Mid Season 3 Finale of PLL…AHHHH!

Hey guys!  I really wanted to get this post up yesterday, but I had orientation and just some stuff happened…but I am going to have it up for you today!

OMG OMG OMG.  OK, these are just going to be my thoughts on the past mid-season finale.  There are going to be tons of spoilers in this post, so if you haven’t seen this episode, watch it, and come back!

This episode honestly I don’t think was the best they could’ve done, because I personally like the whole A, and Ali part of the story better than the Emily, Nate, and Paige part, but whatever, I can’t complain!

I was legitimately making a list of stuff I wanted to include in this post, so I hope I didn’t leave anything out.  This is probably the hardest type of post for me to write because I’m very scattered and all over the place with all of the subjects, sorry!

OK, so Nate is A, and dead, Caleb might be dead, Mona is a freak (as always), Paige isn’t A, and TOBY!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Time to turn of the music.  This is serious time.

Once again, in no particular order..

So in the beginning, Hanna is balling her eyes out because somebody is being put in an ambulance.  How heart wrenching!  I personally knew it was Caleb because Caleb is very protective over the girls (so prone to getting hurt), and who else would make only Hanna this upset?  And then, it’s rewinded two days earlier.  Oh yeah, Toby comes back, and there’s a bittersweet goodbye from Spencer.  The girls are lured to Ali’s grave, but Emily isn’t aloud to know.  Emily is mad at the other girls for being rude to Paige, and thinking she was A, so Emily goes to a cabin with Nate, otherwise known as Mr. Sketchy.  I personally knew something was going on with Nate once he very first came in to the series.  He was acting very agressive to me, and I don’t know how Emily could of liked that.  And where’s the proof he was Maya’s cousin!!!???  Of course, he turned out to be Linden..whoever that is.  Paige gets a message from A also saying to go to the cemetery, where she gets taken to Emily and Nate’s cabin, where she is taped up and but in the closet.  When Emily is sleeping, she gets a call from who sounds like A, saying that she has to get out, and that she has one minute.  But nope, she decides to look around the house.  HOW STUPID CAN YOU GET!?   Emily then finds out Nate is Linden, and Nate wants to kill Paige in front of her.  The other girls know something is up when nobody shows up to Ali’s grave, and they go to the cabin.  Nate sees them and Emily runs.  Nate goes after her. Emily (even more stupidly) runs up to a lighthouse (with only one entrance/exit!!!).  At this point I was livid.  Is Emily stupid!?  Why did she run up to the lighthouse, and then start talking at her cell phone while Nate is looking for her!?  Anyways, Nate comes up and finds Emily, and they have a battle until…DUN DUN NAH NAH…Nate gets stabbed!!!  Caleb comes up to find them, and he puts his gun down, to hug Emily, when it looks to be Nate shot at Caleb.  I believe this is when the beginning catches up, and Hanna is freaking out in front of the ambulance.  I think that Caleb is going to live because I think his character is really well liked in the series, and it’s not really good for him to be gone…I don’t know.  But then, at the end, they have to pull the whole A card again.  They show Mona walking up to Radley, and she’s with this person in a black hoodie.  At this point I thought that the episode was done, and they were just going to show Mona talking to the other mysterious A, but nope, the other A turns around and OMG.  IT’S TOBY!?!?!  I was mortified.  LOL.  Toby is one of my favourite characters just because I like how he acts and I really like how he’s connected to Jenna, and lots of stuff happened to him at the beginning of the series.  But come on, it’s Toby!?

I was watching Amarixe’s reaction video and Tiffany’s reaction video, and they said the same thing I did!  We all think that Toby actually isn’t a bad guy, and that he just is looking out for the girls by becoming part of the A team!  Yay!  If you enjoy reading these posts, then watch those two videos!  They’re awesome!

So, my thoughts:

I personally got super bored with the whole Nate thing, so I’m glad he’s gone.  I’m confused and don’t believe for one bit that Garett killed Maya or Ali, so I am pretty bored with Garett too.  When Toby came back, they showed his little reaction when he had to leave Spencer as being “I love you and miss you but something’s up”, so I knew that something was going to happen with him, so that’s why I think he’s not A.  And Tiffany’s right!  I can tell by the way he ran around the corner at the end that he isn’t A, he just looked like he wanted to get out of there!  He also is very curious just like Caleb was about this whole A thing, so maybe he wanted to find some answers, so he fake-ly joined the A team.  I was a little bummed about Nate dying as being like the big reveal because I don’t think he was in the season long enough for that to be special, but they got me at the end!!  I honestly am not surprised that Caleb got shot because he is constantly trying to protect the girls, and he just looks like he would do anything for Hanna.  And my last little thing is, why did Mona help Emily!?  I originally thought that Mona was turning on the A team because she also said “change of plans” to one of the ‘A’s.  But nope, she’s still a freak.

Haha, anyways, that’s my little rant of the moment!  I hope you guys enjoyed!  I’ll be back October 23rd for the Halloween special!  And, I should have another post or two up by tomorrow, I have a few planned!  Talk to you soon!  Bye!


PLL: My Thoughts #2- S3 Episodes 6, 7, & 8

Hello!  Happy Wednesday!  So I did my first PLL post almost two months ago, and have had so many other posts with SOFC that I haven’t gotten around to doing another one!  Haha, I am going to be talking about the last few episodes that I haven’t talked about, mainly six, seven, and eight.

If you’d like to read my previous post, and have a little recap of everything I’ve already talked about, click here!

So episode eight aired last night, and oh my goodness is it ever getting good!  I personally really like the whole Ali and A part of the series, and I feel like at the beginning of Season Three they sort of ignored it, but oh my goodness everything with the algorithms and everything!  YAY!  I am so excited to see what is going on next Tuesday!

I am curious about what the password was to get onto Maya’s site.  I’m pretty sure they didn’t say, or maybe they didn’t even use a password…but I don’t know…maybe it could of been something important.  Also, why does Mona know this stuff!?  Obviously somebody is visiting her and telling her all of these things…and what’s with the tape recorder!?  I think Caleb might be on the A team too because they show somebody making Mona’s visiting status change, and he’s good with computers,  and then he jumped at the fact about helping the girls with Maya’s password…I don’t know.  And Nate is up to something!  I haven’t really thought about what yet, but he is TOTALLY sneaking around.

Anyways, I will be back with another PLL post in a couple of weeks!  I have another post planned instead of SOFC today, but like I said in another post, I will be having a couple packing and travelling SOFC posts up next week, so there I am making up for missing one today!  I have a Monthly Survey and maybe even my favourites coming today…yeah!  Talk to you guys soon!  Thanks for reading!  If you have any comments on PLL, totally let me know!  Bye!

SOFC Week 5: Travelling & Packing-Tuesday: Things To Do In The Car

Hey guys!  So for day two of packing and travelling, I am going to talk about some things to do in the car.  These also apply to a plane or bus!  Anyways, the cottage I’m going to in a week is three and a half hours away, and I am just going to be sharing some tips of stuff that I like to do in long car rides!  I have been on a bus for ten hours, and I’ve been on a plane for ten hours, so I consider myself to be a pro-traveller, but really I have been nowhere compared to some people haha.

So the first thing I like to do in the car is take pictures!  I think it’s fun taking pictures with your friends or family, and even stuff outside the window.  Chances are you’ll see something interesting on a long car trip.  Another thing that is always fun to do make lists!  LOL you guys know I love to make lists, and I think they are really fun to pass the time.  You can make a list of stuff you want to do or see or buy when you are gone, or you could make a bucket list for your next year, or a wishlist, or something like that.  I love to write stuff, so it’s really fun for me to make lists.  I also can see that most of you that follow me make posts on your blog, so you can always blog too!  Another thing that I enjoy doing that I did for my Quebec trip I did a while ago, is make a list of stuff to find on the road.  It’s called travel bingo, but really I just make mine a list of stuff that I want to find to pass the time.  If you google it you can find things, but I personally think they are sort of dumb, like a tree was on one that I saw, and a stop sign on another…I am just saying you should have better stuff on your list…not like what a three year old enjoys haha.  OK, and another thing is like word games or conversation games…on the bus ride to QC my friend and I would do this game where you each said one word and made really stupid sentences.  Haha all of ours were like the same and all really strange.  To be honest, when you are this bored, you are desperate for any game in the car!!!  LOL.  Of course you can bring cards or board games.  A while back I saw this DIY travel board games, where somebody got a cookie sheet that was magnetic, and then stuck magnets to all of the pieces so that it all stuck to the cookie sheet and it would fall everywhere.  If you are going on a really long car trip, this would be a great idea to bring a Monopoly board or something and play a game.  Yet another idea is play “guess that song” on the radio, or even just play the “don’t forget the lyrics” game haha.  I’m sure you can look up “things to do in the car” on google and find tons of suggestions, but these are just mine!  I know that I will be looking at my SBL and seeing if there are any things I can cross off on the way there.  It’s also great having and iPad or Kindle, so you can play games and read or whatever.  It’s my favourite thing about my iPad, the portability.  Anyways, that’s it for my ideas!

Talk to you guys really soon!  I will have a PLL post up tomorrow or the next day, along with my regular posts!  Thanks for reading!  Goodnight!  (Depending on where you live haha)  Good morning or good afternoon to those whole live far away!  Bye!

SOFC Week 3- Favourite Apps & Websites #2-Polyvore, Beautylish, & Elleandblair.com

Hello hello!  Happy PLL day!!  I have another three of my favourite websites to show you!  All three are beauty & fashion related, and I have been following for a long time.

Polyvore.com– Put together outfits online.  Here you can choose from a gazillion different clothing pieces and beauty products, and put them all together and save the finished set.  I have featured some of my polyvore sets in some of my posts, like this one:


Beautylish.com & Elleandblair.com– both beauty and fashion blogs with amazing tips and tricks.  There, you can find lots of product reviews, trend reports, and DIYs.  Elleandblair.com was created by two of my favourite youtubers, Elle and Blair Fowler.  They are who got me into the whole beauty and fashion world online over two years ago.  Totally check out their channels!  (:  Elle- allthatglitters21 Blair- juicystar07


Talk to you guys tomorrow for SOFC!  PLL tonight!!

Wanna know my links!?  (Including a link to my Polyvore!)

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SOFC W2: Summer DIYs That Will Come In Handy #4- Towel Beach Bag

Hey guys! It’s super late, but I still didn’t want to mess the series up, so here’s my post for today! I am hoping to get back to also posting some regular posts tomorrow and this weekend, so if you have any requests please let me know!

Anyways, I found this DIY a long time ago, and never really thought much of it because I don’t go to the pool, and living in Canada doesn’t really give you lots of opportunities to go to the beach. But I still thought that I would share it because I know I still get a lot of viewers that aren’t from Canada!


*Link to tutorial attached to image


Let me know if you guys try this, and also tell me what next week’s theme should be!  I will have a poll up soon!  Bye!

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Some Sparkle: My Updated Skincare Routine-July 2012

Hey everyone!  Happy friday…again!  Recently I have been loving my skincare routine, so I thought I’d share it with you (:  All products can be found at the drugstore.  Using these three products, my skin has been pretty darn clear!  I’m really glad!  It hasn’t been this clear forever!  It’s weird because none of the products are really stand out to me, but they must be doing something special!

For a cleanser, I use Neutrogena Ance Wash Cream Cleanser.  It is the first cream cleanser I’ve tried, and I must say, it is a little strange.  It has two percent salicylic acid in it, so it’s great for a teen…and for a cream cleanser it is pretty watery and spreads easily.  I’m not too sure how I feel about it, but it does the job of a decent cleanser!

For a toner, I use the Neutrogena Acne Stress Control Triple Action Toner.  For all of the toners I’ve used, it is probably about medium strength, and it pretty nice!  It smells just like the cleanser which is sort of strange…I know they are by the same brand, but not from the same line!  Anyways, the smell doesn’t matter!  Haha.  When I first got it, I wasn’t really used to there being a but of a residue left on my skin, but I did get used to it in about three uses.  It does say to apply a thin coat on the bottle, so I am wondering if that was my problem!

For a scrub, I actually don’t have anything at the moment, but I really want to repurchase the Neutrogena Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit Foaming Scrub.  I love this stuff!  It is gentle enough to use as an everyday cleanser too, because that is what I used it for for a while, and really enjoyed it, but my skin sort of needed a bit of a break from using a scrub everyday!

For a lotion, I use the Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer.  I really like this stuff!  I have used it before, and it makes my skin really soft!  I really want to check out moisturizers from the Body Shop though, because a viewer recommended them to me!  I haven’t been going to the mall lately, so that’s why I couldn’t try them.  But I will let you guys know about that when I do end up picking one up from the Body Shop.

And, lastly, I thought I would just include my lip balm!  I use the EOS Sweet Mint Lip Balm, and I love this stuff!  It has lasted me about a year, and now I’m going through a second ball!  They are pretty popular on YouTube, and I can see why!  I feel like the lasting power isn’t that great, but I love the convenience of the packaging and the smell!  The smell is of mint, just like it says, and I have always loved mint lip balm.

Anyways, I have to go, but I will talk to you guys soon!

Let me know what your stand out skincare products are!  Have you ever tried out these products?

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