Liv’s Life: Questions To You & Future Posts!

Hey guys!  How are you all doingI?  I hope all is going well!  (:  The weather has been great and I’m sure you’re all having fun!  I just wanted to do a Liv’s Life right now to sort of get some things organized for me..I have a couple of questions that I’d like to ask too!

OK, I need your help!  What is with all of these spam comments!?  This may seem really stupid to say, but some of them are good comments, but they are automatically marked as spam!  I totally understand that people will just say things to get seen and for more blog traffic, but what if some of those comments are actually from nice people!  Most comments in my little spam feed are spam, but some of them seem nice….!?  What do I do!  None of the spam comments are asking anything or commenting on any of the things I say, they are just saying things like “I’m extremely pleased to discover this page”…Just curious to see what you guys think!  Thanks!

And another question about SOFC…It means Summer Of Fun Challenge, and I want it to be more interactive than it is being right now!  I didn’t really want it to be weekly themes of what I should write, I wanted it to be weekly themes of what I should do, and then write about.  I have the week after next to be planned for travelling, because the week after that we are going up to a cottage, and I know that one is going to be more interactive, because I will be sharing things like what’s in my suitcase, and important tips and stuff.  And, I have another week after I re-do my room to be themed organization, showing you guys around my room and stuff…But what should I do in the weeks in between?!  I am almost thinking about sort of re-doing SOFC to be like a post a day or something…haha I’m sorry it hasn’t gone the ways I planned it to go!  I just wanted it to be a fun series, and it has turned out more of me just blogging about things.  But, I was thinking if I did do just a post a day, they would be like a summer snack post one day, and a DIY the next….let me know what you think below!  I am going to be thinking about it all day and all weekend I’m sure…I kind of don’t want to change SOFC, but I will have to brainstorm interactive themes for each week in the meantime.  Yeah…haha sorry this kind of went nowhere….

On another note, I’m getting my ears pierced tomorrow!  I think it’s a little late being almost fourteen, but better late then never!!  Anyways, I’m going to go because this post is rather rambly…btw, I have another review coming to you soon!  I recently got something in the mail (if you follow my instagram, you’d know!) and I am going to be doing a whole review on it.  I just have to take some pictures and bump them to my computer, and then it will be ready!  And I might have a NOTD & review for you tomorrow..I’m not too sure.  Anyways, talk to you guys soon!  Have a good one!

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