Spotlight: Michael Kors Buckle Ring

Hey guys!  Today I have a review for you!

The other day I received a ring in the mail.  I have been wanting an everyday ring forever now, and I have been through tons of rings that keep breaking, or made my skin green!  I finally bit the bullet and bought a well-made more expensive ring, and I am going to review it!  Ever since I saw this picture from missellefowler (allthatglitters21) on instagram, I knew I was interested in this ring.  I really like classic but sort of edgy pieces of jewelry, and this fit in perfectly!

It’s a Michael Kors Buckle ring in silver!  Yay!  You may be wondering if it actually unbuckles, which it doesn’t.    You can buy it here if you’re in the states, and here if you are international (or just Canada, I’m not too sure!).  It also comes in rose gold and gold.  I personally like the silver just because the rest of my jewelry is silver.  I believe this also comes in colours but in a slightly different style, and  bracelets that are buckles.  Click here to browse their different buckle options!

The ring as I said comes in lots of different options, in a size six or seven.  The style that I got was I believe $68, and together with shipping it was around $100.  It is a very heavy-duty build, so it definitely won’t break on me!!  Online in pictures it can seem a little deceiving, and looks a little big and manly, but on the hand it looks amazing!  I am very impressed! I am very tiny and have very tiny fingers, and it in no way looks clunky.  I got a size six, and it fits sometimes on one of my middle fingers (the other one is swollen, arthritis sort of recks it!!) and my non-marriage ring finger.  It is also engraved with the MK font on the back.  Here are a few pictures of it on my hand.




Talk to you guys soon!  I did a TON of stumbling last night, and I’ve got SOFC and SBL posts so stay tuned!  Bye


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