LivLoves: July 2012-Tiffany’s & Bump

Hey guys!  So for another post today, I have my favourites for the month of July!  Today is August first, so July is officially over!  July was a pretty boring, but pretty relaxing month for me.  I had a great first month of holidays, and now they are half way over!  Grr!  I’m a little sad, but honestly I enjoy getting ready everyday, and being active, and having a life!  School will be good and bad.  But there’s still a month left, so let’s not talk about it!!  Haha let’s get into the favourites!

So my first favourite is Tiffany and Co.!  I have been watching tons of Tiffany collection videos (my favourites are here, here, here, and here!) and I love TIffany’s now!  (I have a whole post on Tiffany’s here!)    I only have two favourite shows, Big Brother, and Pretty Little Liars, and they are both favourites too!  They are both currently on right now, one is a reality, and the other is a drama-mystery.  I have a whole series on PLL here if you are interested!  My next favourite of the month are York Peppermint Pattes.  LOVE.  My like two favourite foods are peppermint and chocolate, and these are awesome!  I’ve been having them ever since I was a little kid, and all of this month I have been getting them from my grocery store, and I love them!

Another favourite is my Michael Kors buckle ring!  I have a whole post dedicated to it here, and I love it!  I have been wearing it everyday that I go out in public, and I really don’t think that that is going to change…at least for a really long time!  I am just the type of person that likes classic, everyday jewelry (hence Tiffany’s), and I think it is a great thing to invest your money in.  And my last favourite is bump!  It is a iPhone app, and it allows you to wirelessly bump your pictures from your phone to your computer.  I use my phone as my camera, because it takes amazing quality pictures, and whenever I want to use my own pictures in my blog post, this app makes it so much easier for me to attach them in, because all I have to do is snap the picture, select it, and then tap my phone onto my spacebar.  Awesome!

Another thing that I am going to show you guys is my PicCal calendar for the month!  I showed you guys my June one here, and I thought I’d show you my one that I made for July.  If you don’t know what PicCal is, it’s a free app where you just snap a picture a day, and then it puts it into a calendar form, so you can see your pictures on one picture…excuse me while I bump my picture!! ;)


Every picture has it’s own story (which you can add a description to each pic), so if you see something totally random, there is a story behind it!  It’s totally free, and AWESOME.  It’s nice too because you can remember what you were doing on say the 22nd, because now I can remember I went to the park with my best friend.


Yeah, so anyways, I will talk to you guys soon!  I am trying to pre-write some things for you guys for next week, so stay tuned!  I will have my SOFC up tomorrow!  Talk to you guys soon!  Thanks for reading!  Goodnight!

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2 thoughts on “LivLoves: July 2012-Tiffany’s & Bump

    • Yeah PicCal is great! I will totally check it out once I get home! Can’t wait to see some of your ideas, I love reading stuff like that! Thanks for reading! (:

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