Liv’s Life: New Room!

Hey guys!  I just re-did my room!  Woohoo!  Scratch it off the SBL!  I am planning on doing a room tour with pictures, so if you’re interested, stay tuned!  It will probably be done around the end of September or something.  I still have to get a few things, but the main things are done!  I’ve gotten new bedding, painted my walls, rearrange the furniture, and it’s looking brand new!  I don’t want to give away too much because I want it to be a surprise!  If you’d like to see my bedding, check out my Pinterest, I pinned it there!  I’m sure the wall colour will be no surprise if you guys have followed me for a while.  It’s been a little difficult because my room is insanely small, and fitting the right pieces in can be hard, but I think I’ve got it all figured out!  I am planning on doing lots and lots of posts about my room and tips and tricks and stuff.  One post I know I’m going to do is  a “tips for decorating a small room”, because not everyone has a big room!!  I also am going to do a post on my collage that I’ve done because it is the best thing I’ve ever made!  Yeah, I just wanted to kind of update you guys on everything because my posts have been a little scattered this week!  I’m so excited to start posting about my room!

I’ve gotta go, I’ll talk to you guys soon!  Thanks for reading!  Bye!


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