Liv’s Life: Little Update

Hey guys!  Sorry I’ve been a little sparse posting lately…I’ve had some stuff going on.  Yesterday tumblr was down, so I couldn’t post my favourite quotes, and today I had a huge migrane, so was a little ill to be posting.  Sorry about that!  I will have of course my Christmas posts up soon.  I’ve also just been dealing with some personal stuff lately, so excuse the lack of posting!  I will try to do as many as I can.  I have been a little busy this week and I will be next week because my school is going crazy with break and everything, but, as I said, I will try to everything I can!  I’ve even had a bit of writer’s block!  But for now, please enjoy some of my favourite pictures on tumblr!

Tucked Away In A Whimsical World


Some posts to look forward to:

Christmas Decor Tour

Christmas gift guides (if I can upload pictures!  It’s saying there’s an error!!  Help!?)

Cookie Bars recipe


Favourite Quotes


Talk to you guys soon!  Thanks for understanding.


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