Music Monday 3/18/13

Hiya!  So I’ve seen a lot of people doing this blog, and because Olivia is so creative and original, I thought it was a good idea for me to do too!  It is just basically pointing out your favourite music lately.  I really love listening to music, and like to discuss it with other people, which I find difficult because nobody I know really likes my taste.  Anyways, I completely realize this is last minute putting this up 11 minutes before Tuesday, and I am sure you will not be reading this today, but I’m going to try to do it.  I will not be posting every monday because I don’t acquire new favourite songs that quickly, so it will just be whenever I feel like I need to share!

I have been listening to Taylor Swift even more this month, which I didn’t know was humanely possible for a human to do.  It’s alright, we all know I love Taylor Swift.  I actually will be going to her concert in June, and I have been getting really excited and listening to loads of her music.  Here’s a few of my newer favourites from her!

Alright, well that one isn’t a new favourite at all, but it’s from her concert a few days ago and I’m in love!  I’ve decided All Too Well is my all time favourite song!

And, here’s some more misc. favourites!

Tell me what your favourites are!  I’d love to check out some new songs!  Happy Tuesday!

Talk soon!



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