Current Ins and Outs

So, I’m currently laying in bed, post-Big Brother, post-headache, post-five hour nap, and decided, hey?, how about writing!?  I thought I’d share some Ins and Outs, which is a little different from my monthly favourites I guess you could say.  I always feel rushed when writing them, and then never have a good idea of what to put down, other than music…haha.


Writing: As hard as it may be to believe I’ve actually been writing, I am!  Just not on this blog.  I have been writing two stories ever since the end of March, and been LOVING it.  It really sparks those imagination/creativity buds and makes me slightly more interesting in real life.  And even my own mother has commented on my wide range of “big words”.  Just call me the thesaurus!  The one I’m currently writing is my little baby and I am terrified my computer is going to suddenly crash due to some appocalypse, and I’m going to lose it all.  I should probably have other things to worry about if that ever happened, huh?

Polyvore: Along with my story, I’ve been (cheesy, I know) making up outfits to go with scenes.  Wow, that really is as dumb as it sounds.  Haha, I don’t know about you, but I always get better understandings of things when I get visuals.  For example, when I read Pretty Little Liars a few summers ago, I always would google image search the characters.  So, now, I’m making outfits for every chapter!  Let’s be honest, being a fashion-girl, it’s quite fun too!  Polyvore is basically like a dress up game for adults.  You get to search through gazillions of clothing pieces to create an outfit, which you get to piece together completely.  I get a lot of inspiration from looking at other sets on there, and it’s just a good way to pass some time.  You can check out mine here if you’d like!

Autumn: Yet another tie to my story, which takes place in the fall, I have been loving all of the cozy outfits, the dropping leaves, the food…everything about fall!  I always do this.  I always love the opposite season.  As soon as I get into summer break (finally!), I start pouting about fall.  And I’m sure as soon as school starts back up, I’ll be complaining about summer.  Indescive one right here!  Tsk, tsk.

Big Brother: This has always been one of my favourite things to look forward to about summer time.  It’s my only one tradition I stick to.  I will admit that it gets a little bit boring at times, but I am really liking the cast this season!  They remind me of a gigantic popular clique, and there’s already been some pretty funny battles.

Looking For Alaska by John Green:  I read this book about a month ago, after reading The Fault In Our Stars by John Green, and it has quickly taken the place for my favourite book!  Now mind you, that’s not saying much because I’m not a big reader, but I have read some pretty good books!  I also read it in three days, which is a major accomplishment in my life.  You can read a synopsis of it here!  I’d really recommend reading it!

“Red” (the song) by Taylor Swift:  This was always the one song of the album RED that I never liked.  Now it’s one of my favourites!  I heard her perform it live, and it sort of changed my opinions on it!  I never liked the “Re-eh-eh-ed”, but I really like the rest!  Very good lyrics.  And of course the music video I am in love with!  I went to see her in Toronto, so of course it was a little nostalgic watching it all back again!  You can see it here.


Going to bed at 6AM and waking up at 4PM:  Yep.  I have the WORST sleeping schedule of all time at the moment.  I am literally up when my parents are getting ready for the day, and then when I finally fall asleep, I end up just sleeping the entire day away.  Not fun.  I do not recommend that one.

The movie “Something Borrowed”: This movie had an alright storyline, great cast (I love Kate Hudson!), good ideas, but holy moly was the ending awful!  I was so disappointed!  It seemed very rushed and just…annoying.  They made a hole bunch of problems, and then just in a snap one of them was solved and none of the other ones got fixed.  Definitely not my favourite.

THE ATTACK OF EVERY SINGLE BUG EVER: Alright.  This is not okay.  So, after telling you about my horrid sleeping patterns, I will add that this means I have the only lights on in the house that late at night.  So this means insects flood to my room like they are running away from the war.  And then here I am, laying with all of my covers on when it is scorching hot outside, with my kleenx box in hand, swatting at every single flying thing that approaches.  I have had to keep a fan in here to prevent these things.  A couple of weeks ago the biggest beetle I’ve ever seen decided to float in here at 2AM and I had to try to make no noise trying to capture and kill it.  It had me SHAKING.  I could literally go on and on and on.  I am so paranoid now.  I should literally film myself and see how many times I frantically flick my head around to see if there is anything flying within ten feet radius.  I HATE BUGS.  What ever gave them permission to come into my house, never mind TOUCH me?

Anyways, I’m going to go.  That last little rant has gotten me worked up now.  Good gosh.  I’m ridiculous.


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