DIY Ice Cream

Hey guys!  So in class today we made ice cream!  Woohoo!  I thought I would share the recipe with you because it was a whole lot easier than I thought!  This recipe makes about a bowl full.  You could easily make multiples of this, or double up the amount of ingredients.  Plus, you can make this about any flavour you can find!

*All of the ingredients are approximate, not exact!

You will need:

A Small Plastic Ziploc bag (standard size)

A Larger Plastic Ziploc bag (like the ones that are the size of a shoebox)

Ice cubes


Cream (the higher fat content the better!! We used 18%) ;)

About three spoon- fulls of sugar

Flavouring (mint extract, lemon extract, vanilla extract, chocolate sauce, whatever you can find!)

How to:

Fill the small plastic bag with the cream.  Do not fill it all the way!  Just about 1/4 of the way.  Add sugar and flavouring.  Do not put too much flavour in!  Remember extracts are strong!  Now close the bag all the way.  Make sure it is very well sealed.  It is even a good idea to double bag this with the same sized bag, because you don’t want this to mix with the salt and ice!  Now fill the big bag about 1/4 way with ice.  Pour some salt in there (be generous).  Now put the small bag into the big bag, and seal the big bag.  Shake!  You are going to want to shake like a mad man for a while…it is pretty tedious.  Once your ice cream is cold to how you would like (don’t expect it to be solid!), take it out of the big bag and open the small one.  You can dump it into a bowl and enjoy!

I have made ice cream before in school and we crushed up peppermint candy canes in it.  It’s great!  I just tried it again tonight and it’s DELICIOUS.  TRY IT!!  (:

It’s so delicious!  I have only ever tried homemade ice cream with vanilla, but I’m curious to try the mint and chocolate!  Let me know if you try this!

Talk to you soon!

*Picture from here*

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