Fall Fashion 2012 #3: Lace Dress & Blazer


Click here to see my favourite fall fashion video!  I love her take on the lace dress.  I’m on a hunt for one myself!


8 thoughts on “Fall Fashion 2012 #3: Lace Dress & Blazer

  1. Yeah, it’s Thanksgiving! I’m not sure if I’ll have it up today though, but it will be sometime this week! Haha, I’ve got a lot of pictures to take!

  2. Yeah, it does take quite a bit of commitment. You just have to find the type of posts that you like to do and follow through! If you are willing to try it again, try doing a schedule. Start off by just posting like once a week, and if you’re comfortable, bump it up! (:

    • Thank you soo much!!! My blog was really a shapeless blob cus I really had no schedule at all and I didn’t know what to write about even tho I luv writing ! Bye and thanks again !

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