DIY Spa Pedicure

Hey guys!  So currently I have plastic all over my feet.  Keep reading to figure out why!


So I needed to re-do my toenail polish because I am going to a pool on Sunday, and I decided to kind of treat myself and do a bit of a treatment.  Whenever I go to the spa every year to get my nails done for vacation, they always do tons and tons and tons of steps to perfect the pedicure.  Of course they use all of the tools like pushing back your cuticles, and clipping your nails..but they do a sort of strange thing with applying the lotion.  They rub the lotion of your choice into your feet, and then they cover your feet in cling wrap and slippers, and let the cream soak in for about fifteen minutes.  I am always curious about it, so I am doing it at home right now!  I applied my OPI Avojuice Coconut Melon Cream, and got some saran wrap out and covered my feet.  I used three pieces around my feet.  While applying the lotion, I thicked it on so it wasn’t completely rubbed into my skin, because it will sink in while it is in the wrap.  I also put my slippers on over top to make sure that the wrap would not break, and it acted as another layer.

I always see moisture gloves at my drugstore, and I guess this is a similar way.  There are also two other variations of this trick, which are applying a thick layer of cream to your whole body, and then laying in a sheet for about fifteen minutes or so.  And the last way to do this is the same as the first one, except for the fact that you don’t have to use cling wrap, you can use a pair of fuzzy socks, or ones with aloe in them.
The ones linked above are expensive though!  Bath and Body Works carries them around Christmas time (called Mistle-toes) for a lot cheaper, and I have seen packs of three for 10 dollars at Zellers.  I have also seen these at Shoppers Drugmart.  They are everywhere, and they are so, so nice!

Anyways, I’ve got two SOFCs to do, so I will talk to you guys later!  If you try this trick, let me know!  I will have another post up tonight!  Thanks for reading!  Bye!

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