WebFind: TooManyTabs

Hey guys!  So it is past midnight but I was searching through the google chrome app store and thought I’d share a app I found with you!  Sorry this is going to be a super fast post, but I really wanted to share now!  Basically, I am a tab FREAK, and I will constantly hit the ‘open in new tab’ button because I think that I have to have everything nice and tidy…haha weird I know!  Anyways, I came across this app called TooManyTabs, and decided it looked awesome.  It’s basically just a app that puts a little button on the left side of your screen that you can click and it just shows all of your tabs, and sort of straightens you out.  I always have so many tabs on my screen, so this is perfect for me!  Anyways, here’s a link to it!  I am pretty sure it comes for firefox too…not positive though!  I’m kind of frazzled right now..whatever that means.  I got to go!  If anyone’s reading this at night, goodnight!  Haha, thanks for reading!  Bye!


2 thoughts on “WebFind: TooManyTabs

  1. You might also like Tabs Outliner. It’s actually way more powerful. I am also a tab whore, and long lost a hope to do something with this, but must say that this stuff REALLY work for me, to an unbelievable level. TooManyTabs is simple a nice toy in compassion. Never actually work.

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