What’s On My iPad!? (Sept. 2012)

Hey guys!  So I got a really sweet comment, requesting if I could do this post!  I said I wanted to do this like forever ago, and ended up working on it, but must of never gotten around to publishing it!  So, I am going to do that today!  Thank you Athena! Completely honestly, I don’t use my iPad as much as I should.  I use it a lot for travelling, but having my iPhone and Macbook Pro, I don’t really need my iPad on a daily basis.  But, it’s not going to waste because my Mom uses it a ton!  Haha…anyways… So my point is that these apps are completely untouched, and unorganized!  They are somewhat organized, but sometimes I’ll just download random apps and never get around to using them.  OK, let’s get into my apps!

On my first page, I have most of my Apple apps.  So I have all of the ones that the iPad comes with, along with a few like Find Friends, iBooks, and Remote.

On my bottom bar, I have my most used apps, obviously.  So I have Google Chrome which is my web browser, Messages because my friend has an iPad, Pinterest, surprise surprise, Mail which I use quite frequently, StumbleUpon which I like to use when I’m bored, and Music.

On my second page, I have iMovie, Sephora, TuneIn Radio, Instagram, i.TV (TV guide), WeatherEye HD, Facebook, Google Earth (awesome for iPad!), Reminders, Timeline (like a calendar , Calculator, IMDb (AWESOME!!!), Twitter, WordPress (of course), Craftgawker, Foodgawker, Pages (which comes in handy A LOT), Wunderlist, and VDownload.

So on my third page, I have all of my games.  I haven’t tried a few of these, so I’m not sure how they all work!  I have Sims FreePlay, Plants vs. Zombies!!!, Boggle, Scrabble, Whirly Word HD, GarageBand, Fruit Ninja, Blitz, Tiny Tower (haha), Hooked on Words, Monopoly, Draw Something, 100 Exits, Temple Run!!, Word Search, LogosQuiz, Game of Life, Trivial Pursuit, SimCity DLX, and FreeCell.

My last page I just have randoms.  I have: Night Sky, Vevo HD, Tips & Tricks, Inspiration, Famous Quotes, Stickyboard, Snapseed, Readablity, AllRecipes, CitytvVideo, Musebox, Lockerz, procreate, CTV, Global Video, MagicPlan, Dictionary, Home Design, and Houzz.

Thanks for reading!  Talk to you guys very soon!


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