DIY Ombre Speckled Shirt

Hey guys!  So I found a DIY a long, long time ago, and I don’t think I’ve ever showed you guys!  I am planning on doing it sometime, because it looks so good!  I thought I would share it with you now, with Christmas coming up, so maybe you could make it for presents!  They use hot pink with a t-shirt, but you could of course try it out with different colours, and a long sleeve shirt.  Maybe even a sweater?


Here’s a link to the tutorial! 


Thanks to for the awesome tutorial!  I know I will be trying it out soon!  It seems super simple and easy, and you don’t have to spend a fortune on it.  Like I said, it seems like a great holiday gift idea, and I’m sure whoever you give it to will love it, because tee shirts are great gifts when you don’t know what to get somebody!

Talk to you soon!  Thanks for reading!  Let me know if you try this out…I’d love to hear what colour you used!



PS, I know this isn’t a Countdown To Christmas post, but there’s only 10 days and two hours!!


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