Hang in there!

Oh my goodness I am ridiculous and never post on here anymore.  I’m sorry.  BUT, good news: I FINALLY filmed my first video and will be uploading this weekend.  NO EXCUSES this time.  I simply have to create my channel and things like that, but the video itself is finished.  I will be (surprisingly) posting weekly once my channel is up, which seems like a major contrast from this blog.  To be completely honest, I have lost a little bit of interest from it, and have been incredibly busy.  This school year has been amazing for me so far, and I am very content with offline happenings.  I hope you understand that I am doing my best to get this video up and WILL (super duper pinky swear) have it uploaded soon.

In other news, I’ve been writing A TON of my own personal stories, and that’s where most of my little tiny typing fingers have been exhausted.  I am enjoying experimenting with new writing of sorts, and my videos will be my new way to communicate with the world!  I am planning on keeping this blog because we will see what happens in the future; maybe I’ll end up back to where I started.

Thanks to all of you lovely people for sticking around & be expectant of a new post explaining my brand spankin’ new channel!  Any suggestions for names?

Happy December!


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