SBL: #58: Do Something I Normally Wouldn’t Do

Hey guys!  So I have been working on my Summer Bucket List wich you can see here, and I haven’t updated you guys on the things I’ve done!!  To be honest, some of the things that I have on my SBL are so not going to happen….and another confession, Summer is almost half way over and I have only done eight things out of about one hundred…fabulous.  Anyways, I have to do eight of these in a row right now, so I am just going to copy and paste this intro onto all of my eight posts!  (:  Click the link below if you’d like to see this series!

My Bucket List Series

OK, so something I normally wouldn’t do….check!  I got my ears pierced, which you can read about here!  I honestly have NEVER been interested in getting my ears done, but something just clicked in my head, and I did it!  If someone told me I was going to get my ears pierced at the beginning of the summer, I would have thought they were crazy!  So yeah, I did it!  Woohooo!

I will talk to you guys in a few minutes!  Bye!

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