DIY Heart Sweaters

Heart sweaters are a HUGE trend this year, and I found an amazing DIY of how to do one!


If you’d like to see the post I did on DIY sparkle heart sweaters (the one on the left), click here!

*Pictures from here and here*

So I’ve been watching a lot of Stilababe09’s videos (or Meredith) and saw that she did an AMAZING DIY of these.  I was THRILLED, because I have wanted a Wildfox Couture Baggy Beach Jumper with a heart for about a year now, ever since they became really popular.  Anyways, I absolutely ADORE this video, because there are no special tips and tricks that are difficult, no sewing, and not a lot of products to use.  And, they are completely customizable, you can pick your colours, and shape.

Here’s her video!



Thank you to Meredith!  Let me know if you guys try this out!  I’ll let you know when I do!  *Hint hint: early Christmas presents!*



2 thoughts on “DIY Heart Sweaters

  1. Yeah, they’re amazing! I think I am going to do a few for Christmas presents. I’m even thinking about doing the same method but with a big Christmas tree, haha!

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