Liv’s Life: Update #1- Getting My Ears Pierced

Hello, hello!  Yes, it’s 12:06 AM and I’m making a post…

I just wanted to update you guys with my getting ears pierced experience because I did that last post in the moment, and it has been almost two weeks now, so I thought I would tell you guys more!  Obviously, if you already have your ears pierced or have no interest on getting your ears done, than this will be pretty boring for you, but this would of been really helpful for me before I got my ears pierced, so that’s why I’m doing it!  What I’m saying below may seem a little scary if you are thinking about getting them done, but I truly don’t notice any pain throughout the day, the only reason why it sounds it’s really bad is because I am acknowledging it here…LOL does that make sense!?  Basically don’t worry about what I’m saying if you are hesitating to get them done, I’m just sharing my experience which has been great and painless!!

If you’d like to read my first post on actually getting my ears pierced, click here!

OK, so like I said it’s been almost two weeks now, and I’ve had no problems!  The first couple days of getting your piercing your ears will just be like in shock that it happened, and just stay the same for like three days or so, and then I started to get a bit of an itchy feeling, but not unbearable, and then I started to get a closing in feeling, which is pretty understandable.  Probably like a week in, I started feeling a bit of pain throughout my day, not really enough to notice, but just a little, and at the same time whenever I cleaned my earrings I would get a bit of pain too.  I have cleaned my ears at least two times a day since I got my ears done, and spun them quite a few times a day too.  It’s so important to do that!  You want to constantly spin your earrings because it may hurt for the first second that you are spinning them, but as you spin them more, they won’t hurt, and you want to make sure that they can move, and aren’t just stuck in one spot, because that’s where you run into problems!  Anyways, like I said above, it has been pretty painless, although I have been through a lot.

I hadn’t slept yet in my first post that I did with my ears pierced.  It was probably the most annoying part of my whole experience for the first week or so, but now I am used to it, and I easily fall asleep.  It’s not like it hurts to sleep with earrings, it’s just that I was scared that I was going to rip the earrings out in the middle of the night or something, but obviously nothing happened!  Just a little tip if you’re curious, if you sleep with your shoulders on your pillow, it is easier on your ears because it isn’t just your ears that are jamming into the pillow, it is your shoulders first.  I also had to sleep with a neck brace-type thing on because I have had something going on with my neck ever since the end of June, so believe me, it was a little difficult getting used to sleeping with two annoying things, but now I have gotten used to it, and I’m fine.

Anyways, I have been typing for fourteen minutes, and my fingers hurt now, so I am going to go!  Sorry if this was sort of a dud for you if you already have your ears pierced, but I am hoping that somebody one day will at least find this a small amount useful!  And it’s also sort of nice to have it just as a little diary post for the future…anyways, talk to you guys soon!  Goodnight if you’re on the east coast (or west for that matter!), and good morning to England, and LOL just happy August first or second or whatever to everyone!  Thanks for reading!  LOL Bye guys!


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