Liv’s Life: Monthly Survey #5

Hey guys!  So instead of SOFC today, I am going to be doing a LivLoves for the month, and my survey!  This is one of my favourite posts to do, and I hope you guys enjoy!  If you’d like to do it, copy the answers and leave it in the comments below!  I’d love to see your answers!

Date: August 1st 2012

1. What are some goals for the month?  Stop being lazy!  Because the last ten months of my life were crazy busy, I have been staying in bed a lot of the day, and it’s not good for my body, especially having arthritis!  

2. What are you excited for this month?  Well, it’s my last month of summer holidays, so everything!  Mainly to a cottage that I am leaving for very soon!

3. Current nail polish?  Nothing!  BOOOOO.  In a few days I will paint my nails probably a mint shade…like always…but on my toes I have a white colour, and then Essie Set In Stones over top.

4. What are you doing right now?  Listening to music, waiting for Big Brother!

5. Current weather?  Sunny, hot, and nice!

6. New favourite songs?  None!  I haven’t really been listening to any new music this month, it’s mainly just been lots of Taylor Swift.

7. Things happening today?  Well it’s almost eight, but tomorrow I will be packing.

8. What’s high up on your wishlist at the moment?  Anything from Tiffany & Co.!

9. What are some posts coming up soon?  SOFCs, pictures posts…I hope some DIYs!

10. What has been your favourite thing to do recently?  Look at Tiffany stuff, especially collection videos!

11. Favourite product to use recently?  My Moroccan Oil Hydrating Styling Cream

12. What do you hear?  ISLAND IN THE SUN, and the tv.

13. Favourite thing you’ve done this past week?  NOTHING.  I really enjoyed packing today..LOL

14. What are you sitting on?  My bed.  Again.

15. What is outside your nearest window? Same thing as like forever.

16. What is really close to you?  My stupid neck brace.

17. What are you currently wearing?  A blue tank top and butterfly pajama shorts.  Very dressed up today.  And don’t forget the fuzzy socks!

18. What’s the most exciting thing you are doing in the next week?  Cottage!

19. Go to food recently?  Peanut butter and jam sandwich!

20. Name something you’ve bought recently.  Bathing suit bottoms!

That’s about it!  Talk to you guys hopefully for my LivLoves, but if not, goodnight!  Thanks for reading!  Bye!


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