Liv’s Life: The Summer TAG!

Hey guys! So currently I am at a cottage (when you a reading this), but actually I am at home, pre-writing some posts at midnight…yeah. So right now I have the Summer TAG! for you all! Since I am on holidays, I thought this would be appropriate to have for you guys (:
1.Hot or cold? Cold around Christmas time, hot in the summer! We have had a super dry summer so far, and it’s been in the mid twenties up to early forties every day.

2. Beach or pool? That one’s hard. Probably the beach. Even though there are no beaches around me, I just mean like lake.

3. What is your favourite summer activity? I don’t really know! Sports wise, I love swimming and badminton.

4. What is your ideal summer outfit? A tank top, shorts, and flip flops. Very easy! I always get so excited for summer because you can wear really nice outfits, but I always just end up wearing very minimal things because I am lazy, and it’s so hot out. I also really like rompers and dresses.

5. Shorts or skirts? Shorts. I’m not really comfortable wearing a skirt unless I’m on vacation.

6. What’s a must have item this summer? Flip flops! There are so many must haves, but I have to have my flip flops.

7. Are you going to camp? Nope.

8. Are you going on vacation? Yes, I am at my cottage right now.

9. Are you a sunglasses person? I have prescriptions, and I never update my sunglasses and the person that I go to WOULD NOT LET ME BUY THE ONES I WANTED. So I don’t like them. Boooooo it makes me so sad. I really want Ray Bans!!

10. Favourite summer food? PEACHES….<;3

11. Favourite summer drink? Chocolate milkshake.

12. Have you ever gone water skiing or tubing? I went tubing and the boat went to fast and I got water all in my face and I was terrified. This happened when I was like seven, and I totally wasn't expecting it, so that's why I was so scared. Since my Uncle passed away, I have never had the opportunity to go tubing again!

13. What's your favourite makeup product in the summer? I have a lot. Probably my Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow in RSVP.

14. What is your favourite clothing item for Summer? I really like this white tank top that has sort of like a neon aztec print on it. I would really recommend checking out the garage aztec tanks! They are adorable and I love them all!

So that is it for this tag! Leave your answers in a comment below! Thanks for reading! Talk to you guys soon! Bye!


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