buy when you are gone, or you could make a bucket list for your next year, or a wishlist, or something like that.  I love to write stuff, so it’s really fun for me to make lists.  I also can see that most of you that follow me make posts on your blog, so you can always blog too!  Another thing that I enjoy doing that I did for my Quebec trip I did a while ago, is make a list of stuff to find on the road.  It’s called travel bingo, but really I just make mine a list of stuff that I want to find to pass the time.  If you google it you can find things, but I personally think they are sort of dumb, like a tree was on one that I saw, and a stop sign on another…I am just saying you should have better stuff on your list…not like what a three year old enjoys haha.  OK, and another thing is like word games or conversation games…on the bus ride to QC my friend and I would do this game where you each said one word and made really stupid sentences.  Haha all of ours were like the same and all really strange.  To be honest, when you are this bored, you are desperate for any game in the car!!!  LOL.  Of course you can bring cards or board games.  A while back I saw this DIY travel board games, where somebody got a cookie sheet that was magnetic, and then stuck magnets to all of the pieces so that it all stuck to the cookie sheet and it would fall everywhere.  If you are going on a really long car trip, this would be a great idea to bring a Monopoly board or something and play a game.  Yet another idea is play “guess that song” on the radio, or even just play the “don’t forget the lyrics” game haha.  I’m sure you can look up “things to do in the car” on google and find tons of suggestions, but these are just mine!  I know that I will be looking at my SBL and seeing if there are any things I can cross off on the way there.  It’s also great having and iPad or Kindle, so you can play games and read or whatever.  It’s my favourite thing about my iPad, the portability.  Anyways, that’s it for my ideas!

Talk to you guys really soon!  I will have a PLL post up tomorrow or the next day, along with my regular posts!  Thanks for reading!  Goodnight!  (Depending on where you live haha)  Good morning or good afternoon to those whole live far away!  Bye!


SOFC Week 5: Packing & Travelling- Monday: Lists and Important Essentials (& Intro!)

Hey guys!  How are you all!?  Hope your day has been going good (:  For this week’s theme, I have packing and travelling tips and tricks!  I am going to a cottage next week (so there will be no SOFC, sorry!  I will still try to put up some posts if I even have service, but it will be too difficult to post everyday) and I thought I’d show you guys what I’m packing, and some things that might help you pack.  So today, I have a lists post…yes another one!  I will be doing a What’s In My Suitcase, What’s In My Travel Makeup Bag, Things To Do In The Car, Essentials For Outdoor Activities, stuff like that.  This might end up being a two week span of posts, but not have one everyday next week.  For example, I will have all five this week, and then maybe two more scattered in next week.  Anyways, since I am going to a cottage, I won’t really have ‘pretty’ things, or lots of makeup, or a purse, so keep that in mind!  We are going to be staying at a beautiful cottage on a lake, with a small town beside it where we will be eating and shopping around a minimal amount of the time.  I might even end up doing a ‘best snacks for camping/cottage’!  So this first post may be a little boring, simply because I don’t have my suitcase or makeup bag packed, and to be honest I’m not really in the mood to do a super long post with pictures and stuff because I want to get up another post sometime today.  Yeah….let’s get into list-a-making!

So whenever you go away somewhere for a few nights, you will probably make a list…right!?  For us we have to make lists because we have to bring everything we need (like kitchen and bathroom stuff) with us.  Going to a cottage is no hotel!  There are tons of ways to make lists…like Wunderlist, or MindNode (two of my favourite apps), but when it comes to packing for a cottage, I typically like to put my lists on paper.  Currently, we have one page for all of my stuff (clothes and stuff), and then we have another page for all of the kitchen and bathroom and outdoor things, and we have another page for things to buy, and things to do.  If you prefer to have it online, try the two apps I listed above, or you can even search google for ‘list maker’, and tons of results will pop up.

Here’s some things you should pack!  They are pretty much just the important things (I’m not going to go into the details!!) These are just my recommendations, and stuff I bring.


Shampoo & Conditioner
Shaving stuff
Soap & Face Cleanser
Towel and Face Cloths (if necessary)
Toothbrushes and toothpaste
Calamine lotion, bandaids..etc.
Sunscreen and bugspray
Hair brush
Hair ties & bobby pins
Lip balm
Cotton pads and q-tips



Tea Towels
Bowls, plates, cups, cutlery etc.
Something easy (like Kraft Dinner)
Campfire food (Hot dogs and buns (with condiments))
Sandwich stuff (PB&J is great for camping)
Paper towels
Dish soap and bucket (for hands too)
Garbage bags



A thick sweater or two for campfires
A couple pairs of pants for night
A couple of easy t-shirts that go with everything (they will also help cover your burns!)
Socks and running shoes
Flip flops
Something to throw over your bathing suit
Bathing suit
A couple easy dresses or rompers that are comfy
Fuzzy socks for night

OK, so that’s all I could come up with for now!  Talk to you guys soon!  Thanks for reading! Bye!