SOFC Week 4: 5 Ways To Sport Turquoise- Wednesday

Hey guys!  So I have yet another way to sport some turquoise!  Of course, nail polish!  I recently bought a Essie Luxeffects polish in “Set In Stones” and paired it with another Essie shade in “Turquoise and Caicos”.  Sorry this is up so late, I have been sort of busy having a life!! (YAY! Finally!), and haven’t been able to get these posts up until close to midnight.  I hope that’s alright with you guys!  Tomorrow I will have a OOTD with turquoise in it.  But for now, enjoy my NOTD!!



Ta da!  A little crazy, but nice for once and a while! (:


It’s currently dark out right now, so here’s some pictures that other people have taken of the two polishes:


Pictures from here and here.

Turquoise and Caicos is one of my all time favourite polishes.  It is a two (or three) coater, that has some type of a jelly formula to it.  Click the second link above if you’d like to hear Temptalia’s review on it!  I would say it isn’t as neon as in the picture above, but it definitely isn’t a dull shade.  If you are looking for a staple turquoise shade, try this one!  It’s permanent!

As for the Set In Stones (from the luxeffects collection), it is an awesome polish too.  Of course it may not be for some people, but I think it is a nice thing to have because it is a great basic silver glitter.  There is tons of glitter in it, leaving quite a bit on your nail.  You would probably only need two coats to get an entire glitter nail.  It is so crazy it almost covers up the turquoise I paired it with.  I think it would look stunning with a silver polish like Revlon Silver Dollar under it.  I believe it is a permanent collection, and I bought mine at Wal Mart.  You can read my review on another polish from the Essie Luxeffects Collection here- Essie Shine Of Times.

I hope you enjoyed!  Thanks for reading!  I will talk to you guys soon!  Have a great night/morning!  Bye!

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