Quote Tattoos

Why hello there!  Exam week is almost finished, I’ve got one Monday & Wednesday, and then I’ll be able to hopefully post more often!  But for today, I have a pictures post for you.  I have wanted a quote tattoo ever since I got into quotes a long time ago (almost a year!).  I have never really been one too much into tattoos, but I love the idea of a quote or phrase on your wrist or arm.  Unfortunately, I am not at a legal age to get one, so I’ve got a little wait, I don’t have a favourite quote (shocking right!? haha), and I am not sure about even getting a tattoo yet.  After all, I’m fourteen, but I do know what I want, generally.  So, here’s a few favourite pictures I’ve found!  They are not all favourite quotes, just favourite fonts, and spots, and sizes, etc.


I really like the quote, placement, font, everything but the size! I’ve heard that the letters smudge together easily over time.


I love this quote, but I’m not sure I’d get it tattooed on me…Looking for more positive & motivational.

Was originally thinking of this. I love it, and it’s the most simple form of what I want.

That’s about it!  Thanks you for reading, and I’ll talk to you soon!  I’ve just got to get these exams over with, and then I’ll be on to a new semester!  Here I come English class!  (:

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Pictures from here, here, here, here, and here!



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