Liv’s Life: My Favourite…Muffins!?

Hey guys!  So sorry I couldn’t post yesterday!  But I did work on some posts for when I’m at the cottage!  I think I am going to save yesterday’s and today’s SOFCs for next week…it’ll just make it a little easier on me to have a few more posts to put up because I am going to be gone for seven days.  So right now I wanted to talk about something that I am about to go bake!  Double chocolate muffins!  They are by Quaker, and they are my all time favourite thing to bake because they taste so good!  I have been baking them for years now, and they are sooooo stinkin good!  You just need oil, eggs and water, so just the typical stuff.  They don’t taste like muffins at all. They just take like chocolate cake but not as dry..I don’t know how to describe them!  They stopped selling them at my grocery store a year ago, but I have found them at another grocery store close to me, so whenever we rarely go there I always pick up two bags.  They are baking in my oven right now and they smell so good!  Anyways, here’s an old picture from like a year ago of me holding these up.  I was showing the picture to my friend because she loves them too!

They are so delicious!

Anyways, I’m going to go pack up some things!  I will have at least one other post up today, and one up tomorrow before we go!  Thanks for reading!  Let me know if you make them!  Bye guys!

*Picture of muffins from here


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