Hang in there!

Oh my goodness I am ridiculous and never post on here anymore.  I’m sorry.  BUT, good news: I FINALLY filmed my first video and will be uploading this weekend.  NO EXCUSES this time.  I simply have to create my channel and things like that, but the video itself is finished.  I will be (surprisingly) posting weekly once my channel is up, which seems like a major contrast from this blog.  To be completely honest, I have lost a little bit of interest from it, and have been incredibly busy.  This school year has been amazing for me so far, and I am very content with offline happenings.  I hope you understand that I am doing my best to get this video up and WILL (super duper pinky swear) have it uploaded soon.

In other news, I’ve been writing A TON of my own personal stories, and that’s where most of my little tiny typing fingers have been exhausted.  I am enjoying experimenting with new writing of sorts, and my videos will be my new way to communicate with the world!  I am planning on keeping this blog because we will see what happens in the future; maybe I’ll end up back to where I started.

Thanks to all of you lovely people for sticking around & be expectant of a new post explaining my brand spankin’ new channel!  Any suggestions for names?

Happy December!


My Fall Playlist 2013

Happy November, everyone!  So, I decided to make a list of twenty of my favourite fall listenings.  Maybe you’ll enjoy some?


To listen to the entire playlist altogether, you can click here!


1.  All Too Well – Taylor Swift

2. Mardy Bum – Arctic Monkeys

3. Heart Out – The 1975

4. Sad Beautiful Tragic – Taylor Swift

5. Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High? – Arctic Monkeys

6. Kiss Me – Ed Sheeran

7. Do I Wanna Know? – Arctic Monkeys

8. Come Back… Be Here – Taylor Swift

9. Flathead – The Fratellis

10. Bloom – The Paper Kites

11. Make You Feel My Love (Live) – Adele

12. Janglin – Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

13. Female Robbery – The Neighbourhood

14. The Lucky One – Taylor Swift

15. Flawless – The Neighbourhood

16. Video Games – Lana Del Rey

17. Arabella – Arctic Monkeys

18. Somewhere Only We Know – Keane

19. Last Kiss – Taylor Swift

20. R U Mine? – Arctic Monkeys


I hope you enjoy some of my favourites as much as I do!  Let me know your playlist and I’ll be sure to check some new tunes out.



*Cue the confetti*  Happy Two Years!  Wahoo!  We’ve made it!

Thank you all for taking your time to browse through my silly posts; I really appreciate it!  I am aware that year two of my blog hasn’t really been packed with posts, but life happened and exciting this are going to make up for it!  As I have said before, I am starting up a YouTube channel in the near future and will be keeping this blog.  It’s a lot to wrap my mind around at the moment, seeing as there is a LOT going on, but I just know that it will happen at some point soon.  


ANYWAYS, how about another autumn/wonderful/pretty freaking awesome picture post!?  Last Monday–for Thanksgiving–I took a tour of my Aunt & Uncle’s new farm!  Of course, having it be October, it was absolutely beautiful with a large variety of colours spanning the horizon.  Once again with the brand new camera thing, I took a whole bunch of photos and wanted to share.


IMG_0246 IMG_0247 IMG_0249 IMG_0263 IMG_0266 IMG_0268 IMG_0276 IMG_0289 IMG_0294 IMG_0296 IMG_0299 IMG_0302




Have a great Friday/weekend!


A Pre-Fall Stroll

Hiya!  I (once again) apologize for my absence, as school has been NUTS the past week.  However, you should know that I am getting it together with my brand new YouTube channel and will be opening it up by the end of the month!

Anyways, today was a beautiful, abnormally warm fall day, so my family and I decided to drive around town to check out the new change in landscape.  With my brand spankin’ new camera, the experience was rather….glorious, if I do say so myself.  The quality is impeccable and I cannot wait until Mother Nature decides to finally allow real fall to begin!  For now, the leaves are still mostly green and the weather has exceeded 20 degrees.



IMG_0209 IMG_0210 IMG_0211 IMG_0215

Dress: H&M, Leggings: Garage, Oxfords: MJUS

Dress: H&M, Leggings: Garage, Oxfords: MJUS


I hope you all are having a lovely October & I will talk to you soon!





Where Have I Been!? (& EXCITING News!)

Hey, long time no…read!  How’s it going!?

So, I thought I would just do an UPDATE post, seeing I haven’t blogged since the seventh…a little embarrassing.   But, have no fear; exciting things are coming!

First of all, I would like to declare you are now reading a FIFTEEN year old’s thoughts!  I turned fifteen a couple days ago, and I must say “FINALLY!”.  Having your birthday in the ninth month of the year isn’t very satisfying, but hey, who’s complaining?

So, yesterday was my Grandma and I’s family birthday party.



Wahoo!  Happy 85th!

Anyways, my point on telling you this is that I got a rather EXCITING gift that is going to lead to many rather EXCITING things.


Oh, yes.

I am now the proud owner of a Canon t5i!  And we can all guess that that means…(drum roll, please)…I will be making YouTube videos!  Ahhhh!  So, just a backstory, I have been watching YouTubers for over three years (June of my sixth grade), and have been simultaneously DYING to make my own.  I have put much, much thought into it, and have decided I am ready to partake in a journey of me blabbing about my life/fashion/holidays/celebrities/music continuously!  This does not mean I will be quitting blogging, but I will just say that if you are interested, I will have a YouTube channel up soon!

I have absolutely no idea when I am actually going to begin filming, but I’m predicting it will be within the next two weeks.  School is extremely hectic (art, science, history, and math are the DEATH of me) at the moment, so I know I will not be able to post new videos everyday, but will try my very best to stick to it at least once a week.

Because of my gorgeous new friend, it also means I will be able to take PROPER photos for this blog!  Adios, iPhone lens!

Photos like these:


IMG_0052 IMG_0060 IMG_0041

Words do not contain my excitement!  Of course I’m nervous to put myself out there in video form, but I have wanted to do this for ages, and the time has come!

So, once I get everything set up, I assure you you will be the first to know about everything!  In the mean time, if you have any suggestions for my first video, please let me know your thoughts!  I will talk to you guys soon!  Have a good one!

A review of basically the best book ever.

Hello, hello!  I hope you all are having a wonderful beginning to fall/school year/not summer!  I have been a little MIA lately, as school began and we all know that can be a handful sometimes, but I’m sure you will be seeing more of me soon.

So, back in March I began writing, writing, writing, writing, which began fuelling an interest for reading for me.  I wouldn’t necessarily call myself and avid reader, but I do enjoy some books here and there.  Over the summer I read about four books and like them all thoroughly, but two stood out to me specifically.  I originally found the series off of a tumblr blog (surprise, surprise), and ended up getting my friend hooked on them to the point that we drove about a half hour away to go to the next town’s Chapters.  Yeah.  Let’s just say it was worth it.

Beautiful Disaster is about a nineteen year old good girl with a troubled past who ends up crossing paths with a tattooed bad boy who sees quite highly of her.  The two end up undergoing a bet that twists end turns their relationship, and basically makes the whole story.  To sound the least cheesy as possible, I have to say that this story sort of changed my whole perception of ‘love’.  I think it’s pretty awesome when a book alters you.

I would highly recommend reading it; it’s by far my favourite.  The sequel–Walking Disaster– is the exact same story (with a more into the future epilogue) but features Travis’s point of view, who is the male love interest.  If you like romance novels, this one is really amazing!  And, to put the candles on the cake, it seems to be coming out as a movie….


For more information and a much better synopsis, you can click here!


Thanks for reading!  Have a good weekend!




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