DIY Gaming & YouTube Baking & Decor

Hello!  So I am really strange…for some reason I enjoy watching gaming videos on YouTube, along with beauty videos…what a strange mixture…but anyways, I have been watching a girl called iHasCupquake for over a year now, and she is an amazing artist, and loves gaming too, so she does DIY baking and decoration videos, and she makes some pretty awesome things.  I just wanted to tell you guys about her, because I know my most popular tag is DIY, and maybe some of you are into gaming/YouTube stuff too!  Here are her two links for her decoration stuff, and her baking stuff.  I sometimes have no idea how she comes up with all of these things!  She makes real life Minecraft Golden Apples, and TNT cakes, and they are all videos so they are easier to follow than just blog posts.

Talk to you guys soon!  I will have my SOFC post up sometime today!  Thanks for reading!  Bye!


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