Happy One Year & Thank You

Hey guys!  One year ago today I made this blog….woah!  I have changed so much since then, and I appreciate every one of you for just supporting me and following me!  I always try to do exciting posts and it doesn’t always work out that way…I feel like I am always putting out dates for things, and not following through.  Thank you for sticking through that!  I have enjoyed this so much!  It started out with just being a blog about myself, but then morphed into crafts, beauty, fashion, and my life.  My grade seven english teacher actually suggested that I should start a blog, so huge thanks to her!  I love writing, especially things that I’m interested in at the moment.  I feel like I am a positive person because I remind myself of exciting things, and writing these posts gets me so happy just thinking about certain topics, like Christmas!!  Haha, anyways, if you guys have ANYTHING at all that you would like me do write about, please let me know!  I also appreciate every one of you for the past little bit.  I haven’t been posting nearly as much as in the summer time, obviously because I’m at school all day and have homework and other things to do.

SO.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, for sticking with my extremely exaggerated, quirky personality.

Happy one year.


7 thoughts on “Happy One Year & Thank You

  1. Hey liv,

    Sorry I’ve been meaning to ask you this for a pretty long time (cus your I looked at one of your much earlier posts) but .. Who is Karl? It’s just you never really explained who she was:) thanks happy Annaverary ( is that how you spell it ???):) luv the blog:)

  2. Haha that’s ok (: I may of explained it in one of my very early posts, but probably not very clearly. She is my best friend! Her name is actually Karly, but Karl for short…we’ve known each other for about 4 years now! And thanks! :D

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