Must Haves For Your Back To School Purse (& Tips)

Hey guys!  So school is here for most of us, and I’m still continuing with this series, so I wanted to do this post!  My school starts on September 4th, so I still have quite a bit of time to do things like get school supplies and stuff, so when I get my school supplies I will do a post on them too!  Anyways, for any of you that are in high school might like this!  It’s just essentials for your purse that you carry around class to class.  I didn’t really want to call it a purse, but I didn’t want to call it a bag or backpack because I wouldn’t really carry books in this…haha let’s get into it!

So my first essentials are headphones and your phone!  I personally always get so jealous of other people when they get to listen to music and I didn’t pack my headphones that day, so I am going to try to keep them in my tote!  Of course you want to bring your phone, pretty obvious.

My next essential is gum.  We all know that you will run out of gum so, so, so fast, so bring lots!  Maybe bring one pack that you aren’t a huge fan of, and then bring a pack just for yourself.  I always feel so bad saying no, so I am just going to have to bring a lot!

My next essentials are just a small mirror and a hair brush.  I personally don’t like bringing makeup to touch up, but if you don’t mind then totally pack that!

What I am going to be doing this year is setting up a small bin in my locker for things like my calculator, and ruler, and protractor kit, and pencil crayons…whatever tools you need for specific classes.  I have four classes a day and two breaks so I will be going and grabbing the things I need out of the bins at my two breaks.  This does not include things like pencils or highlighters or pens, because I use them for every class so I’d like to have them in my purse with me.  As I said, I still haven’t gone supply shopping, but I am planning on getting a small pencil box that I will put everything I need in there.  I’m not too sure if I am going to be putting a pencil sharpener or eraser in there, because it kind of gets everything messy and I typically use pens…maybe I’ll get another small pouch or box for those two things.

I am going to be keeping my phone and a bit of cash in a little wristlet I got from Coach because it will be easy to take to the cafeteria with me, and I just like having that kind of thing separated.

I will also be keeping little stickey notes in my bag too, for class, and just for regular life.

Of course you will need your agenda or planner with you because you will want to write down all of your homework and things to do and everything.


That’s it for my essentials!  If you were wondering, I am just going to be carrying a large longchamp tote with me because it is huge and easy to pack all of my books up in, and everything else I need.  Thanks for reading!  Talk to you soon!  Bye!


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