Pre-Season 8 Most Worn Things TAG (Fall Edition)

Hey guys!  So I have another fall related post for you…The 8 Most Worn Things Fall Edition!  I am thinking about doing one of these for every season, maybe even for special events and stuff.  But, today I am just doing a fall edition.  This is my first year of actually being ‘fashion forward’ for fall, so most of these things to be honest actually aren’t most worn (they’re mostly new!), but I’m pretty positive they will be!  That’s why this is called pre-season, because it’s not actually fall, and I might end up getting new most worn items…I did change the questions a little bit because they don’t apply to me …whatever!  If you’d like to do this tag, leave your answers in a comment!  I’d love to see what your most worn things are!  The reason why I’m not sure if these are going to be my most worn things is because I got most of these things this year, and haven’t got to wear them last year.  They no matter what will be staples though!


1. Most worn fall lipstick?  My Revlon Lip Butters in Berry Smoothie and Red Velvet.


2. Most worn scarf?  Although it is new, my black and green scarf.  It’s really thick and soft, and perfect for this time of the year.


3. Nail polish?  OPI OPI Ink.  Yes, it’s by OPI, and the shade is called OPI Ink.  I think it is my favourite nail polish all time, although I only wear it in the fall and winter.  It’s a gorgeous dark purple very dimensional shade.  It doesn’t look that great with one coat, but with two, it’s gorgeous!

4. Sweater or Shirt?  This is my first year of actually being ‘fashion forward’ for fall, so most of these things to be honest actually aren’t most worn (they’re mostly new!), but I’m positive they will be!  I just got this sweater at H&M, and it’s just an ivory thick knit sweater.


5. Shoes? I don’t have them yet (they’re a Birthday present).  I really, really want riding boots, but I tried a bunch on to day and they just don’t fit me right.  So, I’m gonna go with combat boots!  I found this pair online today, just to give you a little looksy of what I am thinking:


6. Earrings?  You guys know, I just got my ears pierced about 5 weeks ago, so I haven’t been wearing any other earrings than just regular diamond studs, but I am POSITIVE that these will be my go-to everyday earrings!  I just got them in the mail today, but I can’t open them until the fifteenth!  They are Tiffany & Co. Bow Earrings.


7. Bag?  I think I am going to be using a large Longchamp tote (that of course I don’t have yet) for school, but this is mine (I have it in brown too):


8. Blush?  MAC Plum Foolery!  I actually did wear this last fall, and it’s a gorgeous shade!


*All links are attached to pictures, except for the scarf which is my own picture*


OK, That’s it!  Thank you guys for reading!  If you have any suggestions for upcoming posts, let me know!  Bye!


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